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  • 10 Best Healthy Eating Apps in 2023 (Registered Dietitian-Reviewed) 2
  • 10 Best Healthy Eating Apps in 2023 (Registered Dietitian-Reviewed) 3
  • 10 Best Healthy Eating Apps in 2023 (Registered Dietitian-Reviewed) 4
  • 10 Best Healthy Eating Apps in 2023 (Registered Dietitian-Reviewed) 5

10 Best Healthy Eating Apps in 2023 (Registered Dietitian-Reviewed)

Are you looking to gain lose or gain weight or build muscle? Are you hoping to cook healthier meals? Are you confused by nutrition labels? Do you need a source of motivation? If you're trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, you might feel overwhelmed. Thanks to today's technology, we have resources available at our fingertips: there are healthy eating apps designed to support a healthy lifestyle, not matter your goals!

We researched the best healthy eating apps and came up with a list of 10 recommendations. The app that stood out was Bitesnap, which features advanced photo recognition and a barcode scanner for quick and easy food logging and gives you data about your calories, macros, and micronutrients at no extra cost. Keep reading for our buying guide full of information to help you decide on a trustworthy app that works for you! 

Last updated 06/15/2023
Rachel Binkley
Registered Dietitian (RD, LD)
Rachel Binkley

Rachel Binkley is a registered dietitian who helps individuals develop healthy habits that fit into their lifestyle. She recommends adequate intakes of all micronutrients to help prevent deficiency as well as chronic conditions that may arise. You can keep up with her recipes, lifestyle, and more on Instagram or her blog, S'more Satisfaction.

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Table of Contents

How Will an App Help Me Eat Healthy?

How Will an App Help Me Eat Healthy?

In this age of technology, finding information about nutrition and specific diets has become easier than ever. If you want to go vegan or keto or if you want to gain or lose weight, you might be totally unsure where to start. An app can be very helpful in getting you started on your healthy eating journey.   

With a healthy eating app, you can set health goals, develop a routine, and stay motivated and accountable. Some even have a social aspect so you can connect with other users for a sense of community, encouragement, and advice. 

Healthy eating apps give you tools, tips, and expert advice for healthy living. They are a convenient way to track your weight and activity, understand your eating habits, be more conscious of the ingredients and nutrients in your food, and see your progress over time.

By tracking calories and nutrients, you can learn more about what you're consuming and where you're getting your calories and energy. There are apps available that support a variety of diets, allergies, and health conditions. Different apps help you find healthy ingredients and provide personalized meal plans with recipes that fit your diet.

Trying a healthy eating app might be a good resource if you don't have access to a personal trainer or nutritionist. There are plenty of options that are free or come with additional features that might fit your budget. 

Remember to consult with a doctor or other health or nutrition professional before starting a healthy eating app. 

How to Choose a Healthy Eating App – Buying Guide

Here are some things to consider when browsing the app store for a healthy eating app. Hopefully you find an app that meets your needs and health goals! 

① Choose an App That Fits Your Lifestyle and Goals

You want to make sure you pick an app that will motivate you to achieve your health goals and keep you motivated as you reach new milestones. Different apps use different methods and have different tools that will work better for you depending on what you aim to accomplish and what's important to you.  

Different Apps Have Different Focuses

Different Apps Have Different Focuses

Some apps are geared toward weight loss. Others are good for a variety of health goals, including losing weight, gaining weight, getting fit, and gaining muscle. Some apps focus on fitness, whereas others focus on helping you find good ingredients at the store and healthy recipes or meal planning.

Read up on what each app tracks. Depending on your goals and wellness strategy, you might find a calorie counter and weight tracker to be sufficient. If you want more detailed nutritional data, look for an app that also tracks carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, which are called macronutrients, or macros for short. 

Other apps also include analysis of micronutrients, which include vitamins and minerals. Some diet strategies include balancing your macros or reaching target micronutrient goals, so make sure the app you choose tracks what you need. 

Log Your Personal Details and Goals to Track Progress

Log Your Personal Details and Goals to Track Progress

By inserting your personal information into your app, you'll be able to track your progress as you go along. You might not notice it yourself just by looking in the mirror, but by logging your progress in the app, you can see how far you have come since first starting out. The act of tracking can be a great motivator in itself.

Another benefit of adding your personal details is that you will be able to customize a plan that not only will help you meet your end goals but also accounts for your medical conditions, allergies, food preferences, and fitness habits. 

Some Apps Are Tailored to Specific Diets

Some Apps Are Tailored to Specific Diets

When you are just starting out on a new diet, it is easy to feel lost. By choosing an app that caters to your diet, you can get specific support, nutritional information, advice, and recipes that will help you on your diet journey. 

These apps are a good way to help you out when you go grocery shopping. You might be wondering if a strawberry jam is truly vegan or if you can eat a certain bread on a keto diet. Using apps with barcode scanners, you can scan products to see if a food meets your diet's restrictions. Some apps even offer suggestions for substitutes that do fit your diet.  

Consider Combining Multiple Apps to Fulfill Your Goals

Consider Combining Multiple Apps to Fulfill Your Goals

As you browse the app store, you might find that one app has a feature that really appeals to you while another app has an interface or tracking system that works better for you or is designed for your target goal. Using multiple health apps might seem complicated at first, but if you find a combination that works, you'll get the full coverage that you are looking for.

Keep in mind that some healthy eating apps sync with your phone's health apps, and some can be connected with separate fitness apps. Look for syncing capabilities when considering which app is a good for you.

② Look for These Three Functions

Certain apps have function that make it much easier for you to track what and how much you are eating.

Barcode Scanners Quickly Register What You Have Eaten

Barcode Scanners Quickly Register What You Have Eaten

Just like the apps that allow you to scan barcodes at the supermarket to see if the product is worth buying or not, there are apps that let you scan the barcode of foods in order get nutritional information or log your intake

This is a convenient feature because you don't have to spend as much time and trouble figuring out how much you've consumed or what ingredients are in a given product. There are even certain apps available today that are able to calculate these things just by taking a photo of your food. 

Recipe Suggestions Can Make for a Healthier Kitchen

Recipe Suggestions Can Make for a Healthier Kitchen

Changing your cooking to fit a new diet or new health goals might seem daunting.  Thankfully there are many apps that will offer you recipes for your diet that are not only delicious but will also give you the nutrients you need and contain the recommended number of calories.

Depending on the app you pick, you can customize your recipe suggestions based on allergies, diet, and food preferences. It's especially helpful if an app can automatically log the nutrition facts of recipes so you don't have to enter the individual ingredients. 

Some Apps Offer Coaching and Community

Some Apps Offer Coaching and Community

Some apps prioritize nutrition education so we can learn more about what we are putting into our bodies and figure out what amounts of different nutrients are best for our health needs and objectives. Many apps serve a "pocket" diet coach, educating you, breaking your your healthy eating endeavors down into goals, and motivating you. 

Other apps allow you to connect with friends and family to help each other reach health goals together, and some have community forums and boards so you can communicate with other users, learn from each other, and celebrate your successes. 

③ Acknowledge What Apps Can Actually Help You Achieve

Although a mobile app can help motivate you to live a healthier lifestyle and reach weight goals, note that the process will still be slow and steady. You'll need to keep up with healthy habits to be successful, so make sure you manage your expectations before going full throttle.

Taking Baby Steps Toward Your Goal is Okay

Taking Baby Steps Toward Your Goal is Okay

No matter your goal, you're going to be making some changes to your routine or lifestyle, whether they're as small as adjusting to logging your food every meal or as significant as changing what you eat. 

It might be a good idea to take baby steps towards your goal, depending on where you are starting out. If you push yourself too hard from the start, there's a possibility that you'll become overwhelmed or burnt out and give up. Look for apps that will support you from start to finish. 

Whether your goal is weight loss or just changing into a more healthy lifestyle, it's important to be realistic. Setting your goals too high can make you lose motivation and perhaps even give up when you are unable to reach your goals in the time that you had expected.

Also see if apps are breaking down your goal into manageable challenges. For example, some are based on a calorie "budget," while others create targets for individual nutrients. 

Consult Healthcare Professionals Before Using an App, Especially If You Have a Medical Condition

Consult Healthcare Professionals Before Using an App, Especially If You Have a Medical Condition

It's very important to be critical of healthy eating apps since they aren't as regulated as other media. If you have a health condition and are using an app as a means to support your health, it's especially important to do your research and make sure that the app in question really does provide you with information and guidelines that will be helpful to you without harming you.

Definitely be sure to consult your physician before using a healthy eating app. Also check with organizations dedicated to your particular condition. If they recommend a specific app, then you can be sure that the app is safe for you to use.

Even if you don't have a medical condition, it's a good idea to check with your doctor or another health or nutrition expert to see if they vet the app you're considering and if not, what they might recommend. 

④ Avoid Apps That Promise Too Much

Remember that app developers might make bold claims and use partially false information to catch your attention and get you to download their app. You must do your research to ensure you don't get duped or worse, adversely affected physically, health-wise, or mentally.

It is easy to get carried away when app descriptions make promises that seem too good to be true. Don't lose sight of what you are trying to achieve. Read the app store description, check out the app's website, and look at reviews to get a sense of how effective the app actually is. 

Research Claims of Evidence-Based Strategies

Research Claims of Evidence-Based Strategies

Sometimes you will come across apps that say their strategies are research-backed or based on evidence. A little research will help you verify this claim and make sure they're not just using buzzwords but are actually delivering what they promise. If their claims can't be backed up, you might want to consider a different app. On a related note, beware of statistics, which can be framed misleadingly. 

Do Your Research on the App Developers

Do Your Research on the App Developers

Don't stop at what the app claims to do; you should also research the app developers to decide if an app is trustworthy. This will also give you a good idea of who exactly is behind the app and what their qualifications are. You'll also be able to find information about any previous apps they have made as well as any possible issues or complaints that they have received in the past.

Check Out Ratings to See What Other Users Think

Check Out Ratings to See What Other Users Think

Checking the ratings can be a good way to determine whether an app is worth downloading. How many stars does an app have and how many people have rated the app? 

Additionally, reading both negative and positive reviews might help you figure out if an app is a good choice for you. What do users like and dislike about the app? What changes would they make? Have they had customer service issues? Did they experience any issues? 

Do a Test Run Before Committing

Do a Test Run Before Committing

Many paid apps will come with a trial-version that lets you test-run the app before deciding if it's worth it to pay for the premium subscription. Take advantage of these opportunities, and try an app for a week or two. If it's a free trial, make sure to cancel your subscription in time to avoid being charged.

If the app ends up being too complicated or there is something else that is dragging down your experience, it's better to learn that now and look for an app that's better suited to you

⑤ Find an App That Meets Your Budget

Some health apps are free, while others either come with an initial cost or include optional in-app purchases for an enhanced experience and access to more features.

Weigh the Costs and Advantages of Paid Versions

Weigh the Costs and Advantages of Paid Versions

Before buying any extra purchases, consider the cost and length of a paid subscription. Weigh the advantages of the extra features against the cost. Will the free version meet your needs? Or do you really value what the in-app purchases offer? 

An app that costs money is not necessarily better than a free app. Compare and contrast what different apps offer and figure out what your budget can handle. For some people, having to pay for the app might be an added motivator to actually continue using it. 

A Free App Might Have Hidden Costs and Caveats

A Free App Might Have Hidden Costs and Caveats

Just because an app is free does not mean that the developers are not profiting in some other way. Unfortunately for you, this might be by sharing your information or selling it to third parties. If you are using a paid app, is your payment information safe and encrypted or will it be at risk of a hacker attack?

Advertisements of different kinds can be another money-maker for app developers. Ads can affect your user experience. Also, do your research to see which free apps contain in-app purchases that could make or break your experience and your budget.

⑥ Make Sure the App Protects Your Privacy

Make Sure the App Protects Your Privacy

Always be careful about what information you choose to share on your app, and make sure that the app will keep your information safe and not pass it on or sell to someone else.  

You want to protect your health data and financial information from landing in someone else's hands. Always make sure to read the privacy policy and understand what the app will do with your information.

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10 Best Healthy Eating Apps

Here are our top picks for healthy eating apps. We made our choices based on the points listed in the buying guide below, as well as reviewer comments when available. *Please note that these products were chosen after extensive research by mybest writers. The choices are not necessarily affiliated with or recommended by Rachel Binkley. For more on our selection process, check out our content policy.
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Key features

Bite AI

Bitesnap: Photo Food Journa‪l‬

Bite AI Bitesnap: Photo Food Journa‪l‬ 1枚目

Save Time Logging Food by Simply Taking a Photo


MyNetDiary Inc.

Calorie Counter

MyNetDiary Inc. Calorie Counter 1枚目

Track 37 Nutrients and Follow Any Diet



Fasting & Food Tracke‪r‬

YAZIO Fasting & Food Tracke‪r‬  1枚目

Receive a Personalized Plan for Healthy Eating


Leaf Group

MyPlate Calorie Counter

Leaf Group MyPlate Calorie Counter 1枚目

Charts, At-Home Workouts, and Meal Plans for Success


Under Armour


Under Armour MyFitnessPal 1枚目

An Extensive Food Database for Easy Logging


Fooducate, Ltd.

eat better coac‪h

Fooducate, Ltd. eat better coac‪h 1枚目

Focus on Quality Ingredients and Nutrition Education



8fit Workouts & Meal Planne‪r

Urbanite 8fit Workouts & Meal Planne‪r 1枚目

A Healthy Living App That Does Not Count Calories


Lifesum AB

Diet & Macro Tracke‪r

Lifesum AB Diet & Macro Tracke‪r 1枚目

This App Keeps Your Macros in Check



My Diet Coach

InspiredApps My Diet Coach 1枚目

Gain Motivation and Lose Weight With Your Avatar



 ShopWell 1枚目

A Barcode Scanner Finds Foods Best for Your Needs

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Bite AIBitesnap: Photo Food Journa‪l‬

Bitesnap: Photo Food Journa‪l‬ Image 1

Save Time Logging Food by Simply Taking a Photo

If you find logging your meals a time-consuming hassle, try Bitesnap. All you have to do is take a picture and the app will recognize your food, saving you the trouble of entering the data. The AI is so advanced that the app will give you "smart suggestions" based on your eating habits and even learns to recognize meals not in the database as you log their pictures in. 

You can also use the barcode scanner for packaged foods. This app updates you on your customized calorie budget and gives you all the nutrition data for free, including micronutrients. You can get a breakdown of your daily intake and track your progress as well as analyze your visual food journal. If you want to share your log, you can easily export the data. 

Some reviewers were unhappy because the app did not recognize enough of their food and they ended up having to too many manual entries. Happy reviewers appreciated logging food was extremely quick and simple, not tedious. They liked the photography aspect and the graphics that made them aware of their daily intake.

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Track 37 Nutrients and Follow Any Diet

With this app, you'll get a custom Calorie Budget based on your desired weight, target date, and diet type, ranging from low-fat to high-protein. MyNetDiary tracks 37 nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Logging your food is super easy, especially because the app remembers previous entries. Infographics help you analyze your daily intake and overall progress. 

The Augmented Reality Grocery Check grades the foods you scan and breaks down the calories and macros. You can even upload pictures of foods not in the database or a restaurant menu and the app will add the items for you! Through the app, you can also track your exercise, manage diabetes, and log medications.

A few reviewers felt that the app promoted unhealthy and dangerous eating habits because of the suggested calorie intake, so be wary of following it to the T. Other reviewers did not appreciate how many basic features are now only accessible with a premium subscription. Happy reviewers said the app was easy to use and helped keep them honest and make healthier choices


Receive a Personalized Plan for Healthy Eating

With YAZIO, you get custom plans to meet your goals, whether you're looking to lose weight or build muscle. Tools to track your food and fitness include a calorie calculator, weight tracker, step tracker, and barcode scanner. You can copy food diary entries to other days, mark your favorite foods, and input foods that aren't in the database, which has over two million entries. 

In the paid ad-free version, you have access to more health analysis, healthy recipes, and nutritional plans for specific diets. Not only can you track calories and macros, but you can also log your body measurements and track other nutrients, and take a look at your body fat, blood pressure, and blood sugar

Some reviewers complained about the the options for portions when logging food and reported inaccuracies with the food database. Others appreciated how this app was a convenient tool for calorie counting and said it useful for intermittent fasting. They also liked how seamless it was to sync this app with fitness devices and apps.


Charts, At-Home Workouts, and Meal Plans for Success

This app counts and charts your calories and macronutrients and helps you meet your desired macro ratios. You'll receive an eight-week meal plan tailored to your choice of an omnivorous, vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free diet. Each day, you'll receive personalized calorie goals and recipe suggestions based on your caloric intake and your dietary preferences.  

You can set meal reminders, track your water intake, and log calories burned from in-app workouts or data from other health apps. To assess your progress, you can track your weight, analyze the detailed health data, and turn to the community message boards for support. 

Some reviewers wished that the portion options included smaller fractions or decimals for more accuracy. Others were frustrated by login issues and other bugs. A couple of reviewers appreciated the community feature for sharing encouragement, questions, and recipes. Many users reported that this app successfully helped them lose weight. 


An Extensive Food Database for Easy Logging

With MyFitnessPal, keeping track of the food you eat and the macros and nutrients is a breeze. Thanks to a database with over six million foods, all you have to do is log your food and the app will do the calorie calculation for you! There's also a barcode scanner, and you can import recipes, make your own, or add restaurant menu items and instantly get nutrition facts.

You can also log your water consumption and your exercise, including steps and workouts from other apps and devices or exercises offered through MyFitnessPal. The app offers personalized goals or you can make your own. For support and motivation, there are progress graphs, nutrition reports, and progress photos as well as community forums. 

Some reviewers had issues syncing MyFitnessPal with other health apps and saving recipes. Others said the app was frustratingly slow and reported that the app crashed or glitched. Happy users liked the extensive food database, the helpful calorie and macro tracker, and the ability to add in your own recipes. Many said the app helped them meet their goals.


Focus on Quality Ingredients and Nutrition Education

When you scan a barcode using this app, you'll see a nutrition "grade" for each food and suggestions for healthier options. The app pays attention to questionable ingredients and nutritional facts, such as trans fats and MSG, so you can learn exactly what's in your food and focus not only on the amount of calories you consume but also the quality. 

You can enter data like age, gender, and activity level, note any allergies and health conditions, and set dietary goals and desired weight loss rate for a more personalized experience and learn from professional health, diet, and weight loss tips. Premium features include more diet and gluten-free customization and warnings about GMOs. 

A few reviewers wished you could add your own recipes, and others reported that the food database could be better. Happy reviewers loved the food grades and overall appreciated how informative the app was. Others said Fooducate was a helpful tool at the grocery store because it helped them pick healthy options.


Urbanite8fit Workouts & Meal Planne‪r

A Healthy Living App That Does Not Count Calories

Whether you want lose weight, get fit, or build muscle, this app will give you meal plans and exercises based on your current fitness level, allergies, diet, and food preferences. You'll receive daily recommendations and step-by-step support to reach your goal, but you do not have to log your food or count calories, which might be a good strategy for your mental health.  

According to 8fit, nutrition accounts for 80 percent of your fitness goals. To this end, the app offers a personalized customizable healthy meal planner, recipes with ingredient alternatives, shopping lists, and nutrition tips. The scientifically backed workout routines vary in difficulty, can be done at home, require no equipment, and take no more than 20 minutes.  

A few reviewers were unhappy because there was not a non-binary option when choosing a gender. Many reviewers were very displeased that they would have to pay to access many features, especially the workouts. Happy users appreciated the variety of workouts, the different difficulty levels and the short lengths. They also loved how easy it was to customize the meal plans.


This App Keeps Your Macros in Check

LifeSum tracks your calories and macros so you can easily see if you're getting the right amount of energy from carbs, proteins, and fats. The app will rate your foods and meals according to the recommended energy amounts. You'll also receive a daily rating with updates on your your goals. You can easily import and export data from your phone's health app. 

With the premium subscription, you'll have access to a variety of diet plans, such as keto, fasting, low-calorie, paleo, as well as  customizable macro recommendations, additional nutritional data, more detailed food ratings, recipes, syncing with other apps, more body measurements, and other enhanced features. 

Some users experienced issues and inconsistencies with the barcode scanner. Others reported incorrect nutritional facts and nutrient counting, and a handful didn't like that they were limited to one water bottle size for tracking water. Happy users complimented the app's interface and appreciated the ability to track macros and log water consumption. 


Gain Motivation and Lose Weight With Your Avatar

My Diet Coach gives you daily challenges to keep you on track and cultivate healthy habits. Your avatar loses weight as you do, and when you complete challenges, you'll earn virtual rewards you can use to accessorize your avatar. The app also offers a visual weight tracker, motivational photos, and tips and quotes for persevering to support you.   

The app remembers the meals and exercises you previously entered for convenient logging. You can choose any number of reminders so you stay on top of your tasks, remain motivated, and remember to journal. Other tools include a barcode scanner, calorie counter, BMI and BMR calculators, Food Cravings Panic Button, and weight loss charts and graphs.

Some reviewers said it was too much of a pain to log their meals and found the app hard to work with. Others note that this app is geared toward females. Happy users were a big fan of the highly customizable reminders. They also liked the challenges and thought dressing their avatar using their rewards was fun and motivational, even as an adult.  


A Barcode Scanner Finds Foods Best for Your Needs

ShopWell simplifies confusing nutrition labels and tells you if a certain food is a good "match" based on your personal details, specific diet needs, and goals. After scanning an item, you'll quickly be able to see the nutritional facts as well as healthier alternatives. This app makes it easy to figure out if a food has added sugar, preservatives, low saturated fat, and more. 

Set alerts for 16 different allergens and enter health conditions such as high cholesterol or pregnancy and food dislikes to get individualized support. Once you've found your food "matches," you can create a list of your favorites or follow celebrities' or friends' lists!

Some frustrated users said the barcode scanner did not always work and was not always accurate, which is especially problematic if you have allergies or are following a specific diet. Others experienced bug issues. Happy reviewers say the app has been a lifesaver, simplifying nutrition labels and helping them picking allergy-safe and healthy options. 

Enjoy Delicious Snacks Guilt-Free

Eating healthily does not mean you have to give up your favorite sweet treats and salty snacks! Check out our buying guides for healthy versions of the fun foods you love to munch on. 

Top 5 Healthy Eating Apps

No. 1: Bite AI | Bitesnap: Photo Food Journa‪l‬

No. 2: MyNetDiary Inc. | Calorie Counter

No. 3: YAZIO | Fasting & Food Tracke‪r‬

No. 4: Leaf Group | MyPlate Calorie Counter

No. 5: Under Armour | MyFitnessPal

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