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  4. 10 Best Japanese Horror Movies in 2023 (Ringu, Ju-On, and More)
  • 10 Best Japanese Horror Movies in 2023 (Ringu, Ju-On, and More) 1
  • 10 Best Japanese Horror Movies in 2023 (Ringu, Ju-On, and More) 2
  • 10 Best Japanese Horror Movies in 2023 (Ringu, Ju-On, and More) 3
  • 10 Best Japanese Horror Movies in 2023 (Ringu, Ju-On, and More) 4
  • 10 Best Japanese Horror Movies in 2023 (Ringu, Ju-On, and More) 5

10 Best Japanese Horror Movies in 2023 (Ringu, Ju-On, and More)

Whether you're a horror movie fan or a newcomer to the genre, Japanese horror movies are sure to terrify and entertain you. Japanese horror movies, often shortened to J-horror, take inspiration from Japanese folk tales. The culture, combined with incredible practical and special effects and dreadful, creeping suspense, make these movies unique. As some of the most popular horror films, J-horror movies are found on many popular streaming sites like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and more. 

We searched through popular Japanese horror movies across many different streaming services and compiled a list of our 10 favorites that will shock and terrorize you. Our favorite Japanese horror film is Ringu because its story is full of mystery and scary moments. The film also proved its influence by helping to popularize J-horror across the world, spawning a trend of Hollywood remakes of J-horror films in the early 2000s. Our buying guide goes into more detail on which criteria to keep in mind when selecting the perfect Japanese horror movie!

Last updated 06/15/2023
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Table of Contents

How to Choose a Japanese Horror Movie

Selecting a Japanese horror movie can be intimidating as the genre is varied and has a long history. Some aspects to consider are the subgenre, the streaming services on which it is available, and the release date. Keep those points in mind to pick the perfect film for you!

① Select an Appealing Subgenre

Japanese horror movies take risks with genre and style. Some subgenres of J-horror have been especially impactful on filmmaking, and selecting the best one is determined by what you find interesting in a horror movie. 

Ghost Stories for Spiritual Horror

Ghost Stories for Spiritual Horror

One horror story that might be familiar to Western audiences is the Japanese ghost story. In these tales, the ghosts struggle to pass to the afterlife. They are often held back by powerful events or unresolved emotions

A very popular type of ghost in J-horror is yūrei, a vengeful spirit. This horror trope was made known by the Japanese horror film Ringu. The film was later adapted for Western audiences and found success as The Ring

Choose this type of film if you prefer spiritual terror and mysterious plots. Quite often the protagonist will need to uncover the reason as to why the spirit is still tied to the realm of the living. In order to help the spirits find peace, the characters will help them accept their unresolved emotions. 

Psychological Horror for Creeping Suspense

Psychological Horror for Creeping Suspense

Psychological horror succeeds at shocking and terrifying by slowly building tension through suspense. The plots often focus on heightened emotions and fear of the unknown. 

Japanese psychological horror is special because it reflects cultural fears, offering a unique insight into past or current trends in Japan. For instance, the classic J-horror film Audition is known for its skin-crawling suspense and intrigue, but it also explores cultural issues like gender roles and class disparity. 

Choose this sub-genre if you like character-driven films that play tricks on the mind. This style of movie will have you on the edge of your seat through twists and turns, quite often ending in a big reveal that changes everything. 

Splatter Films for Unbelievable Practical and Special Effects

Splatter Films for Unbelievable Practical and Special Effects

This sub-genre will often have an absurd plot with an excess of gore and other special effects. The movies feature such bizarre stories and visuals that they often become comical, which is a common type of splatter film. 

These films often appeal to Western audiences due to their intense action scenes and variety of stories, ranging from the rampage of horrifying killers to a fierce battle between robots and aliens. 

Pick this sub-genre of horror if you want to focus on a thrill ride of action and special effects that will have you peeking through your fingers. This style is also great if you want to laugh along to an absurd story, and they offer a look at a sense of humor unique to Japanese horror movies. 

② Pick a Streaming Service That Works for You

Pick a Streaming Service That Works for You

Japanese horror movies are available on a variety of streaming platforms, and selecting the best one depends on what type of service you need. For instance, Amazon Prime Video is great because it boasts a large selection of J-horror, but there is a subscription fee for the service and often an additional cost to rent or buy movies. 

Netflix is special because it offers unique content that can't be found elsewhere for one subscription fee. However, they often cycle through content, so the movies might not be available after some time. Shudder is a smart choice because the platform focuses exclusively on the genre, but it offers little content outside of horror and thriller movies. 

③ Consider When the Film Was Released

Consider When the Film Was Released

Classic Japanese horror reflects the culture and style of filmmaking at the time. For example, earlier Japanese horror movies had stronger roots in Shinto religious tradition, with later films reflecting changing cultural trends like technology and war. It's interesting to see how these horror movies evolved by experimenting with genre and style. 

Modern films should be your choice if you want contemporary stories. These movies also benefit from current technology and filmmaking techniques. Changes in digital filmmaking and streaming have made it easier for Western audiences to view Japanese films, giving you access to a wide array of modern horror films. 

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10 Best Japanese Horror Movies

Our list of Japanese horror features a variety of sub-genres and films available on many different streaming services. Keep the information in our buying guide in mind to help you find your next favorite!
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Key features

Hideo Nakata


Hideo Nakata Ringu 1枚目

Best Influential Horror Film That Defines J-Horror


Shimizu Takashi

Ju-On: The Grudge

Shimizu Takashi Ju-On: The Grudge 1枚目

Best Nightmare Fuel With Spectral Scares


Takashi Shimizu


Takashi Shimizu Homunculus 1枚目

Best for Cutting-Edge Special Effects and Tense Plot


Kinji Fukasaku

Battle Royale

Kinji Fukasaku Battle Royale 1枚目

Best Genre-Pioneering Film With Tense Action Scenes



Uzumaki (Spiral)

Higuchinsky Uzumaki (Spiral) 1枚目

Best Film With a Bizarre and Unique Premise


Hideo Nakata

Dark Water

Hideo Nakata Dark Water 1枚目

Best for Unraveling Mysteries With an Unnerving Atmosphere


Sion Sono


Sion Sono Tag 1枚目

Best for Pulse-Pounding, Gruesome Action


Shinichirou Ueda

One Cut of the Dead

Shinichirou Ueda One Cut of the Dead 1枚目

Best Award-Winning Unique Zombie Horror-Comedy


Kiyoshi Kurosawa


Kiyoshi Kurosawa Pulse 1枚目

Best Chilling Techno-Horror Film


Takashi Miike


Takashi Miike Audition 1枚目

Best for Social Commentary and Psychological Terror

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Hideo NakataRingu

Ringu Image 1

Best Influential Horror Film That Defines J-Horror


  • Mysterious plot full of surprises 
  • Impactful film that jumpstarted J-horror popularity 
  • Atmosphere full of suspense 


  • A few reviewers point out an issue with pacing 

This film is a live-action adaptation of a novel with the same title, and is widely known for influencing Japanese horror and inspiring Western remakes of J-horror movies. The story follows Reiko Asakawa, her son, and her ex-husband as they attempt to unravel the mystery of an infamous videotape haunted by a vengeful ghost. The trio has seven days to discover its secrets before the spirit will take their lives.

Some viewers say there are sections of the film with too much dialogue that slows down the pace. Nonetheless, many reviewers rave about its terrifying atmosphere and mysterious narrative. They also point out how influential this film is in making Japanese horror popular worldwide. It's definitely worth a watch for all horror fans!

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Best Nightmare Fuel With Spectral Scares


  • Japanese counterpart to popular Western film 
  • Mysterious plot the protagonist must unravel 
  • Plenty of suspenseful moments with terrifying reveals 


  • Some viewers say the story can be hard to follow 

A horrible curse is placed upon a house where a gruesome murder takes place. When a social worker is sent to the home, she discovers it is haunted by vengeful spirits trapped by the curse. While this movie is the third in a series of films, it is notable for its influence on J-horror and Western adaptation The Grudge

A few reviewers express frustration with the story structure, saying the plot skips around in time. However, many viewers praise this movie for its creeping suspense. They like that it successfully creates terrifying moments through a simple premise, noting that it does not rely on an abundance of jump-scares. 


Takashi ShimizuHomunculus

Best for Cutting-Edge Special Effects and Tense Plot


  • Psychological horror that examines the dark side of human nature 
  • Suspenseful story with twists and turns 
  • Incredible special effects are praised


  • A few reviews say it has moments that feel rushed

This horror film is an adaptation of a popular Japanese manga. The protagonist, Susumu Nokoshi, is a homeless man who is offered a mysterious procedure by a medical resident. After the procedure, Nokoshi can see a distorted view of people with one eye, revealing their darkest secrets.

Some viewers say the movie feels a bit rushed as it tries to condense an entire manga series into a single film. But, many reviewers rave about the impressive special effects, saying they are a highlight of the film. They also appreciate the well-executed performances by the main characters.


Best Genre-Pioneering Film With Tense Action Scenes


  • Spine-chilling action with moments of comedy
  • Amazing practical and special effects 
  • Touchstone for battle royal style of films and books 


  • Some reviews say there are too many moments of extreme gore 

This film boasts an absurd premise: school children are taken to an island and forced to fight to the death until one is left standing. The movie is full of gruesome special effects and action scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat. It can also be credited with popularizing the battle royal genre in Japanese and Western media. 

A couple of viewers have issues watching the particularly gruesome scenes. But, reviewers love the movie for its over-the-top special effects and moments of black comedy. The acting performances are also pointed out as a highlight of the film. 


HiguchinskyUzumaki (Spiral)

Best Film With a Bizarre and Unique Premise


  • Surreal special effects 
  • Palpable sense of dread
  • Adaptation of popular horror manga 


  • A couple of reviewers say the acting performances are lackluster 

Based on a series by horror manga icon Junji Ito, this film examines a town where the inhabitants become obsessed with spirals. This fixation causes them to lose touch with reality and ultimately leads them to their deaths. Kirie Goshima, a high school student in this town, must discover a way to survive its bizarre game. 

Some viewers say the acting performances seem a bit stilted at times. But, many other reviewers praise this movie for its gorgeous cinematography and attention to detail. They also appreciate the special effects, saying they mesh well with the film's atmosphere. 


Best for Unraveling Mysteries With an Unnerving Atmosphere


  • Japanese counterpart that inspired popular Western film 
  • Interesting plot with many revelations 
  • Powerful story of a mother protecting her daughter 


  • Some reviews point out an issue with slow pacing 

This classic Japanese horror film is also recognizable for its Western remake. The somber story follows Yoshimi and her young daughter as they move into a new apartment building. Mysteries unfold as we learn more about a girl who went missing and now haunts their watery home.

A few viewers say sections of the film move quite slow and upset the pacing. However, many critics agree that the bleak atmosphere creates an unshakable sense of unease and foreboding throughout the movie. Many also praise the wonderful performance given by the lead. 


Best for Pulse-Pounding, Gruesome Action


  • Extraordinary action scenes 
  • Bizarre plot with twists and turns 
  • Puts certain Japanese cultural aspects under a lens 


  • Critics say some of the roles are underperformed 

This Japanese splatter film follows Mitsuko. She and her fellow students are on their way to summer camp when the bus is attacked by a mysterious force, leaving Mitsuko as the only survivor. This moment starts a game that has our protagonist fighting for survival in a series of bizarre events full of gruesome action. 

A couple of reviewers have issues with the acting performances, saying that they leave much to be desired aside from the lead. However, many reviewers praise the intense action and unreal story beats that are staples of the splatter film genre. Critics also appreciate the social commentary present throughout the movie. 


Best Award-Winning Unique Zombie Horror-Comedy


  • Unique take on a zombie movie 
  • Film delivers many scares and laughs 
  • Plot unfolds in unexpected ways 


  • Reviewers say the beginning has some pacing issues 

This Japanese horror-comedy follows a film crew on the set of a zombie movie. Things get dicey when real zombies show up, and the team must fight to survive the monsters and each other. This movie gives a unique spin on zombie movies, resulting in many funny moments. 

Some viewers say the movie has a bit of a slow start, and it takes some time to become invested. However, most critics praise this film for its hilarious moments and twist on the zombie movie genre. Many enjoy this film's impressive thirty-seven-minute take that has no cuts!


Best Chilling Techno-Horror Film


  • Chilling sense of dread throughout the film 
  • Insight into fears of technology during the early 2000s 
  • A melding of subgenres of horror


  • Some reviewers say there are confusing moments in the story 

Ghost stories and fear surrounding rapid technological advancement come together to create a film in which spirits are connected to the living through the internet. Computers become terrifying objects that curse those who use them, and the characters must face a seemingly invisible enemy. 

Some critics say that there are some confusing moments in the plot. However, many viewers positively comment on the atmosphere, saying it successfully creates feelings of dread and isolation. They also appreciate how the music and cinematography contribute to the atmosphere. 


Best for Social Commentary and Psychological Terror


  • Plenty of mysteries and shocking reveals 
  • Provides insight into a particular aspect of Japanese culture 
  • Adaptation of a popular novel 


  • Some viewers say the beginning moves too slowly 

This psychological horror film is a slow burn. A widower, Shigeharu Aoyama, holds an audition to find a perfect, docile future wife. The girl he pursues is slowly revealed to be not as she seems, as dark secrets from her past are brought to light. This film is an entertaining horror movie, but it also poignantly comments on gender roles in Japan. 

Some viewers dislike the pace in the beginning, as it takes a while to set up the premise. On the other hand, many reviewers find the final scenes to be explosive and a satisfying conclusion. They also enjoy the atmosphere of dread and smart social critiques

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Top 5 Japanese Horror Movies

No. 1: Hideo Nakata | Ringu

No. 2: Shimizu Takashi | Ju-On: The Grudge

No. 3: Takashi Shimizu | Homunculus

No. 4: Kinji Fukasaku | Battle Royale

No. 5: Higuchinsky | Uzumaki (Spiral)

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