Ingrid King's Top 10 Picks for Cat Care

Ingrid King's Top 10 Picks for Cat Care

Cats: we love them. But how much do we actually know about them? We've done our best to deliver quality cat-related articles on mybest, but we also know that hearing tried and true advice from experts is important to you, too.

That's why we asked Ingrid King, publisher of The Conscious Cat, as well as the award-winning author of 5 books on cat nutrition and behavior, to give us a list of her ten favorite products to keep your kitty happy, healthy, and safe.

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Ingrid King
  • Scratch Play Meow

    Ingrid King

    This innovative scratcher offers cats a variety of scratching surfaces in a clever design. This is a fantastic product that combines form with function, providing cats the opportunity to exercise their natural need to scratch. 

    As far as I’m concerned, you can’t have too many scratchers in your home, and until you figure out your cat’s preferences, it’s important to offer a variety of different substrates as well as orientations. 

    I’m big on products that combine function with visual appeal for the human, and the ScratchLadder hits that mark for me.
  • PetFusion
    Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

    Ingrid King

    When it comes to scratchers, your cat’s individual preference is the determining factor. Some cats are horizontal scratchers, others prefer vertical scratchers. 

    But regardless of which kind your cats are partial to, quality is important, and PetFusion’s Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge is one of the best scratchers on the market. The quality construction makes this scratcher last for a very long time. 

    Unfortunately, this scratcher has been copied by other cheap brands, and while the copies may look similar, they’re nowhere near the same premium quality as the real thing.
  • Catit
    Flower Fountain LED

    Ingrid King

    This has a cute design with lots of functionality. Features include a water level indicator window with LED nightlight, a triple action filter for clean water at all times, and BPA free components. 

    The LED light is designed to “guide your cat in the darkness.” Even though I’m guessing cats don’t really need help finding the fountain in the dark, it’s a nice touch and it lets the fountain double as a nightlight, should you desire this. 

    I like the light on dreary, cloudy days: it does add a little spot of brightness to a dark room.
  • Jackson Galaxy
    Galaxy Spiral

    Ingrid King

    The concept of the Galaxy Spiral is nothing new: a ball inside a round track, a scratching pad in the center. However, since it’s designed by the Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy himself, it’s pretty much guaranteed to have some special touches that the other versions don’t have. 

    Rather than just a plain ball, the ball inside the spiral has a motion activated LED ball that blinks. You can purchase replacement pads when the scratcher in the center becomes too worn, but I always caution cat parents against replacing scratchers. 

    They may look ugly to us when they start getting worn down, but keep in mind that when you replace scratchers, you’re essentially making your cat start from scratch (pardon the pun!) by forcing her to re-establish her territory! 
  • Jackson Galaxy
    Comfy Clamshell Bed

    Ingrid King

    This versatile bed can go from a cozy hideaway to a lounging pad. It features a soft plush inside, and durable polyester on the outside. It’s super easy to convert this bed. 

    To turn it into a cat bed, simply tighten the rope that goes around the outer perimeter, and then tuck the extra rope away into a cleverly designed pocket to keep it out of the way. 

    To turn it back into a soft lounge pad, just undo the fastener and loosen the rope until the bed lays flat.
  • Pet Fit for Life
    Exerciser Interactive Cat Wand

    Ingrid King

    A step up from your average wand toy, these wands feature soft foam handles. They are made from high quality carbon fiber guaranteed not to break even with rough play. 

    Some models are extra long and retractable. Attachments range from feathers to teasers to fish to wiggly worms to snakes – with this variety of attachments, even the most jaded kitty won’t get bored. 

    And the best part: the attachments are super easy to swap out! Unlike other wand toys that feature a safety pin type mechanism, these wands feature a simple clasp.
  • 1-TDC
    Dual Action Natural Support for Periodontal & Joint Health

    Ingrid King

    1TDC™ (which stands for 1-TetraDecanol Complex) is a revolutionary natural solution that keeps joints, muscles and gums healthy at a cellular level. This product goes beyond supplements containing glucosamine and fish oil. It works systemically as a catalyst to allow the body to improve joint and oral health. 

     Its unique technology is highly and rapidly absorbed, whether applied topically on the gums or taken orally in capsule form. When it enters the body, 1TDC™ has a tremendous affinity for white blood cells, which allows it to get where it is needed quickly. 

    1TDC™ efficiently does the job without interfering with other elements of your cat’s health. I don’t use the term “miracle” lightly, but 1TDC™ deserves to be called a miracle supplement.
  • Primetime Petz
    Hauspanther MaxScratch

    Ingrid King

    This oversized cat scatcher is the vertical scratcher to end all cat scratchers! It’s wrapped with natural jute rope, creating a durable and attractive scratching surface. A sturdy base keeps the post from tipping over. 

    The built-in perch on top gives kitty a perfect lookout spot to view the world from the top. The scratching column can be flipped over for extended use. 

    It's available in white and espresso. Like all of Hauspanther’s products, this a gorgeous piece that will look beautiful in your living space and make your cats happy.
  • Jackson Galaxy
    EX Stain & Odor Eliminator

    Ingrid King

    Over the years, I’ve tried many different stain and odor removers, but nothing has come close to the Jackson Galaxy Stain & Odor Remover in terms of effectiveness and ease of use. 

    It eliminates pet stains and odors within seconds, as advertised. Whether you’re dealing with vomit, feces, urine, hair balls, or blood stains, this cleaner will remove any organic stain without harsh chemicals. 

    The basis of this cleaner is CO2 cleaning technology. The cleaner goes to the root of the stain and odor and forms a shield around the stain while it works on it. Unlike enzymatic cleaners that can require long waiting periods to activate, this cleaner works instantly on contact.
    Premium Cat Bed Cave

    Ingrid King

    These gorgeous caves are handmade from 100% Merino wool, a soft, lightweight natural fiber. Merino wool is breathable, keeping your cat warm in the winter or cool in warmer weather. 

    The beds are safe and eco-friendly. There are no plastic or other man-made materials used, because Merino wool naturally repels odor, dirt and stains. The caves can be hand washed in cold water with a mild detergent designed for wool, and should be air dried. Machine washing is not recommended. 

    The cat caves are made by Meowfia’s manufacturing partner in Nepal, which helps sustain the families of the workers. The whole structure is molded from a single piece of felted yarn fabric using only soap, water and pressure, so there are no seams. Each bed is unique.