Dr. S. Amna Husain, MD, IBCLE's Top 10 Best Baby Skincare and Bath Care Products

Dr. S. Amna Husain, MD, IBCLE's Top 10 Best Baby Skincare and Bath Care Products

Your kids deserve the best, and tubby time is no exception. That's why we asked licensed pediatrician Dr. S. Amna Husain to give us the down-low on the best baby skincare and bath care products on the market. Here's what she had to say:

"As a pediatrician married to a dermatologist, you can imagine we are both quite picky about using only the best, science-backed products in our household and our little one! Every product I recommend, I choose based on safety, practicality, and of course, efficacy. Working our way from newborn to toddlerhood, let's dive in!"

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Dr. S. Amna Husain
Pediatrician, Lactation Consultant, Influencer
  • Angelcare
    Baby Bath Support

    Dr. S. Amna Husain

    When it comes to baby tubs, the variety is almost endless, but what many parents may not know is many tubs become a breeding ground for fungus and mold growth! 

    Between the humid environment in the bathroom and not properly drying after use, over time, most tubs begin to smell and grow mold. But not this one! I love this Angelcare tub. It was easily one of my favorite and most practical purchases when I had a baby. 

    It's easy to use and dries quickly afterward. It can easily be stored with a hook attached to a shower or bathroom wall so it doesn't take up space. Not to mention, the holes don't allow water to pool or create a potential drowning risk. I've converted multiple friends, plus it's incredibly cost-effective!
  • ClevaMama
    Bath Towel

    Dr. S. Amna Husain

    This company makes incredible products-seriously, I love all of them! When it comes to picking a bath towel for newborns, I like these baby hooded towels which offer more than just cuteness. They're generously sized so there’s plenty of cloth to wrap around your little one. 

    In addition, these cotton towels are soft and naturally hypoallergenic. A baby's body surface is almost three times greater than an adult's, compared to the weight of his/her body which means babies can lose heat quickly.

    So, here's a tip I love to use for newborns, especially during the winter months: throw the towel in the dryer for a few minutes so the towel is lightly warm (check first!) before wrapping your little one up right out of the tub!
  • CeraVe
    Baby Wash & Shampoo

    Dr. S. Amna Husain

    What happens when a dermatologist and pediatrician make product recommendations for skincare? Only the best! My husband and I love CeraVe. 

    It's formulated with ceramides that strengthen, improve, and restore the natural skin barrier. It's also not scented (which is generally a no-no for skincare, especially sensitive skin). 

    Most baby washes and shampoos on the market have scents and preservatives which actually are harmful to the skin, although many parents and consumers are not aware. CeraVe is not only fragrance-free but also free of parabens and sulfate!
  • Vanicream
    Gentle Wash for Baby

    Dr. S. Amna Husain

    Another favorite I like to keep on hand is Vanicream's baby wash. Again, the baby wash market is overwhelming, but what most parents don't know is unscented and fragrance-free items are best for sensitive skin. 

    Vanicream can be incredibly helpful if your little one is suffering from eczema. It's paraben- and sulfate-free, and even the adult formulations are gentle enough to be used on your baby. They also come in travel sizes, which are handy! 

    Just don't be surprised if these gentler brands do not sud up as much as the popular commercial brand of baby washes do. Often times, there are fewer preservatives and chemicals, which means fewer suds. They are still incredibly effective when it comes to cleaning and washing your baby, though!
  • CeraVe
    Baby Moisturizing Cream

    Dr. S. Amna Husain

    Did you know the most effective moisturizing happens within three minutes of getting out of a bath? However, it not only matters when you apply but also what you apply! 

    I advise parents to moisturize right after bath time so you can lock in moisture. CeraVe moisturizes, protects, and maintains your baby's natural skin barrier by restoring essential ceramides to the skin. 

    CeraVe Baby Lotion is another great option and differs from CeraVe Baby Moisturizing Cream as it has a higher water content. As creams are often thicker, I like to use them more for babies and children who suffer from dry skin, especially in the harsher winter months.
  • H2solution
    Faucet Spout Cover

    Dr. S. Amna Husain

    As your baby grows and becomes more mobile and curious, you will find him/her reaching for the spout, splashing, crouching, and exploring. This faucet spout cover is safe, effective, and super cute! 

    It protects your little one from bumps or scratches if they crouch or play below the running water from the bath spout. It's also got a friendly design that's attractive and cute for your curious little ones. 

    The spout cover is even designed with a hole on top so you can still access the shower diverter, and it also fits most sink faucets and spouts.
  • Munchkin
    CleanSqueeze Mold-Free Bath Squirts

    Dr. S. Amna Husain

    Your child's cute rubber ducky may be a breeding ground for mold! Water can get in, but not out effectively, and with children constantly putting their mouth to these toys, it's important to pick safe items. 

    That's why Munchkin's CleanSqueeze toys are some of my favorites and include ridges for a watertight seal when put together. These toys twist apart for easy cleaning and drying, but still allow the classic experience of the water squirting bath toy! 

    Their bright colors, bold patterns, and easy-squeeze shape are great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as well.
  • Tub Cubby
    Bath Toy Organizer

    Dr. S. Amna Husain

    As your child's bath toy collection continues to grow, you'll need somewhere to keep them! This Tub Cubby does a great job and doesn't require a ton of space. 

    Unlike most flimsy bath toy holders that develop tears and wear over time, the Tub Cubby's netting is strong and durable. The lock tight suction hooks are childproof so they can't be pulled off with little hands but are easy to remove for adults, whether you have smooth or textured walls in your bathroom. 

    In fact, the Tub Cubby is not only a great for bathrooms, but also great in the playroom or car to organize toys, coloring books, or crayons.
  • Wet Brush
    Shower Detangler

    Dr. S. Amna Husain

    As a girl-mom, I know firsthand about the struggles to wash and then brush the tangles out of your little one's hair. I love this detangling no-fuss brush! 

    It's designed to be flexible and contour easily to the shape of the scalp to allow for comfort and can easily be used to brush shampoo thoroughly through the hair. It can then be used post-bath to remove tangles easily and help with air-drying. 

    It's not only affordable but also comes in a pack of two, so Mom can use it while showering too!
  • Munchkin
    Arm & Hammer Multi-Stage 3-in-1 Potty

    Dr. S. Amna Husain

    I know potty training might seem far away for many, but during quarantining and shelter-at-home, I've had many families begin the journey and make use of the time spent at home, myself included. 

    This Munchkin 3-in-1 Potty is a great bang for your buck and incredibly functional. It functions as a potty chair for those children not ready or afraid to sit on an adult toilet. 

    It also has a removal trainer seat which can be fitted on to an adult toilet when your child is ready, and when it comes time to wash hands at the sink, it also converts to a sturdy step stool!

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