Ciara's Top 10 Favorites For Self-Love

Ciara's Top 10 Favorites For Self-Love

Ciara is a lifestyle blogger, self-love advocate, and an actively touring actor and singer who is active on Instagram and has her own personal blog, Queen Made of Light. She created her social media accounts to reflect on and share the lessons she's learned through her life experiences. 

After seeing her positivity, passion, and message of empowerment, we wanted to reach out to her to some of her favorite products for our readers. 

She says, "Loving ourselves is one of the most important things we can do when it comes to doing this thing we call Life! If we want to live our life as our most authentic selves, we have to take care of ourselves first. Here's a list of my Top 10 Favorite Things for Self-Love."

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Ciara Harris
Singer/Actor/Writer/Advice Blogger
  • Passion Planner
    Weekly 2021 Annual Planner

    Ciara Harris

    Being organized, in general, can help you get excited about your next steps, and it never really feels like an obligation or a chore when you are able to enjoy what you do. That's why a planner can help you bring up your mood since it's something that really helps you get your priorities in order in a creative way!  

    Passion Planner is structured, but you can set it up however you like by using stickers and colored pens, so you don't have to be confined by what is already printed on the pages.

    There are also sections in the planner where you can write something good that happened to you on that day and there's even an area labeled "space for infinite possibility." It's a great space to write about things that you're proud of and how overcoming obstacles will allow you to be prepared for the future.
  • Sonya Renee Taylor
    The Body Is Not an Apology

    Ciara Harris

    Everyone needs a good self-love book, and The Body Is Not an Apology is probably my favorite one. Sonya Renee Taylor gives you the raw and honest truth about why we reject ourselves as we do and how we can go about changing our mindsets so that we can not only love ourselves but love everyone around us as well. 

    The book gives you exercises where you can pick your own brain and dissect when you started having negative thoughts about yourself. It also addresses how you can learn to forgive yourself and how to see the uniqueness in you and every other human on this planet.
  • Anthropologie
    Braided Suede Journal

    Ciara Harris

    There is nothing more therapeutic than being able to write all your thoughts out, process them, give them the time they deserve, and then literally turn the page, which is why journaling is such an amazing thing to do. Personally, it's helped me for years. 

    By journaling, you can privately experience things in the way you need to so that you don't end up putting it onto someone else. You can write down any problems you've faced that day and process your thoughts and feelings in a productive way. 

    Any journal is fine, but it always feels better when you write on pretty sheets of paper, so this one from Anthropologie, with its suede cover and textured pages, is quite appealing.
  • Spotify
    Create a Desires of Your Heart Playlist

    Ciara Harris

    Use Spotify to go through all the songs you listen to that make you feel good. Then go through your songs again and pick out the ones that inspire you. Lastly, put them together in a playlist and listen to it daily to change your mood.

    When you make your own playlist, you'll gradually stop listening to self-deprecating songs and start listening to songs that make you feel unstoppable. It helps you monitor the kinds of things you ingest into your brain to make sure that none of it makes you question your self-worth.
  • Lush
    Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb

    Ciara Harris

    If you haven't already, you should do yourself a favor and get a bath bomb. Clear out your schedule for the perfect date night for you, the bath bomb, and a glass of wine. And, for your bath bomb, I recommend Lush.

    Not only are the colors for the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb gorgeous, but it leaves you smelling amazing and keeps you feeling serene! These bath bombs aren't only for relaxing you, either—they also help revive you after a long day. But most importantly, they leave your skin feeling so soft!
  • Trader Joe's
    Dark Chocolate Covered Powerberries

    Ciara Harris

    Let's face it, everybody needs their candy. And for me, these Trader Joe treats are the way to go! During quarantine, these were a lifesaver—not to mention they also contain an added dose of vitamin C. 

    It's important to treat yourself with foods that you always look forward to and that can help you instantly change your mood. It's even better when they're slightly healthier than your average chocolates. 

    These treats are made with real fruit and they taste super decadent! Plus, they satisfy chocolate cravings within just a few bites. 
  • Inc. Peter Pauper Press
    Insight Cards

    Ciara Harris

    Not only do insight cards help keep you hopeful, but they keep you living life with intention. They make you feel like you're reaching deep into your spiritual side and also help inspire you to go after the things you want, so long as you wholeheartedly believe you are deserving of them. 

    You can also use them in tandem with a journal, as each card can dictate a prompt for you to write about each day. And since they provide plenty of positive vibes and give you direction, they're a perfect foundation for building up self-love. 

    They'll help guide you to develop a mindset filled with the word "yes" and the ability to strive for the things you want.
  • Anthropologie
    Mini Capri Blue Volcano Jar Candle

    Ciara Harris

    Picking a candle with a scent that you love can provide you with familiarity and comfort. You can also use candles to make a space for you to meditate on a thought or idea or you can just use them to provide the right vibe in your bedroom. 

    No matter what you use them for, though, the most important thing is that you find a scent that actually wakes up positive vibes in you. I recommend Anthropologie's Mini Capri Blue line. 

    Though it comes in a small size, the aroma really fills up the room and leaves it with a fresh, tropical smell. They're also very long-lasting and don't feel overbearing. Whenever I light one, it reminds me of home and that I am in my own personal space.
  • Evolve by Gaiam
    6mm Yoga Mat

    Ciara Harris

    Yoga is the ultimate physical form of self-love, as certain poses allow you to bring a more positive light into your heart or release toxic energy. And a yoga mat allows you to quite literally get grounded and meditate on what you want more of in your life. 

    This mat from Walmart provides some extra cushion in case your wrists need the extra support. Start your mornings with a yoga session—I recommend Yoga by Adriene—and your body will thank you for putting it first. Afterward, I also suggest you meditate to further relax.
  • Mario Badescu
    Spritz Mist and Glow Facial Spray Trio

    Ciara Harris

    Taking care of your skin is one of the most important things for self-love. Not going to bed at night with all your makeup on and taking the time to moisturize before you leave the house are also actions your skin will thank you for in the future. 

    The most important thing is to make sure to find the product that works for you so that you can take care of it and celebrate your skin every day. 

    And if you need help to keep your skin from drying, Mario Bedescu's Facial Spray is a perfect moisturizing spray to use throughout the day. Personally, I use this and it has really proven to keep my skin hydrated after I've worn a mask all day.