Ashley's Top 10 Favorite Skincare Products for Winter

Ashley's Top 10 Favorite Skincare Products for Winter

Winter can be a warzone when it comes to your skin, especially when you live in cold and dry climates. That's why we reached out to skincare blogger Ashley (better known as @skin_tings on Instagram) to ask her how she fights the good fight. She says:

"Preparation for cold weather has begun. I have absolutely no interest in dealing with dry, damaged skin for the next season. After extensive research, countless products, and self-testing, I've cultivated this list of my "Must-Have" products for winter time, mostly focusing on barrier repair and hydration."

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Ashley Yan
Skincare Blogger
  • HoliFrog
    Tashmoo Water Lily Nourishing Milky Wash

    Ashley Yan

    When the weather has gotten chilly or if your skin is going through a rough patch, washing with the wrong type of cleanser can lead to even more dryness. 

    You don't want to further strip your skin of its natural oils during this time, so that's why I switch from foaming gel cleansers to more silky, milk formulas. 

    This product has such a beautiful texture. It's rich, creamy, and feels amazing on the skin, so it's definitely a treat for damaged or irritated skin. You can use this as a second cleanse in the night time or as your morning cleanser.
  • REN
    Evercalm™ Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask

    Ashley Yan

    Masking is one of my favorite parts of skincare. Nothing screams "self-care" more than a post-shower mask session, hair wrapped in a microfiber turban, and a glass of wine on the side. 

    While oily-skin loves a good clay or exfoliating mask, you should always follow up with a hydrating or calming one to balance things out. This REN Evercalm mask has my heart. It's got an airless pump packaging, so you know you're getting every last bit out of the unit. 

    It applies as a thick cream and immediately begins soothing the skin. I have absolutely no problem leaving this one on for hours while I play a few Call of Duty games or watch some Netflix. After rinsing, your skin will feel soft and repaired.
  • First Aid Beauty
    FAB Pharma Arnica Relief & Rescue Mask

    Ashley Yan

    This First Aid Beauty Arnica Relief mask is another stand out in my mask collection. It's got a minty smell and looks like toothpaste. When first applied to the skin, it feels cooling, and after it's mostly absorbed, you can either wash it off or gently wipe with a cloth. 

    I find that the redness I have from rosacea patches in the middle of my forehead and on my cheeks right beside my nose is noticeably improved after using this mask. 

    You can also repurpose it and wear it as a sleeping mask overnight! Arnica is known to have anti-inflammatory and healing properties, so I'd highly recommend this for those who also suffer from redness.
  • I'm From
    Mugwort Mask

    Ashley Yan

    I understand that this is the third mask I've recommended, but I did mention that masking is my favorite!! I'd consider myself something of a mask connoisseur. 

    The I'm From Mugwort mask is yet another favorite from my collection. It's got a gel texture with some chunks. Right after application, there is a nice cooling sensation. This is another product you can turn to when your skin has got excessive redness or is damaged. 

    I went through a difficult phase after accidentally over-exfoliating where anything I put on my face hurt, even moisturizer. Masking with this consistently helped repair the damage and restore my skin barrier.
  • I'm From
    Mugwort Essence

    Ashley Yan

    I didn't think toners or essences were a necessity in any skincare routine until I was introduced to this one. My skin has been absolutely craving more hydration recently, and the I'm From Mugwort Essence has become one of my treasured holy grails. 

    You can use this day and night, right after toning. Just pour some into your hand and pat into the skin. You can even apply two layers of this on super dry days. 

    Mugwort is one of my favorite skincare products; I'm on my second bottle of this essence and my second jar of the mask!
  • Krave Beauty
    Great Barrier Relief

    Ashley Yan

    Krave Beauty Great Barrier Relief was the first product to officially enter my list of holy grails. This serum literally does everything: fighting irritation, discoloration, and breakouts while repairing the skin's barrier. 

    I use it every night right before moisturizer, after all my other serums. Having this can put your mind at ease when you're using harsh actives like retinol or BHA/AHA. I've been able to incorporate all of these ingredients without issue because of Great Barrier Relief. 

    I will never be without this product. It smells like tamanu oil, which some people might not love, but you will grow to love it and look forward to it as I did.
  • Sand & Sky
    Tasmanian Spring Water Splash Serum

    Ashley Yan

    I wanted a serum for winter that exclusively provided deep hydration, nothing else. The Sand & Sky Tasmanian Spring Water Splash Serum takes the cake in this category. 

    It's a very thin, watery texture but packs a huge punch of hydration. Because it's thin it absorbs into the skin beautifully. I use this day and night - sometimes two layers - and have really loved how plump my skin looks. 

    It also has this amazing light, citrus scent that makes the application experience just that much better. I'm almost finished with my first bottle and already looking for a restock.
  • REN
    Evercalm™ Overnight Recovery Balm

    Ashley Yan

    The entire REN Evercalm line is a must for wintertime or whenever your skin is damaged. This product is super unique. 

    I scoop a little bit of the balm out - a tiny bit goes a long way - warm it up between my fingertips, and then pat it gently into my skin. You can use this as the last step of your night routine to lock in all your other skincare products and also provide protection. 

    Working in healthcare, I'm wearing masks that irritate my cheeks for hours and hours every single day. Applying this has really calmed down the areas that have been chafed from the masks. In the morning, I always wake up with soft, moisturized, and nourished skin.
  • Youth to the People
    Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream

    Ashley Yan

    Youth To The People is one of my all-time favorite skincare brands. I've loved every product I've tried from them so far, including this Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream. 

    You can use this moisturizer at night (and their Superfood Air-Whip Cream in the morning) and it is the perfect amount of hydration. 

    With oily skin, it's common for creams marketed for "PM use" to be way too heavy, leading to clogged pores and a layer of unwanted oil on top of the skin. The Adaptogen cream is extremely hydrating but absorbs like a dream. Those with dry skin will love this any time of the year, morning and night.
  • ROSEN Skincare
    Rose Water Face Dew

    Ashley Yan

    Facial sprays are usually expensive, but I'm not a fan of dishing out the cash for this type of product. Why? I feel like when you spray, most of the mist gets lost into the air! Sounds silly, but just wait until you're using a $45 mist and not getting the most bang for your buck. 

    However, this ROSEN Skincare Rose Water Face Dew spray is different. At only $15, it contains only two main ingredients: rose hip oil and rose water, along with a mixture of other great oils. Rose hip oil is a favorite of mine, as it's a "dry oil" and won't leave a greasy film on top of my oily skin. It's such a good emollient for sealing in moisture. 

    You can use this mist as the last step in your morning skincare routine after SPF. Spray liberally, then tap into the skin. It helps sunscreen melt into the skin. You can also use it in between any steps of your routine to ensure your skin is still damp! Remember, most products absorb best into slightly damp skin.