Ivi's Top 10 Ethical Jewelry Pieces

Ivi's Top 10 Ethical Jewelry Pieces

Ivi Schoenfelder (@laviedivoire) is all about sustainable and ethical fashion. On her Instagram, you'll always find beautifully color-coordinated looks to take inspiration from. She also shares pictures of eats and vintage and artsy ceramic wares and other goods. 

Seeing her amazing feed and her dedication to thrifty shopping and ethical purchases, we decided to contact her to prepare a list of inspiring jewelry. She says, "If you're looking to gift your loved ones (or yourself!) some jewelry pieces this Christmas but you want to know how, where, and who made it, check out this list of 10 jewelry pieces designed by 10 different ethical brands!

Some of these brands I personally worked with, and I admire their work; and some of them, I'm still just swooning over! Whether you're looking for a necklace or a pair of earrings; for something bold or minimalistic; or whether your budget is $50 or $200, this article will help you find a perfect gift."

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Ivi Schoenfelder
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  • AUrate
    Deco Fan Pearl Ring

    Ivi Schoenfelder

    Made out of Vermeil gold and featuring a tiny Akoya pearl, this cocktail ring is designed to look like a splayed art-deco fan. This unique design is created by a company called AUrate that makes beautiful, high-quality jewelry

    Plus, as a bonus, every piece comes carefully wrapped in recyclable packaging. Mine came in a pretty pink box, with a little suede pouch and even a certificate. If yellow gold is not your favorite, this ring is also available in Rose and Silver variations (you can upgrade Vermeil to 14K and 18K gold as well!). 

    And if you would like to gift someone a full statement set, AUrate has conveniently designed a matching pair of fan earrings. I personally think this is one of the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing jewelry sets out there!
  • S-kin studio
    Ornate Mirror Emerald Earrings

    Ivi Schoenfelder

    I'm simply in awe of these gorgeous earrings! If you're a lover of everything antique and especially fashion and decor from the Victorian era, you can't pass on this pair. 

    Designed to look like two ornate mirrors, these earrings are made out of 9K gold-filled material and feature two Swarovski emeralds. Swarovski crystals have always been known for their highest sustainability standard!

    If that wasn't enough, each "mirror" has iris flowers on the bottom and on the sides. This wonderful design was brought to life by an Australian ethical brand called S-kin Studio. I love how the owners say: "Our mantra for jewelry is that they complement your skin, not turn it green." I couldn't agree more!
  • Foe & Dear
    Sienna Bracelet

    Ivi Schoenfelder

    Moonstone jewelry would be a wonderful gift for anyone that's a little tired of seeing trendy pearl jewelry everywhere. That's why this bracelet, created by a Canadian ethical and sustainable brand called Foe & Dear, is a beautiful piece to add to any wishlist. 

    Nestled between rainbow moonstones are tiny gold-plated-brass beads. The elegant toggle closure is a really nice feature as well. You can also find a matching necklace, different moonstone earring options, and a stunning headband on their website if you're looking for a full set.
  • Laura Lombardi
    Cara Hoops

    Ivi Schoenfelder

    It was hard for me to pick just one pair of earrings by Laura Lombardi, but I think this pair combines some of the best qualities. First of all, they are hoops. Hoops are timeless and versatile, and the twisted design just makes them even more unique and appealing. And second, they're made of mixed metals (brass and sterling silver). 

    If you love when all of your jewelry matches but can't decide between gold and silver, this pair is perfect. It will go with literally anything, and you don't have to think about it. I also love the way Laura describes her own work: "a balance between the industrial style of New York City and classical art motifs from Italy".
  • Poporcelain
    Heart Locket With Porcelain Rose Pendant Necklace

    Ivi Schoenfelder

    This necklace (and honestly, the entire collection by Poporcelain) envokes the feeling of Marie Antoinette styles or Jane Austen romances. It has a little bit of Victorian beauty mixed with what we now call "cottage core". This whimsical heart-shaped locket is handcrafted in Denmark from gold plated brass and porcelain. 

    You can add a photograph or a message inside to make your gift even more special. But even if you don't add anything at all, the design and the high quality of the necklace will surely impress anyone. I can't think of a more romantic Christmas gift! 

    *Note that the price is converted from and charged in Euros, so the price may fluctuate based on the exchange rate at the time of purchase.
  • thirteenth
    Melt In Your Skin I

    Ivi Schoenfelder

    This is one of those situations when jewelry and art are directly intertwined, and note that these sell out quickly! The Melt In Your Skin ring is made out of 925 Sterling Silver, but a solid gold option is available upon request. It also comes in two slightly different styles - one is larger and even more statement-like than the other. 

    These masterpieces for your fingers were designed by the company called Thirteenth Studio. Behind it is a very talented young woman whose name is Yeonji Anj Kim. 

    I had the pleasure of talking to her online, and I know how much she values quality and sustainability. Each piece is made by hand in her studio using recycled materials, ethically-sourced gemstones, and lots of love.
  • Mejuri
    Agate Stone Drop Earrings

    Ivi Schoenfelder

    This beautiful, icy-blue pair of earrings will warm anybody's heart! Simple yet extremely elegant, these earrings are made out of 925 Sterling Silver dipped in rhodium and Blue Lace Agate stone, by the company called Mejuri. You might have heard of this brand before because it quickly became very popular on Instagram. 

    Mejuri always partners with top jewelers who commit to exceptional craftsmanship and ethical practices. I've worked with them before, and I can vouch for their high quality and personal touch. Every piece arrives in beautiful packaging, with a sweet handwritten note, "This was made for.. " 

    Since they carry a vast array of different trendy styles - including very affordable options - Mejuri could potentially be a one-stop for all of your gifting needs.
  • siizu
    Aubin Charm Necklace

    Ivi Schoenfelder

    If you are on a fence and can't decide which jewelry style to pick, it's hard to go wrong with an initial or a name necklace. I love this particular one by the brand called Siizu Jewelry. 

    It's made out of brass and 18K gold plating, plus all of the letters have Cubic Zircon in them. But the most fun part is that you get to pick up to 6 charms, and those can be letters and symbols. Butterflies, pearls, crescent moons, stars - they've got it all! 

    This option is one of the most affordable ones on the list as well, with the low price of $38.50. Siizu prides itself in being a sustainable fashion brand based in NYC, and even if this name necklace isn't exactly calling your name, I recommend checking out their website because you can find lots of unique pieces there!
  • ana luisa
    Moon Earrings

    Ivi Schoenfelder

    If you, or someone you love, are interested in astrology, or anything celestial, this pair of earrings would be a perfect fit. But that's not all - by purchasing it, you'll actually help people. All of the proceeds are going to different organizations supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. 

    The unique intertwined sun and moon design of these earrings is a particular highlight, and the quality is out of this world! Made out of gold-plated brass, freshwater pearls, and cubic zirconia, these earrings will surely captivate anyone's attention. 

    This design was created Ana Luisa, an ethical and sustainable jewelry brand that believes in Earth-conscious craftsmanship, recycled materials, and transparent business practices. As a final touch, every piece usually comes in a soft suede pouch, and little tags on the jewelry say nice things like, "This will look good on you".
  • Able
    She's Worth More Grow Mini Tag Necklace

    Ivi Schoenfelder

    There's meaningful jewelry, and then there's jewelry with meaning, like this gold mini-tag necklace that's meant to empower women. 

    This piece was created by an ethical brand called ABLE with the message: "Women are entitled to dignity. In other words, she's worth more. You are worth more". I think this is a wonderful message - whether you need to remind yourself, or you have a woman in your life who needs this reminder. 

    This could also be a great stocking stuffer for a daughter, for example. The simple design will fit pretty much anybody's style, while the affordable price point will suit almost anybody's budget. That's a win-win situation!