Salisha's Top 10 Essentials to Show Your Big Hair Some Love

Salisha's Top 10 Essentials to Show Your Big Hair Some Love

If you have big hair, you know how hard it can be to deal with. And in a world where many companies and brands don't accommodate your gorgeous fro, it's even harder to know how to give it some love. 

That's why we asked Salisha Thomas for advice. Along with having big hair herself, she also runs a podcast specifically about big hair care (more on that below!) and has loads of experience dealing with her hair type in the entertainment industry. Here's what she had to say:

"I've come up with a short list of my favorite things that help me feel empowered and give my hair some major love. I'd like to point out that most items on the list are cost-effective - some are less than $4, and one is even free! I hope you try some of these recommendations and love them as much as I do."

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Salisha Thomas
Broadway Actress, Natural Hair Podcaster
  • Anewcrown
    African Print Satin-Lined Pearl Bubble Headwrap

    Salisha Thomas

    What I love about Anewcrown’s Satin hair bonnet is that it doesn’t look like a bonnet. Instead of it framing the face like a cloth shower cap, it has additional fabric to tie around the head, making it appear like an African headwrap. It’s chic enough for you to wear outside, in public, or to the store and not feel like you're in your pajamas. 

    By the way, my next favorite bonnet is from Kemistry Hair Bar because it’s huge and fits all my hair. Whether I have my hair fluffed out or I have faux passion twists in, there’s room for all of it. Oh, and did I mention Kemistry Hair Bar is Black-owned?
  • Denman

    Salisha Thomas

    I’m a big fan of this Denman brush. When I was interviewing a friend of mine (who happens to also be my Curl crush) for my podcast Black Hair in the Big Leagues, I asked her how she gets those perfect ringlets, and she told me it was because of this brush. 

    No matter what she told me, I knew better than to get my hopes up because her curls are visibly looser than my own. But then I tried purchasing it myself and watched some YouTube videos to figure out how to use it (definitely recommended).

    While I was detangling my own hair, drenched in water and conditioner, I used this bad boy. Lo and behold, I, too, had the most beautiful ringlets that I didn't even know my curls were capable of forming! It takes a bit of work to get the hang of it, but it's easy once you do.
  • Revlon
    Stronger Hold XL Elastics

    Salisha Thomas

    Jumbo hair ties have been a game-changer in my hair journey. This might be basic knowledge now, but growing up, I'd always watched my white friends with sleek, straight hair tie their ponytails with a small elastic band. They would wrap it around as many times as possible to get it to stay firmly in place. 

    So because that’s what I observed, I did the same with my own hair. But now I’m aware of how big my hair is, and I embrace the motto: The bigger the better! 

    Having a jumbo-sized elastic hair tie allows your hair poof to breathe and take up more space. And instead of wrapping it around your ponytail as many times as possible, you shouldn't wrap it at all. That way, your ponytail looks thick and full sitting on top of your head. I love it!
  • Avenoir
    Mister Spray Bottle

    Salisha Thomas

    A plastic spray bottle is your best friend. Natural, textured hair needs water. It's as simple as that. When you're doing your hair and your curls aren’t behaving, most of the time it needs more water. 

    Sometimes the product you're using won’t activate properly if it doesn’t have enough water. Having a spray bottle on hand makes it convenient to soak my hair when needed, like when I’m detangling out of the shower or working on a twist out while binge-watching Sex and the City. 

    Here’s a natural hair tip that took me way too long to realize: wetting your hair makes it shrink. If my fro is lopsided or my bangs are drooping too low, sometimes I’ll spritz it with some water and wait for it to air-dry.
  • Shea Moisture
    Coconut & Hibiscus Combination Pack

    Salisha Thomas

    When it comes to curl products, everyone’s hair is different. What works for one person may not work for another, but Shea Moisture has held down the fort for me for many years. And compared to many other products, it’s cost-effective. 

    Shea Moisture helped me fall in love with my curls long ago, and to this day it still smells good and makes me feel pretty when I leave the shower. I’ve never done a collaboration with them, and they’ve never paid me or sent me their products and yet still, it’s a staple in my bathroom. 

    I always have their cruelty-free shampoo and conditioner as well as their Curl Defining Hair Smoothie Cream, all of which are included in this combination pack. I also have their Leave-in Conditioner on hand.
  • HairpinPal
    Bobby Pin and Hair Clip Magnetic Holder

    Salisha Thomas

    If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of bobby pins. When I’m backstage at my Broadway show, there’s nothing more annoying than having a dressing station scattered with a million bobby pins. The HairpinPal is basically a huge magnet that you can practically throw your bobby pins at and they'll just stick to it.

    I discovered the HairpinPal late in the game, but it has helped me to Marie Kondo my hair station at work and at home. No longer will you have bobby pins on the floor or all over the dresser. They'll be organized in an appealing manner. 

    It’s such a small thing, but having one at home and one at work makes me feel that much more put together. Mine is pink!
  • Broadway Podcast Network
    Black Hair in the Big Leagues Podcast

    Salisha Thomas

    Whether you use Instagram or YouTube or just Google images, I think it’s really important to have Curly Hair inspiration. That's why I created a Natural Hair podcast called Black Hair in the Big Leagues where I’ve invited all my Curly hair queens that I know on Broadway and in entertainment to help me find my way in my own curl journey. 

    I am surprised and encouraged by the number of women (and men!) who have humbly opened up to divulge their hair secrets! I’ve sat down with over 50 Naturalistas and released episodes weekly, 18 of which are currently live. 

    It’s fun, intimate, revealing, and though I’m the one doing the interviewing, I’m taking a million notes and trying out the new ideas every week that I get from my guests! It’s available wherever you listen to podcasts.
  • Scunci
    Banana Barrettes

    Salisha Thomas

    Get a banana clip. Your hair doesn’t have to be huge to pull it off. It’s a fast way to have a cool hairstyle in the blink of an eye. Slick up the sides of your hair and fix your bangs the way you like them. 

    You can use a bobby pin to keep your bangs from flying away--or, as I just learned from Simone Williams (who holds the Guinness World Record for Largest Afro), a little hairspray--and then gather your hair vertically into your banana clip, and boom! You’ve got an effortless fauxhawk.
  • CurlCap
    Natural Hair Backless Cap

    Salisha Thomas

    If you happen to like baseball caps but also want your curls to breathe, I highly recommend the CurlCap. They’re Black-owned, and there’s room in the caps for a massive ponytail. 

    Sometimes, you don’t even have to use an elastic but instead just put your hair through the back. That way, your hair looks even more voluminous. The best part about this hat is that it’s satin-lined. My edges love it!
  • Revlon
    COS 1875W Shine Boosting Hair Dryer

    Salisha Thomas

    I don’t use a lot of hot tools. For where I’m at right now in my hair journey, the less heat, the better. I prefer to air dry. However, sometimes, I’m just a little short on time. 

    If you don’t have three days to wait for your hair to be big, you can blow dry your hair upside-down with this basic Revlon hair dryer using the diffuser attachment. And after it has dried all the way, you can grab a metal hair pic and make it bigger and fuller by gently tugging from the roots.