Kelsey's Top 10 Picks for Easy Plant-Based Meals

Kelsey's Top 10 Picks for Easy Plant-Based Meals

Kelsey (@plantedinthekitchen) is the creator of Planted in the Kitchen, a bright and colorful plant-based food blog. She cares deeply about animals and the environment, and loves to show others that eating a plant-based diet can be delicious, healthy, and beautiful! That's why we wanted to ask her about what she uses to create her healthy, vibrant-looking meals.

In her list of recommendations, you'll find a ton of kitchen equipment that you may or may not already have, plus a secret ingredient that will make your smoothies, acai bowls, and more even more Instagram-worthy. Check it out!

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Kelsey Riley
Vegan Food Blogger
  • OXO
    Good Grips Salad Spinner

    Kelsey Riley

    This salad spinner makes preparing salads a breeze! I use it to rinse my greens, spin and drain the extra water, and then use it for storage. 

    The knob on top is easily retractable so the entire container can be conveniently stored in the fridge. I like to give my lettuce an extra rinse right before eating it and this setup is perfect for giving my greens a quick refresh before meal time.

    This is the best kitchen tool that helps to make meal prepping quick and easy. Now you can prep your lettuce at the beginning of the week and enjoy fresh greens all week long!
  • Zulay
    Metal Lemon Squeezer

    Kelsey Riley

    I frequently use lemon juice in my recipes throughout the week, and this handheld citrus juicer is perfect for quick and easy juicing. 

    There is nothing worse than squeezing lemon juice into a recipe only to have seeds find their way into your food and then having to pick through to get them out. This helpful kitchen tool juices and catches the seeds all at once.

    This juicer can also be used for limes and even small oranges! Whether you're making a healthy lemon vinaigrette or adding a squeeze of lemon juice to your morning smoothie, this kitchen tool is sure to make the process easier than ever before and ensures you get every last drop of delicious juice.
  • Wusthof
    Classic Chef's Knife

    Kelsey Riley

    A chef’s knife is commonly referred to as the most important tool in the kitchen, and I couldn’t agree more! Whether I’m slicing up a fresh melon, dicing hearty sweet potatoes, or putting delicate finishes on my fruit garnishes, my Wusthof chef’s knife is the heart and soul of my kitchen and my recipes. 

    The sharpness of the blade makes food prep quick and easy and gives me peace of mind as I slice my fruits and veggies. I love this knife and love knowing that a tool made with this kind of quality will last a lifetime!
  • Toni Okamoto, Michelle Cehn
    The Friendly Vegan Cookbook

    Kelsey Riley

    There are a bunch of amazing cookbooks out there, but none of them compare to The Friendly Vegan Cookbook. This cookbook contains 100 delicious and user-friendly plant-based recipes. 

    This book was cooked up by none other than the founder of World of Vegan, Michelle and author of Plant-Based on a Budget, Toni. Their recipes are delicious, creative, and bring so much joy to plant-based cooking!

    Following along with the recipes in this book is like spending the day cooking with your best friends. Give this cookbook a try and I promise you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!
  • WonderVeg
    Glass Food Storage Containers

    Kelsey Riley

    I meal prep at the beginning of every week, and these meal prep containers help to store all of my healthy plant-based foods. Organization and efficiency are really important to me, especially in my kitchen, and these containers help me meet my goals.

    This bundle has nine glass containers in three different sizes so they can meet all of your food storage needs. I use them to store everything from fresh berries to hot soups, and I often use them to bring my lunch to work. 

    These containers are extremely versatile and safe to use in the microwave, oven, dishwasher, and freezer; and cleanup is always a breeze!
  • Instant Pot
    Instant Pot Duo

    Kelsey Riley

    I honestly never knew how easy and fast cooking could be until I got my Instant Pot! This all-in-one cooker can pressure cook, slow cook, sauté, and more. I use my Instant Pot to cook my dried beans, make chili, curries, soups, and even oatmeal (seriously!).

    It's perfect for making meals in a pinch. One of my favorite parts about it is being able to “set it and forget it” while I multitask and work on other projects in my kitchen. It has been a huge time saver, especially on busy days.
  • Ninja
    Ninja Professional 72 oz. Blender

    Kelsey Riley

    My Ninja blender is another one of my most loved and most used kitchen gadgets. I use it almost every single day to make refreshing smoothies. The total crushing technology helps to make my smoothies creamy and delicious, and you'll never end up with unblended chunks in a sip.

    I also use my blender to make creamy soups, sauces, and salad dressings, and I’m always impressed with the results. I’ve owned mine for two and a half years and the blades are still as sharp as the day I brought it home. If you’re looking for a great blender, I can’t recommend this one enough!
  • ExcelSteel
    Stainless Steel Colander

    Kelsey Riley

    A good colander is essential in every kitchen, especially a plant-based kitchen! I use my colander all the time to strain and drain my pasta and rinse fresh fruits and veggies. This is the perfect size to fit all of my farmer’s market produce and handle all of my daily straining needs.

    This colander has the most beautiful stainless-steel finish that’s easy to clean and looks great in your kitchen. I promise that when you own a colander that looks this good, you’ll never forget to wash your produce again!
  • Terrasoul
    Blue Spirulina Powder

    Kelsey Riley

    Blue spirulina powder is my biggest secret to making ordinary food look beautiful! I love using this spirulina powder to give my chia seed pudding, smoothies, and oatmeal the most gorgeous blue hue. 

    Aside from the visual perks (always a huge crowd pleaser), blue spirulina has great nutritional benefits like protein, antioxidants, B vitamins, and minerals.

    Not all supplement powders are created equally, though. It’s really important to me that Terrasoul sources the best products, so it’s an extra bonus to me that their products are organic. I love to keep my Terrasoul blue spirulina powder on hand to liven up my recipes in a pinch!
  • All-Clad
    Nonstick Fry Pan Set

    Kelsey Riley

    I cannot express how much I love my set of nonstick pans! They are All-Clad, so I feel confident about their long-lasting quality even after years and years of use. I’ve had this set of pans going on three years now and they have held up their nonstick qualities, which can be hard to come by in other pans.

    I’m able to flawlessly create a tofu scramble, stir-fry my veggies, or flip yummy vegan pancakes. It’s so convenient that they come in the set of two pans with both the 10-inch and the 12-inch. If you’re in the market for a nonstick pan, this set is the one!