Erika's Top 10 Picks to Add a Modern Boho Vibe to Your Home

Erika's Top 10 Picks to Add a Modern Boho Vibe to Your Home

Trying to achieve the clean and natural style of the bohemian look in your home? It's not that hard for most to get the basics down, but it's the decor that can trip you up. Luckily, we have talented interior designers like Erika (@home.and.spirit) to give us some much-needed guidance. When we asked her for some advice, here's what she had to say:

"If you're looking to add a boho theme to your home, there are several decor pieces that you can incorporate that can be very fluid within your home. You can rearrange and move them around several rooms, and they will instantly give you a bohemian look. 

Best of all, this look is easily achievable without breaking the bank. These are just 10 products that you can use to get one step closer to a nice and cozy, boho home!"

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Erika Espiritu
Home Stylist
  • BlueMake
    Woven Seagrass Belly Basket

    Erika Espiritu

    This is a great basket because it is so versatile. You have the option of three different sizes, which is great for keeping a cohesive look in the event that you need different sizes. It can also fold inwards in the middle for a completely different look; it's like a two-in-one deal! 

    I also really love the woven texture on this particular basket. It is very natural-looking and definitely "boho". My favorite way to use this basket is as a vase to place your plants in for a truly unique decor statement. 

    You can use this basket for so many more things, too. I have used them to store things such as blankets and pillows next to a sofa, to add them into a corner of a room for storage, or simply for pure aesthetics.
  • Costa Farms
    Live Indoor Snake Sansevieria Floor Plant

    Erika Espiritu

    Plants are huge when trying to achieve a boho theme, and I am truly obsessed with them. They're also great air purifiers! 

    One of my favorite plants is this yellow and green "snake plant" because it is one of the lowest-maintenance and easy to care for plants I know of. Costa Farms does a good job of shipping this great start plant to you, and you have the option to add different styled pots. 

    This plant is a great way to add some color and life to your home, especially if you have a more neutral home. You can add this plant on a dresser, on a shelf, or simply place it on your floor. True bohemian decor always includes greenery, so you should try to incorporate plants somehow. The more the merrier!
  • Inspired Ivory
    Farmhouse Throw Pillow Covers

    Erika Espiritu

    I am a huge fan of this pillow set! The patterns are amazing and incorporate all sorts of typical boho and tribal patterns. I love the mudcloth look, the tassels are a boho must, and the pop of leather is a nice twist in the color combination of black and white. 

    These pillows will add coziness to your room, and they are truly great space fillers for your sofa. If your couch is in a bland cover, it can cover that up with some style. I really enjoy that they are all different patterns but work great together as a set. It's one way that you can add some fun to your space without being too matchy.
  • Décor Therapy
    Décor Therapy Bench

    Erika Espiritu

    I love this pouf because it is made out of jute material, which can create a more bohemian vibe instantly. It’s such a great way to add a separate color to your living room area, and it also provides extra seating when you have a lot of guests over! 

    It's subtle and stylish, but it's still comfortable. You can keep this bench out as part of your daily decor and seating options, or you can tuck it away under a coffee table or into a corner to pull out only when needed.
  • Pepperlonely
    Rabbit Tail Grass Bouquet

    Erika Espiritu

    Nothing is more boho than adding some dried greenery or grass into your home, especially pampas grass and dried bunny tails, one of my all-time favorites. This little grass bouquet is so fluffy and gorgeous, and it's a great way to bring the outdoors indoors (especially if you’re not good with live plants). 

    I love to mix white, coffee, and the primary colors throughout my home. They are of great quality, and you can't beat the price point. This is an especially stylish accent in the fall, but it will also work beautifully year-round.

    Dried bunny tails can be super cute on a coffee table or on a shelf as an added decor statement that will add some dimension and interest. And here's a pro tip: spray some hairspray on them to reduce flying feathers everywhere!
  • Macrame
    Woven Wall Hanging

    Erika Espiritu

    Macrame crafting screams boho, so the louder and the bigger it is, the better. This nice, detailed macrame wall hanging tapestry is one of my personal favorite boho items. It is the perfect statement, and the geometric pattern is super adorable. 

    I love that the material is natural and neutral. It is an awesome space filler to an empty wall. You can use it for any room - the living room, any bedroom, a nursery, or even a hallway. Do you have a wall with dead space and don't know what to do with it? Just add this macrame wall hanging! Easy peasy.
  • Lulu Candles
    Luxury Scented Soy Jar Candle

    Erika Espiritu

    Candles are a must in any household. Hand-poured soy candles are my personal recommendation! I love these Lulu Candles in different scents and sizes, but the "Fresh Linen" scent has got to be my top choice because it smells so good and clean.

    These eco-friendly soy wax candles burn for a really long time, and the scents are not too overpowering (which is personally important to me). This candle is at the top of my list when it comes to creating a cozy atmosphere with a modern, sleek look. Basically, it's the perfect match for the modern boho look.

    I like to identify boho and cozy as essential and intermingling elements, and this candle checks off both boxes. You can light them during the day and in the evening, and your home will feel homier right away.
  • Lisianthus
    Women's Belt Buckle Fedora Hat

    Erika Espiritu

    Hats have to be stored somewhere, so why not hang them up for display and use them as decor at the same time? It's a win-win. You can hang hats off of a nail or layer them on hooks to hang off of a dowel or rod. Just have fun with it!

    This super cute dark camel-colored fedora hat in particular is great for repurposing because it has a flat surface all around. This means it will hang flush against the wall. I am obsessed also with this natural and earthy tone as the perfect pop of color for your boho-themed home. 

    The best part is that this hat comes in many different colors and it is very breathable, so you can always match the seasons both on your head and on the wall! You can use your lighter, neutral hats when it’s summer; and in the fall and winter, switch to darker and thicker hats.
  • Zuo
    Ronda Round Mirror

    Erika Espiritu

    This large mirror is a beautiful decor piece. It is a very minimal piece, yet has a very grand effect. It's almost like a piece of art that's been made into a mirror. How wonderful is that?

    The most important part to remember is that bohemian style is made up of earthy and organic elements. Plastics are the last thing you should be looking at when trying to achieve a boho home. This mirror is made of rattan, a very natural material that I love!

    Using many different layers and materials is also an essential part of the bohemian look. Textured items that have cane, wicker, woven seagrass, and rattan are just some of the most common materials used.
  • nuLOOM
    Mackie Moroccan Diamond Tassel Shag Area Rug

    Erika Espiritu

    This rug truly feels like a cloud! It is very thick yet very soft, so flimsiness is not an issue. I have this rug in my dining room, so trust me when I say that it is super durable. 

    The pattern on this rug has a total boho vibe, and the tassels make it even more perfect. It's a great and simple way to add some artistic detail through the pattern and texture. 

    I personally love to layer rugs. This rug would look beautiful layered over a larger, thinner jute area rug, for example. Mixing color and style by using rugs will immediately add creativity and an overall well-designed feel to your space.