Karin's Top 10 Items for a Boho-Chic Look

Karin's Top 10 Items for a Boho-Chic Look

Spring and summer are fast approaching, and that means it's time to switch out your wardrobe. If this is the year you're finally going to try to achieve that bohemian look, look no further. We asked boho-chic style expert Karin K (@sincerelykarin) for some of her top recommendations for starting or adding to your new look:

"Whether you're looking to infuse a little more boho glam in your life, or make a complete lifestyle dive into a full-on brand new aesthetic, I love these top 10 picks for freshening up your look and lifestyle to get that you in that mid-strut at a festival, boho-vacation type of mood every day."

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Karin Chen Loo
Certified Yoga Instructor/Fashion Blogger
  • Lack of Color
    Teak Rancher

    Karin Chen Loo

    I fell in love with Lack of Color hats for their sturdy quality and versatility. This brand is Australian and not only creates ranchers, but also straw hats for summer and bucket hats as well! 

    I've tried more affordable versions, but the quality starts to really speak for itself after a year or so. Lack of Color hats are made-to-size like a traditional haberdashery does, and their felt hats are hand-made, steamed, and beautifully packaged before shipping. 

    In my opinion, their hats run slightly large. You can pair one with essentially any outfit-from a floral dress, or a short sweater dress plus boots, to a cropped sweater, blue jeans, and booties!
  • Spell
    Love Story Short Sleeve Boho Dress

    Karin Chen Loo

    I have worn this particular Byron Bay (Australia) brand of dresses, rompers, and accessories for several years now, and I still love their quality, style, and beautifully artful prints. 

    Spell Designs also commits to a #walkalittlelighter ethos, which means that this brand uses ethically sourced eco-fibers in their materials, and preferably upcycled fabric, where possible. 

    I adore that Spell and the Gypsy Collective loves Mother Earth so much. My favorite pieces are their printed flowy dresses, which you can wear belted or loose, or with boots and a chunky belt with vintage silver accents.
  • Fisace
    Womens Pointed Toe Ankle Boots

    Karin Chen Loo

    No modern-boho (or any!) wardrobe is complete, in my opinion, without a block- or stacked-heel neutral-colored bootie! I prefer a pointy toe and a low-cut vamp, and a taupe or sueded brown-grey color so that they match with literally twice as many pieces in my closet. 

    If you're going for a pointy toe, try going a half-size up to make room for socks and those tootsies - especially if you're planning on wearing them all day! I love to wear my booties with cuffed jeans, short distressed shorts, floral mini-dresses, and long-sleeved sweater dresses.
  • JudyBridal
    Oversized Denim Jacket

    Karin Chen Loo

    A soft loose-but-not-too-loose classic denim jacket that looks a little vintage is a must-have in any boho-chic closet. 

    We're not talking about the tight, formfitting ones; choose one like this, where there is room for a flowy long sleeve, and it's soft enough to double as a sweatshirt for those cold beach walks in the evening or those chilly nights by the bonfire. 

    I pair mine with essentially everything in my closet; it acts as a staple to throw over any outfit, preferably (meaning always) with the sleeves rolled up!
  • Suosdey
    Vintage Metal Buckle Belt

    Karin Chen Loo

    I love having a chunky leather belt tooled with silver accents ready in the closet for a variety of styling reasons. You can buckle it like a traditional belt, or you can tie it in a knot and let the ends hang to style them in a rocker-esque way. 

    When you have flowy dresses or sweaters a size too large, use this workhorse to cinch in your waist. This also looks great in a pair of soft distressed denim shorts and a cropped tank with a studded bootie, or with a pair of mom jeans, some booties, and a rocker tee tucked in or tied up.
  • Daydreamer
    Women's Concert Poster Tour Tee

    Karin Chen Loo

    There are about a gazillion rocker or band tees out there, but Daydreamer LA is my favorite go-to brand for an authentic, long-lasting silk screen printed vintage tee-shirt. 

    I love this basic because you can wear this tucked into some high-waisted distressed jeans and some Hermes flats to pick the kiddos up, or tie it up right above your belly button, throw on a high waisted short or skirt and some heels, and you're ready for a casual-cool date night. 

    If you're looking for a casual-Friday look, pair your tee with some skinny jeans and a navy blazer.
  • Rohb by Joyce Azria
    High Block & Stiletto Heel Ankle Strap Sandals

    Karin Chen Loo

    This simple, two-strap heel, will be your best friend when it comes to outfits. The nude ankle strap heel comes in so many price points, so feel free to choose one that works for you! 

    You can choose a block heel or a skinny heel, but just make sure that your heel is at least 3 inches or higher for that leg-lengthening effect. These will elongate your line in virtually any outfit, and I prefer to wear them with cuffed distressed denim or dresses that tend to have volume (floaty long-sleeved mini-dresses, in particular). 

    They will make a look dressier, so I love to use them on classically casual outfits to elevate a look to date-night or work-meeting status.
  • Levi's
    Women's 724 High Rise Straight Crop Jeans

    Karin Chen Loo

    Finding that perfect pair of high-waisted, distressed-but-not-too ratty, boyfriend-fit jeans that are not too tight but not too loose is like finding the Holy Grail, but these are some of my favorites! 

    They run true to size, and you can virtually tuck any type of top into them, whether it's your rocker tee, a chunky sweater (front-tuck, please!), or even a cropped sweatshirt. 

    I love them cuffed up and rarely wear them full-length-down. These jeans will be a staple in your closet for years to come. Make sure to wash them every third wash (not every time you wear them!) to maintain the longevity of your jeans.
  • Birkenstock
    Unisex Arizona Essentials EVA Sandals

    Karin Chen Loo

    If boots were made for walking, these simple black Birkenstocks were made for living! I pair these with my flowy skirts, floral dresses, leggings and sweatshirt outfits, shorts - you name it. 

    I stopped wearing flip-flops a couple of years ago because they simply don't offer enough support. These sandals are a great chunky option for a casual slip-on pair that looks like you tried when you really didn't! 

    I prefer this pair over the sueded footbed as the fabric footbed tends to imprint your foot, which creates a less-than-clean look later on.
  • Free People
    Layered In Lace Swing Dress

    Karin Chen Loo

    My absolute favorite color to wear is white. My absolute favorite piece to wear, the one I feel prettiest and most at-home in, is a boho-inspired white dress, preferably with lace insets or accents like this one. 

    It's a simple yet feminine look that says "I'm not trying too hard, but I'm a girl and I like feeling pretty". The floatier and lacier, the better! I love mine with some booties or flat sandals, and my Lack of Color rancher hat. 

    In cooler weather, I throw a cropped sweater over it with some boots or booties and keep the hat. Maybe I'll even throw on a denim jacket. Either way, it's a staple in any boho girl's closet, whether you go true white or more cream. Cheers, lovelies!

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