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10 Best Chocolate Cake Mixes in 2022 (Pastry Chef-Reviewed)

Whether it's classic, molten lava, triple, or devil's food, there's not much that beats a good slice of chocolate cake. The flavors of chocolate cake go on and on, but many of us don't have the time or energy to bake one from scratch. Getting your chocolate fix just became easier with a boxed cake mix!

To simplify your search, we tracked down 10 chocolate cake mixes that can be a great addition to your baking repertoire. Our favorite pick is Betty Crocker's Super Moist Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix since it's a classic, tried-and-true box mix that can be adapted into other recipes. Read on for our nine other great suggestions, and if you want to know how to find one on your own, read our buying guide reviewed by a pastry chef and cake decorator for some great tips as well!

Last updated 2023/06/07
Shayanne Brents
Pastry Chef/Cake Decorator
Shayanne Brents

I am a pastry chef of 10+ years, classically trained. I'm also the owner and operator of Bleu Moon Bakery - Vegan (2016-2021). My newest endeavor (small business) - Baby Cakes - creates custom cakes and treats with allergy-friendly options.

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Table of Contents

How to Choose Chocolate Cake Mixes

Picking the right chocolate cake mix might be tough, since you'll have to think about various criteria such as your diet restrictions, the quality of the ingredients, and so on. To help you with your research, we've compiled this buying guide. So give it a look! 

① Consider the Specific Type of Chocolate Cake You Want to Make

Chocolate cake is the ultimate dessert that can satisfy your cocoa cravings and is the perfect choice for all events. But do you know that chocolate cakes have different textures? To satisfy all consumers, manufacturers have created various mixes that can help you bake your favorite kind of chocolate cake. 

Select a Devil's Food Cake or Molten Lava Cake for Rich Texture

Select a Devil's Food Cake or Molten Lava Cake for Rich Texture

Love the rich flavor and the alluring mahogany color of devil's food cake? Devil's food cake mixes have extra cocoa powder and baking soda, which provide an intense chocolate taste and give the cake its reddish hue. 

In the mood for something warm and rich? A molten lava cake can be your best friend! Molten lava cakes are a delicious cross between a chocolate cake and a souffle. The supremely rich chocolate custard oozing out from the center is not only a delight to your eyes but also to your mouth.

These cakes are usually made from devil's food cake mixes. As it is served warm, it's an ideal treat for cold or rainy weather. 

Moist Cake Mixes Are Best for Bundt Cakes

Moist Cake Mixes Are Best for Bundt Cakes

If you love Bundt cakes, seek a devil's food cake mix or triple chocolate cake mix. Both of these mixes are dense and intensely chocolaty, with a dark hue from the extra cocoa powder and baking soda. 

Due to the unique shape of the Bundt pan, more parts of the cake will be exposed to high temperatures. The cake has to be incredibly moist, or it'll dry out quickly in the oven. Some recipes also add chocolate pudding, sour cream or even Greek yogurt to thicken the texture and enhance the flavor of these cakes.

Shayanne Brents
Pastry Chef/Cake DecoratorShayanne Brents

Bundt cakes tend to be on the drier side due to the way they are baked since the majority of the cake turns into a crust. Using a moist cake will help you achieve a delicious bundt cake that won't require a lot of frosting due to dryness. Chocolate cake mixes are especially perfect for this purpose.

German Chocolate Cakes Require Specially-Made Mixes

German Chocolate Cakes Require Specially-Made Mixes

Named after the chocolatier creator Samuel German, German chocolate cakes are a popular, unique treat. Their chocolate flavor is rather mild compared to other cakes like devil's food cake.

Manufacturers make a German chocolate cake mix specifically for this cake. It requires a super moist texture for the rich, nutty, coconut custard icing and filling in between its layers. 

Coconut shavings and pecans, almonds, or other nuts can be added as well. The sides are usually left without icing, exposing all of the delicious innards. However, some recipes include a ganache that can be drizzled on the sides for extra chocolaty goodness. 

Shayanne Brents
Pastry Chef/Cake DecoratorShayanne Brents

German chocolate cake mixes require additional steps as well as specially-made mixes. A German chocolate cake is a moist chocolate cake with a brown sugar and toasted coconut custard that is layered between the cake and on top. It is completed with a rich chocolate buttercream frosting. Try to find a mix that includes the ingredients for the filling to achieve a classic flavor.

② Choose the Right Level of Chocolate Flavor

Choose the Right Level of Chocolate Flavor

When choosing a chocolate cake mix, the chocolate flavor of a product is a factor you definitely want to pay attention to. For serious chocoholics, a mix with double or even triple the amount of chocolate might be a great choice. But if you just want a light chocolate flavor, a regular chocolate cake mix works just fine. 

Also, keep in mind that the flavor profile of a chocolate cake mix largely depends on whether it's created with melted chocolate, cocoa powder, or a combination of both. Chocolate will impart a mild and smooth chocolate flavor and a light color. 

Meanwhile, cocoa powder gives the cake a bolder and more intense chocolate impact. The color of the cake tends to be darker as well. However, too much cocoa powder might make the cake a little bit too strong for some. Lastly, a cake crafted with chocolate and cocoa powder is often well-balanced and has a dark color. 

③ See What Extra Ingredients You Need to Provide

See What Extra Ingredients You Need to Provide

The majority of chocolate cake mixes will ask you to add in some ingredients like eggs, milk, water, oil, or butter. This is the great part about mixes since their ingredients are easy to find. There are even products that ask for water only, which is quite a convenient choice if you don't have eggs, milk, or butter in the fridge.

But if you want to tweak the recipe a little, either for dietary reasons or for personal taste, make sure your changes work! Mixes are often made in a particular way, so a modification to the recipe might lead to unwanted alteration in the texture or flavor of the cake. 

Still, you can check the product's description to see if the manufacturer suggests anything or check reviewer comments for some recommendations. There are also numerous online recipes that show you which ingredients would be best to add to the mix. 

Best Chocolate Cake Mixes Ranking

Now to introduce the ranking for the most popular Chocolate Cake Mixess. Ranking based on 10 Best Chocolate Cake Mixes , independent of the editorial department (updated 11-04-2022).
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Betty Crocker

Super Moist Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix

Betty Crocker Super Moist Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix 1枚目

Best Overall Mix for a Simple Chocolate Cake


Duncan Hines

Devil's Food Cake Mix

Duncan Hines Devil's Food Cake Mix 1枚目

Best Mix for Versatility


Betty Crocker

Mug Treats

Betty Crocker Mug Treats 1枚目

Best for Chocolate Chip Recipes


Betty Crocker

Organic Chocolate Cake Mix

Betty Crocker Organic Chocolate Cake Mix 1枚目

Best for German Chocolate Cake



Molten Lava Cakes

Godiva Molten Lava Cakes 1枚目

Best for Molten Lava Cakes


Betty Crocker

Organic Cake Cups

Betty Crocker Organic Cake Cups 1枚目

Best for Single Servings



Dark Chocolate Premium Cake Mix

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Premium Cake Mix 1枚目

Best for Dark Chocolate Lovers


Simple Mills

Almond Flour Chocolate Baking Mix

Simple Mills  Almond Flour Chocolate Baking Mix 1枚目

Best Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Mix


Swerve Sweets

Double Chocolate Bundt Cake Mix

Swerve Sweets Double Chocolate Bundt Cake Mix 1枚目

Best Mix for Diabetics


Keto and Co.

Chocolate Snack Cake

Keto and Co.  Chocolate Snack Cake  1枚目

Best Mix for a Keto Diet

Product details

Betty CrockerSuper Moist Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix


Best Overall Mix for a Simple Chocolate Cake


  • Makes 24 cupcakes or two cake layers
  • Detailed baking instructions are written on the box, including Bundt cakes
  • Website features recipes for more ideas
  • Bakes cupcakes and cakes in 30 minutes or less


  • One reviewer warned that it might be best to follow the directions, as their ingredient substitution didn't work well

Betty Crocker's Super Moist Chocolate Fudge Cake mix is the best cake mix for milk chocolate lovers. If you love chocolate but find dark, double, or triple chocolate cakes overwhelming, this mix is the best for you. It makes two cakes or 24 cupcakes. With only three needed ingredients, it's very easy to whip up delicious treats. 

One customer comments that substitutes like applesauce can make the texture of the cake unpleasant. But, for the most part, customers are pleased that this cake mix bakes quickly and is decadent without the chocolate flavor being too strong. The mild flavor also makes it a great base for many recipes.


Duncan HinesDevil's Food Cake Mix


Best Mix for Versatility


  • Makes 24 cupcakes or two cake layers
  • Bakes cake and cupcakes in 40 minutes or less
  • Website features recipes
  • Instructions for alternative ingredients are included on the box


  • Recipe may have changed from previous product, altering the final result

Duncan Hines Perfectly Moist Devil's Food Cake mix has extra baking soda and cocoa powder to give the robust chocolate flavor and rich, dark color sought out for many recipes. From Bundt cakes to red velvet cakes, this mix is perfect for serious chocoholics to get their fix.

According to some reviewers, this chocolate cake mix has a weak flavor and is very dry. Many other reviewers say that this smooth cake is perfect for chocoholics. Each box makes 24 delicious cupcakes or one 13-by-nine-inch cake. Duncan Hines features multiple recipes to give you ideas for events and tasty, quick snacks.


Betty CrockerMug Treats


Best for Chocolate Chip Recipes


  • Contains chocolate chips and pudding
  • Only requires three ingredients to bake
  • Makes 24 cupcakes or two cake layers
  • Website features recipes


  • Liquid ingredients may need adjusting for proper consistency

Betty Crocker's Super Moist Triple Chocolate Fudge cake mix is boosted by chocolate chips, making it perfect for any recipe that requires those gooey, sweet bits. Whether you prefer cupcakes or cakes, this is the best mix if you're a big chocolate chip fan.

Several reviewers say that the chocolate flavor is weak and that the instructions for the ingredients make the cake too watery. However, most customers say that this mix is perfectly moist, flavorful, and great for cupcakes and other treats like chocolate flan. They also add that the extra ingredients are very easy to substitute to make unique recipes. 


Betty CrockerOrganic Chocolate Cake Mix


Best for German Chocolate Cake


  • Makes two cakes for layering or 24 cupcakes
  • Website features extra recipes
  • Includes instructions for Bundt cakes


  • German chocolate frosting is sold separately 

This Super Moist German Chocolate Cake Mix by Betty Crocker makes two cakes, so they can be layered in the traditional German chocolate cake style. It has a mild chocolate flavor, and added pudding makes this cake very moist and rich. 

A few buyers say that this mix makes flat cakes or isn't enough for two layers. Yet, most buyers love that this cake is soft, quick to make, and moist. Some also add extra ingredients like condensed milk and the German chocolate frosting to the batter to heighten the taste and tweak the texture.


GodivaMolten Lava Cakes


Best for Molten Lava Cakes


  • Only requires two ingredients to bake
  • Makes two, four, six or 12 cakes at a time
  • Bakes in 15 minutes or less
  • Includes baking cups


  • Involves more prep work than other cake mixes

Govida's Molten Lava Cake mix contains pouches and baking cups to make up to 12 molten lava cakes. It's specifically designed to bake a decadent exterior with a gooey interior. The semi-sweet chocolate instead of cocoa powder makes the chocolate flavor satisfying without being too strong.

A few buyers say that the liquid center is too solid and the cake is too sweet. They involve a few extra steps compared to some mixes, yet, most reviewers love how easy these are to make, even for those that don't bake often.


Betty CrockerOrganic Cake Cups


Best for Single Servings


  • Includes four servings and frosting packets
  • Has instructions for baking at high altitudes
  • Only requires water or milk
  • Only requires one minute to microwave


  • Some reviewers say the frosting is different than the last time they bought it, and they don't like it now

After adding only water or milk and one minute in the microwave, you'll have a delicious, ready-made treat. There are four packets of mix with four packets of frosting. These mug cakes are great for a quick dessert or snack.

According to a couple of reviewers, the frosting makes the cakes soggy, and they become hard and chewy after cooling. Despite this, many other customers love that these cakes are easy to bake and that they have a rich, chocolaty flavor. They also comment that these mug cakes are fluffy, with excellent consistency. 


GhirardelliDark Chocolate Premium Cake Mix


Best for Dark Chocolate Lovers


  • Only requires three ingredients to bake
  • Contains chocolate chips
  • Includes recipes for ganache and glaze on the box
  • Makes 12 cupcakes


  • Electric mixer is not recommended
  • Over-mixing can alter the final product

This mix by Ghirardelli has semi-sweet chocolate chips, and rich cocoa to make a cake with robust, dark chocolate flavor. Recipes for a ganache, buttercream frosting, or glaze are offered on the back of the box to pair with this cake. 

A few reviewers say that this cake only rises to the height of brownies or only makes one layer. Most reviewers love that this mix is moist, decadent, but not too sweet. A few customers even enjoy this cake without frosting. 


Simple Mills Almond Flour Chocolate Baking Mix


Best Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Mix


  • Certified gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Use for muffins, cake, brownies or cupcakes
  • Short ingredient list is also free of soy, dairy and corn


  • Like many gluten-free baked goods, the texture may be grainy
  • Makes only a single cake layer

This Almond Flour Chocolate Muffin and Cake Baking Mix is made with almond flour, arrowroot, and coconut flour. It's certified gluten-free, and also suitable for paleo diets. This mix is also a lower glycemic index food. 

Some customers find this cake mix to be dry, with an unpleasant grainy, gritty texture. However, many other customers say that this product has a great chocolate flavor and different ingredients can be added to the mix to alter the taste to individual preference. 


Swerve SweetsDouble Chocolate Bundt Cake Mix


Best Mix for Diabetics


  • Zero added sugar
  • Bakes in 15 minutes
  • Keto-friendly
  • Gluten-free


  • Only makes one cake layer
  • Texture can be gritty

Swerve Sweets' Chocolate Cake Mix has zero added sugar and uses diabetic-friendly sweeteners. Gluten-free and keto customers can also enjoy this cake mix, as it only provides three grams of net carbs. It's non-GMO verified, too.

Several reviewers remark that the cake falls apart and has a gritty texture. However, most customers find this product to be easy to mix, fast to make, and very moist.  Some buyers enjoy it without toppings and love adding extra ingredients like cayenne pepper, spices, coffee, or milk substitutes. 


Keto and Co. Chocolate Snack Cake


Best Mix for a Keto Diet


  • 1.8 grams of net carbs make it great for keto
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Diabetic-friendly
  • Make cake or cupcakes in 30 minutes or less


  • Only makes one cake layer
  • Artificial sweetener may provide a noticeable aftertaste

Keto and Co.'s Chocolate Keto Cake Mix is the best product for buyers that have a restricted diet. It's gluten-free, keto-friendly, and diabetic-friendly. It boasts 94 percent less sugar than other brands. This makes a one-layered cake or nine cupcakes.

A few reviewers are not fond of the aftertaste. However, considering this is a mix for restrictive diets, the reviews for this chocolate cake are overwhelmingly positive. Most buyers say that this mix produces a moist, tasty alternative to regular chocolate cakes.

Ways to Take Your Cake Mix to the Next Level

Ways to Take Your Cake Mix to the Next Level

We all know that cake mixes are convenient, but they might not produce the yummiest results. But by adding extra ingredients to the mix or playing around with a few toppings, you can surely elevate the taste! For extra sweetness, buttercream frosting works wonderfully.

To add another layer of decadence, consider a rich ganache or extra chocolate chunks. Nuts like almond, walnut, and peanuts can give your cake some more richness and an interesting texture. The buttery sweetness and a subtle saltiness from salted caramel can also bring more depth to your cake.

A little bit of vanilla extract or coffee can complement the chocolate flavor as well. You might also want to consider sweet fruits such as strawberries and bananas. Filling your cake with some fruit jam is not a bad idea, either.

Pudding mixes, sour cream, and Greek yogurt can make the cake moister, since cocoa powder tends to absorb a lot of moisture, making cakes a little dry. 

For those who are adventurous, you can try adding chili powder! There's chili chocolate, so chili chocolate cake should make sense, right? It's actually a traditional combination from the ancient Aztecs. And of course, the classic, to-die-for combination is chocolate cake and ice cream. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to reviewing and commenting on our buying guide, Shayanne also took the time to answer some commonly asked questions about chocolate cake mixes.

How do I make chocolate cake without eggs?

"There are many ways to substitute eggs in a chocolate cake mix," Shayanne explains. "The most common and delicious way would be replacing eggs with yogurt; 1/4 cup of yogurt equals one egg in your box recipe. The active cultures in yogurt act as binders and thickeners in place of the eggs in your recipe while creating a balanced and moist texture."

Is chocolate cake and red velvet cake the same thing?

Shayanne says, "Chocolate cake and red velvet cake would be best described as cousins - related but not the same. Red velvet cake is achieved by mixing chocolate cake with vanilla cake while adding vinegar and a massive amount of red food coloring. I like to describe it as a watered-down chocolate cake."

Can chocolate cake be frozen?

"Chocolate cake can most definitely be frozen; in fact, it might be the best cake to freeze," Shayanne says. "With its high moisture content and ability to mask almost any flavor, chocolate cake is the best to thaw and eat again at a later date. It doesn't lose much moisture or flavor like most things do in the freezing process."

More Cake-Baking Essentials to Have on Hand

Baking can be fun and relaxing, but in order to make the perfect cake, it helps to have the right equipment on hand. To help make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable, check out our articles for some essential tools that every baker needs. 

Amazon's Best Selling Cake Mixes

If you're still craving more cake mixes after our buying guide and products list, Amazon has many more options on their best sellers list of cake mixes. 

Buying Guide Reviewed by Pastry Chef and Cake Decorator Shayanne Brents

Shayanne Brents
Pastry Chef/Cake DecoratorShayanne Brents

This expert reviewed the contents of the buying guide for accuracy and provided factual corrections when necessary, as well as extra tips and advice. They did not participate in the product selection process, nor are they affiliated with any of our choices unless explicitly stated so.

Top 5 Chocolate Cake Mixes

No. 1Betty CrockerSuper Moist Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix

No. 2Duncan HinesDevil's Food Cake Mix

No. 3Betty CrockerMug Treats

No. 4Betty CrockerOrganic Chocolate Cake Mix

No. 5GodivaMolten Lava Cakes

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