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10 Best Pie Cookbooks in 2022 (Chef-Reviewed)

One of the best things in this world is a warm slice of pie. If only you knew how to make a pie, right? Well, luckily for you, a pie cookbook is something you won't have to look far and wide for. However, of all the pie cookbooks out there, how do you know which one is best for you?

Lucky for you, we came up with a 10 best list of the best pie cookbooks out there. Topping it is Saura Madani's Easy as Pie, which gives you delicious pie recipes for every season. Read the rest of our list to find more great pie cookbooks. And make sure you check our buyer's guide reviewed by a professional chef for tips on how to find the right cookbook so you can make those delicious pies you're dreaming of!

Last updated 2023/06/07
Jim Quast
Executive R&D Chef
Jim Quast

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Table of Contents

How to Choose a Pie Cookbook - Buying Guide

To choose a pie cookbook, you want to first decide what kind of pie you want to bake. Then, you want to choose a cookbook that covers the specific areas that you want to learn.

Pick a format that works for you and make sure that the author of the pie cookbook is an experienced baker. Also look for a cookbook with extra information and substitutions. 

① Decide What Kind of Pie You Want to Bake

Decide What Kind of Pie You Want to Bake

Because there are so many different kinds of pies and countless ways to make them, narrow down your search for a pie cookbook by coming up with a category of pie that you want to learn how to make.

Dessert pies usually involve a lot of sugar. There are many different types of pie fillings, and each kind requires a specific method to make it. Fruit fillings might involve boiling chopped up fruit with a few other ingredients.

Cream fillings usually require blending ingredients together and then heating them up a bit. Some even have a specific texture like meringue fillings which are made of whipped egg whites and sugar. Pie cookbooks that focus on dessert pies can give you tips on how to decorate your sweet pies too.

Savory pies, on the other hand, are on the salty side and usually involve meat. Each type of meat filling has its own cooking method too. For example, beef may take a longer time to cook than chicken.

Since pie filling is what makes a pie a pie, you need a cookbook that shows you exactly how to make the filling you want to make. Doing this will help make sure that you get what you're looking for.

② Choose a Pie Cookbook That Covers the Skills You Want to Learn

Choose a Pie Cookbook That Covers the Skills You Want to Learn

Cookbooks that give you recipes are a great tool to expand your pie-baking skills. However, not all of these cookbooks give you an in-depth look into how to actually execute each step. If you’re new to pie making, then you might want to choose a pie cookbook that gives you an introductory course. 

An introductory pie making course would focus on the fundamentals of pie making, like how to make the perfect crust and how to make a specific kind of filling. Beginner-friendly pie cookbooks give readers a good foundation of what kind of tools to use for certain techniques and have easy-to-follow instructions.

Other basic skills like making simple fillings, how to use specific pie-making tools, and decorating would also be covered in a cookbook for novice pie makers. On the other hand, pie cookbooks for experienced cooks usually cover more complex techniques and have recipes for more complex pies.

Choose a pie cookbook based on the pie-making focus you want to zero in on. Some divide recipes into the seasons, giving you recipes you can make at specific times of the year. Some pie cookbooks focus more on pie-making procedures. These may give you an in-depth understanding of the science behind pies.

Jim Quast
Executive R&D ChefJim Quast

If you’re new to pie making, then you might want to choose a pie cookbook that gives you an introductory course. Books with step-by-step pictures take some of the guesswork out of learning.

③ Pick a Format That Works for You

Pick a Format That Works for You

If you plan to follow the instructions listed in your pie cookbook as you make a pie, then you want to make sure that the format you get is suitable for doing so. Hardbound cookbooks can usually be laid flat on the counter and stay open, thanks to their heavy covers.

Paperbacks might need some help staying open, though this format won’t be a problem if you don’t plan on referring to the book while you cook.

Keep in mind, though, that working with a digital device in the kitchen can be a little risky as spills can do some damage. However, if you prefer reading a cookbook through a digital device, just remember to be extra careful with liquids!

④ Make Sure the Author is an Experienced Pie-Maker

Make Sure the Author is an Experienced Pie-Maker

Like with any book, you want to make sure that the author knows what they are talking about. Just the same, you want the reassurance that whoever wrote your pie cookbook is actually an experienced pie maker!

Some authors are home cooks while others are culinary giants. Make sure that you choose a pie cookbook written by an author who resonates with you. 

You can check out the author’s pie-making credentials by looking at the back of the book where a short author biography is usually placed. If there isn't any, then you can always run a quick search on the Internet. 

⑤ Look for a Cookbook With Extra Info and Substitutions

Look for a Cookbook With Extra Info and Substitutions

Choosing a cookbook that gives you substitutes for certain ingredients like almond flour in place of regular flour will not only help you steer clear of common allergens but can also help you keep healthy and fit. Some pie cookbooks give you special recipes that are allergy-friendly, good for diabetics, or suit those trying to lose weight. 

Others give you ingredients that are good for special diets like keto or vegan. Also look for pie cookbooks that have allergen information, nutrition info, and photos of recipes for easy reference. 

10 Best Pie Cookbooks

Here are our 10 best picks for pie cookbooks. We made our choices based on the points listed in the buying guide below, as well as reviewer comments when available.
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Saura Madani

Easy as Pie

Saura Madani Easy as Pie 1枚目

Learn How to Make Pies for Every Season


Kate McDermott

Art of the Pie

Kate McDermott Art of the Pie 1枚目

From Outside to Inside, Learn the Heart and Soul of Making Pies


Barbara Swell

The Lost Art of Pie Making Made Easy

Barbara Swell The Lost Art of Pie Making Made Easy 1枚目

Keep it Basic With This Book's Classic Take on Pie


Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Martha Stewart's New Pies and Tarts

Martha Stewart Living Magazine Martha Stewart's New Pies and Tarts 1枚目

A Delicious Fusion of the Old and the New


America's Test Kitchen

The Perfect Pie

America's Test Kitchen The Perfect Pie 1枚目

Perfect Your Pie Making With This Pie Cookbook


Andrew Webb

Men's Pie Manual

Andrew Webb Men's Pie Manual 1枚目

A Rundown on Delicious British Pies With a Dash of Humor


Rachel Conners


Rachel Conners  Bakerita 1枚目

Healthy Recipes for a Variety of Special Diets


Karin Pfeiff-Boschek

Elegant Pie

Karin Pfeiff-Boschek Elegant Pie 1枚目

Make Your Pies Look Elegant and Stunning


Cathy Barrow

Pie Squared

Cathy Barrow Pie Squared 1枚目

No-Fuss Slab Pies That are Irresistable


Abigail Johnson Dodge

Mini Pies

Abigail Johnson Dodge Mini Pies 1枚目

Make Cute Little Pies With Your Electric Pie Maker

Product details

Saura MadaniEasy as Pie


Learn How to Make Pies for Every Season

This beginner-friendly pie cookbook gives pie makers a collection of pie recipes to make with each season. It also gives home cooks a good foundation for pie baking, with sections that teach you how to make pies from scratch.

With step-by-step guides that cover how to make the perfect crust and even how to deal with common pie making problems, this book also gives you 50 pie recipes that should sustain your pie cravings for a whole year!

Some reviewers wished that there were more than 50 recipes in the pie cookbook. Others said that there weren't enough pictures for reference, so you may want to keep this in mind if you're a visual learner. A few received books that were misprinted. 

However, beginners and experienced pie makers alike really liked that this book gives clear instructions. Others also loved that the cookbook has a combination of classic and modern pie recipes. Readers also liked that the chapters are organized by season.


Kate McDermottArt of the Pie


From Outside to Inside, Learn the Heart and Soul of Making Pies

This pie cookbook covers a ton of pie-making aspects, working its way from the outer pie crust to the rich inner filling. Organized into sections that cover the types of fruit you use, the style of pie you make, and even sweet versus savory pies, this book is a must-have for any pie enthusiast. 

It has simple instructions for how to carry out certain procedures central to pie-making like rolling dough and making fillings and also gives you some gluten-free alternatives. It comes complete with vivid photographs for reference, too! 

Note, though, that the cookbook also includes some narratives by the author. Some reviewers didn't really like the author's personal stories. Others thought that the book didn't give enough recipes. 

However, many reviewers raved about how this book really gives home bakers a great pie crust making foundation. Readers also loved that this cookbook is both informative and entertaining. The vivid photographs were a big hit too!


Barbara SwellThe Lost Art of Pie Making Made Easy


Keep it Basic With This Book's Classic Take on Pie

Pie making doesn't have to be complex and dynamic. This pie cookbook keeps things simple with its collection of classic pie recipes. The author of this book shares some pie-making secrets that were passed on to her by her grandmother. 

Not only does this book show you how to quickly make a pie, but it also gives you some old-timey pie recipes like Dutch Oven Apple Cherry, Vanilla Crumb, and even Fresh Raspberry pie. Readers also get some vintage photos and fun trivia. This includes some old superstitions about pie and even tips on how you can host your own pie contest. 

Some reviewers said that this book doesn't give beginners a very comprehensive introduction to the basics of pie-making. Others said it lacks details that would help make instructions more clear, especially to people new to the pie-making world. 

However, on the upside, readers liked the commentary of this book. Others appreciated its direct and simple take on making pies. Reviewers also really liked the humor and laid-back feel of this book.


Martha Stewart Living MagazineMartha Stewart's New Pies and Tarts


A Delicious Fusion of the Old and the New

This pie cookbook brings together the traditional and the modern when it comes to pie recipes. With 150 recipes that include savory and sweet pies, this book also gives pie enthusiasts a guide on how to make fillings and carry out common pie-making techniques. 

Its chapters are divided into different pie types such as classic pies, free-form pies, holiday pies, and savory pies. Besides this, readers also get tart recipes! Reviewers absolutely loved the wide range of pie recipes this pie cookbook provides. Many noted that it's perfect for both beginners and experienced pie makers. 

The straightforward recipes paired with the photos which made the recipes even easier to follow were a big hit among readers. Many reviewers also raved about how delicious their finished products were thanks to the great pie guide.


America's Test KitchenThe Perfect Pie


Perfect Your Pie Making With This Pie Cookbook

From crust to filling, this pie cookbook gives readers an in-depth guide on how to carry out pie-making techniques. By doing so, it helps pie makers perfect their craft. Besides covering pies, this book also covers tarts and galettes. 

After covering the basics like how to make the perfect pie crust and how to whip up the perfect meringue filling, this cookbook then moves on to more complex techniques like intricate decorating and designed slicing. Every chapter highlights a different type of pie or technique.

Reviewers really liked that the book is super detailed and that its pie-making tips were quite creative. Pie makers who got this book also said that the instructions and techniques are really easy to follow. The quality of the book, especially its print, was something many of the reviewers appreciated as well. The book also comes with a dustcover.


Andrew WebbMen's Pie Manual


A Rundown on Delicious British Pies With a Dash of Humor

Unless you live under a rock, then you know that men and women alike can bake pies. After all, the kitchen is a shared space. This pie cookbook helps men hone their pie-making skills in order to impress their family and friends (though obviously, you don't have to be a man to make these recipes).

This book doesn't just cover pie-making tools and equipment, but it also tackles how to make the perfect pastry and filling. It includes pie recipes as well as other dishes that the author considers to be close to a pie, such as sausage rolls and beef Wellingtons.

Reviewers noted that the book was originally written for a British audience, so some instructions and references such as temperature measurements may require some independent research. However, readers said that the cookbook is fun to read and that the instructions, recipes, and photo references are easy to follow.


Rachel Conners Bakerita


Healthy Recipes for a Variety of Special Diets

This pie cookbook makes sure that pie will be a close friend no matter your diet, thanks to its dairy, gluten, and refined sugar-free recipes. It also gives you recipes for other healthy sweet treats like cheesecake and scones, and all of the recipes can be made vegan, too!

Note though, that most of the recipes use almond flour, which is a common allergen. If you're allergic to nuts, then this pie cookbook isn't for you. 

Many reviewers loved that this book makes it much easier to enjoy a slice of pie because of the healthy alternative recipes. Others raved about how the book defies the stereotype that healthy food is tasteless. In fact, on the contrary, people said that the recipes turned out to be really delicious.


Karin Pfeiff-BoschekElegant Pie


Make Your Pies Look Elegant and Stunning

Pie making is an art all its own. It's one thing to make a pie taste delicious, and it's another to make it look elegant and stunning. This pie cookbook covers all of that, providing you with recipes and techniques that will help you decorate your pie. 

The book covers a total of 25 designs that are arranged according to their difficulty levels. Each of the methods is also backed by step-by-step picture references. 

Reviewers were absolutely delighted with this informative pie cookbook, with many of them raving about how the detailed instructions helped them to make beautiful pie masterpieces. Pie makers found the decorative techniques to be really well thought out. The stunning photographs by the author herself were also a big hit among reviewers!


Cathy BarrowPie Squared


No-Fuss Slab Pies That are Irresistable

A slab pie is shallow and is baked in a rectangular baking sheet, which makes it a no-fuss dish that is easy to serve to a group of people. This book gives you a collection of 75 slab pie recipes, including sweet and savory ones.

It also provides readers with decoration tips. The book also covers different kinds of pie crusts like cornbread, cookie, cracker, and even cheddar cheese crusts! Some reviewers said that the cookbook's recipes were too ambiguous, however. But many loved how this book helped them make the perfect potluck contribution

Readers like the writing style of the author as well as the special focus given to the pie crust. Many also said that the pies they made with this book were big hits during gatherings and potlucks.


Abigail Johnson DodgeMini Pies


Make Cute Little Pies With Your Electric Pie Maker

This pie cookbook, written for anyone who has an electric mini pie maker, guides readers into making the most delicious mini pies. It works around the 10-minute cooking time of an electric pie maker and gives you fruity, tangy and savory filling options to choose from.

Some reviewers found the mini pie recipes to be mediocre, and others said the guides aren't very helpful. However, readers who own an electric mini pie maker really appreciated how this book is made just for such small pies, as regular pie cookbooks have measurements that are significantly larger than those needed to make tiny pies.

Love the Kitchen? Check Out These Other Cookbooks!

If you love being in the kitchen and trying out new recipes, then give these cookbooks a look. They'll expand your palate for sure!

Top 5 Pie Cookbooks

No. 1Saura MadaniEasy as Pie

No. 2Kate McDermottArt of the Pie

No. 3Barbara SwellThe Lost Art of Pie Making Made Easy

No. 4Martha Stewart Living MagazineMartha Stewart's New Pies and Tarts

No. 5America's Test KitchenThe Perfect Pie

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