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10 Best Pizza Cutters in 2022 (Italian Chef-Reviewed)

Ready to dig into some hot, delicious pizza? It's time to break out a pizza cutter. But, some pizza cutters don't work well, leaving you with messy slices and perhaps even nicked fingers! In order to get that perfect, clean slice every time, we've researched the best pizza cutters available.

We picked the Jumbo Non-stick Wheel Cutter by Farberware as our favorite. It cuts different sizes and types of pizza neatly and is safe and easy for everyone to use. If you want to know more, don't forget to check the rest of our recommended products in our top 10 list, too! Then take a look at our buying guide for tips on choosing the right pizza cutter for you.

Last updated 09/26/2023
Danilo Specchiulli
Italian Chef
Danilo Specchiulli

Danilo is an Italian chef who has grown up cooking traditional dishes under his nonna and mamma's tutelage. He has also worked in Italian restaurants in various countries such as Australia and Japan. The skills he has acquired in a home and professional kitchen have enabled him to preserve and expound on Italian cuisine while dabbling in recipes from other cultures.

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Table of Contents

How to Choose Pizza Cutters

Although there are many types of pizza cutters, the goal is to find one that is safe to use and gives you the best results. Keep these four points in mind to help you choose!

① Decide Between Types of Pizza Cutters

There are three main types of pizza cutters: wheel cutters, mezzaluna cutters, and scissors. Each type offers different benefits and works great with certain types of pizza. 

Wheel Cutters Are Easy to Use for Beginners

Wheel Cutters Are Easy to Use for Beginners

Wheel cutters are the most popular type of pizza cutter in American homes. They are easy to use and don’t take up much storage space. The wheel sizes usually range from three to five inches in diameter.

One concern about these cutters is they might be a little difficult to clean since the sauce tends to get stuck in the wheel. However, they can be a good choice for someone who wants a portable tool that works with most types of pizza.

In general, they have a long handle; however, you can also find ones without a handle. A Long handle won't block your vision, so you can easily see where you’re cutting. If you like different styles of pizza, a cutter with a long handle is a versatile choice.

Handheld pizza cutters don't have handles; these usually come with a plastic or rubber blade cover to protect your fingers and hands. They're suitable for people who often eat thin-crust pizza or have limited storage space. Since they're compact, they're a perfect option for taking on the go, too!

Danilo Specchiulli
Italian ChefDanilo Specchiulli

When handling large or thick pizza, go for a wheel cutter because it can cover the entire surface. Also, if your pizza is a deep-dish type like Detroit pizza, match the wheel cutter's diameter to the depth of the pizza, or else you will end up with repeated attempts and a messy handle.

My main complaint with this type of pizza cutter is its durability. I've had the handle detaching from the blade, the wheel coming off the axle, and so on. After going through a handful of wheel cutters, I have found that stainless steel ones are the best. They might be more expensive, but they're definitely sharp and reliable enough to last through many slicing.

Mezzaluna Cutters Are Efficient for Feeding Large Families

Mezzaluna Cutters Are Efficient for Feeding Large Families

Mezzaluna cutters are also known as rocker cutters. The blade usually comes in the form of a half-moon with either one long handle or two handles on the sides. They usually have a 14-inch blade that can slice a pizza in a few simple cuts, saving a lot of time. The large blade is also perfect for cutting big pizzas. 

This type of cutter is also versatile. They can be used for mincing, slicing, and chopping, just like a regular knife. Although they take up more storage space, they’re easy to sharpen and clean. We recommend rocker cutters for large families, restaurants, and people who prefer multi-use tools.

Danilo Specchiulli
Italian ChefDanilo Specchiulli

Are you making multiple pizzas or feeding a large family? A mezzaluna is a versatile kitchen tool to have. You can go from chopping garlic, onions, and peppers for your pizza topping to slicing the pizza when it's done. What's more, you can achieve a clean slice in one swift action, regardless of how cheesy or thick your pizza might be. 

When it comes to efficiency in a kitchen, simplicity is key, and a mezzaluna is just that. It might look like a straightforward half-moon blade, but you can use it like a chef's knife and cover more ground with each rocking motion. You get more control over the consistency of your chopped ingredients like nuts and herbs that is difficult to achieve with a food processor. 

Cleanup is also a breeze. Grab a mezzaluna with two handles on each end since they're more comfortable to use, pair it with a large, indented chopping board, and you're good to go.

Scissors Are Great for Small, Thin Crust Pizzas

Scissors Are Great for Small, Thin Crust Pizzas

Unlike wheel cutters and rockers, you’re unable to make a full cut in one go with scissors. Thus, pizza scissors aren't suitable for large or deep-dish pizzas. However, if you like small, thin-crust, or Sicilian-style pizza, we highly recommend scissors!

Not all scissor blades can be sharpened, especially ones with unique designs. However, they're convenient, safe to use, and easy to clean. Plus, they’re a multi-purpose tool!

② Look for Anti-Slip Grips and Sharp Blades

The type of cutter isn't all that matters, of course. The material and features of the handle matter, as well as the most important part, the blade.

Grips Help Make Your Hold Comfortable and Safe

Grips Help Make Your Hold Comfortable and Safe

For safety and comfort, grips are one of the most important things to consider. Plastic grips are not durable and can easily slip around when cutting; however, they’re lightweight, cheap, and rust-resistant. Soft, ergonomic plastic grips give you extra comfort and control.

Rubber grips are slip-resistant, comfortable to hold, and dishwasher-safe, so we think these are one of the best options. Just keep in mind that even dishwasher-safe cutters can rust if left wet for too long!

Although wood and stainless steel grips can slip easily, they're durable, easy to clean, and usually come with simple designs that suit anyone. To find the best options, look for ones that are also rust-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and designed to fit comfortably in your palm.

Danilo Specchiulli
Italian ChefDanilo Specchiulli

I recommended stainless steel pizza cutters earlier for their durability. Adding on this concept, the handle should also be stainless steel if you plan on using it frequently and don't want to hand-wash the tool. Popping a wheel cutter with a wooden or plastic handle into a dishwasher will deteriorate faster. 

Stainless steel might be slippery when wet, so look for something with ridges or an ergonomically designed handle for better grip.

Sharp Blades for Easy Slicing

Sharp Blades for Easy Slicing

Another thing that you shouldn’t overlook is the blade. A sharp blade can save you time and give you the best performance. A dull blade, on the other hand, can result in uneven or incomplete pizza cuts, a lot of extra muscle effort, and can even pose a safety hazard if it slips.

To get a better idea about the blade sharpness, among other features, take a look at the customer reviews. They'll share all the pros and cons so you can reduce the risk of buying a subpar product online. 

③ Consider Ones With Extra Features

Consider Ones With Extra Features

When it comes to extra options, it all depends on your individual preferences. If convenience and safety are your main concerns, it's a good idea to choose a pizza cutter that comes with a blade case, locking blade cover, or a stand to keep your cutter securely stored.

A combo pizza cutter and server tool is an excellent choice for someone who prefers multi-functional products. If you don't want to buy separate pizza-making tools, consider a pizza tool set that includes a cutter, slicer, pizza stone, and pizza peel.

If you plan to buy a handle-free wheel cutter or scissors, we suggest getting a product that has a removable blade for easy cleaning. We also highly recommend looking for pizza cutters that come with a lifetime warranty!

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Best Pizza Cutters Ranking

Here are the best Pizza Cutters, ranked according to 10 Best Pizza Cutters (as of 11-04-2022). The products are ranked independently by mybest.
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Key features


Non-scratch Kitchen Shears

Farberware Non-scratch Kitchen Shears 1枚目

Best Classic Cutter for Thick Pies



Millennia Pizza Cutter

Winco Millennia Pizza Cutter 1枚目

Best Angled Blade for Deep Cuts



Non-Stick Pizza Cutter

Chrider Non-Stick Pizza Cutter 1枚目

Best Cutter and Server Set for Hosting Events



The Ultimate Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade

Kitchy The Ultimate Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade 1枚目

Best Wheel Cutter for Thin Crust Pizzas



Stainless Steel Round-Handle Pizza Cutter

Levinchy Stainless Steel Round-Handle Pizza Cutter 1枚目

Best Wheel Cutter for Safety


Checkered Chef

Alfrescamore Quick Cut Pizza Cutter

Checkered Chef Alfrescamore Quick Cut Pizza Cutter 1枚目

Best Mezzaluna for Large, Flaky-Crust Pizzas



Pizza Wheel

LeonYo Pizza Wheel 1枚目

Best Value Buy With Handy Grips for Ease of Cutting



Pizza Cutter Wheel

DreamFarm Pizza Cutter Wheel 1枚目

Best Scissors for Sicilian Pizza Lovers


Basik Kitchen

Pizza Cutter

Basik Kitchen Pizza Cutter 1枚目

Best All-Plastic Cutter for Kid-Friendliness



Steel Pizza Wheel

Cuisinart Steel Pizza Wheel 1枚目

Best Mezzaluna for All Your Pizza Needs

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FarberwareNon-scratch Kitchen Shears5258366

Non-scratch Kitchen Shears Image 1
Reference price

Best Classic Cutter for Thick Pies


  • Jumbo handle for easier grip 
  • Large blade for cutting deep dish and thick crust pizzas 
  • Finger guard for cleanliness and safety 
  • Very durable, lasting for years


  • Cannot use abrasive materials to clean

This traditional wheel cutter is a great addition to any kitchen. The non-stick coating and nearly four-inch blade are amazing for neatly slicing through thick, cheesy pies without making a mess. Reviewers love that the jumbo handle and blade are a perfect match for deep dish, large, and thick crust pizzas.

Cleaning is easy and this pizza cutter is dishwasher-safe. However, avoid abrasive materials like steel wool since they can scratch off the non-stick coating. Fortunately, Farberware includes a limited lifetime warranty if there are issues with the product. 

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WincoMillennia Pizza CutterB001CI714C

Millennia Pizza Cutter Image 1
Millennia Pizza Cutter Image 2
Millennia Pizza Cutter Image 3
Reference price

Best Angled Blade for Deep Cuts


  • Four-inch, sharp blade for a variety of pizza types
  • Hole for hanging on racks and hooks
  • Easy to clean
  • Downward blade angle deep dish and large pans
  • Blade can be removed and reattached via screwdriver


  • Small finger guards compared to the large blade

This classic cutter's four-inch angled blade gives you just a tad bit more leverage and ease when slicing through deep dish and thick crust pizzas. The simple, sturdy design is excellent for the layman and the professional, so whether or not you often make pies at home or not, this cutter is a great option.

Reviewers like that the product is dishwasher-safe and that the blade can be removed to clean the nooks and crannies. Some reviewers noted that the small finger guards can be an issue, so be careful when using this product. The angle of the blade serves to protect fingers from injuries and mess as well.


ChriderNon-Stick Pizza CutterB0828WCQL4

Non-Stick Pizza Cutter Image 1
Reference price

Best Cutter and Server Set for Hosting Events


  • Server is great for large events
  • Serrated edge of the server eliminates the need for knives
  • Handles are great for those who have difficulty gripping 
  • Rust-resistant
  • Handles are designed to be hung for easy storage


  • Lightweight design may not be suitable for thick slices or deep dish pizzas

This Chrider wheel cutter and server set is great for people that need a multi-purpose set to serve large groups. This set makes hosting mess-free and easy. Both the sharp wheel cutter and the serrated blade of the server cut neatly, reducing the need for knives.

Customers with difficulty holding items found the ergonomic handles to be comfortable. Many reviewers loved the dishwasher-safe, stainless steel material. A few found the lightweight design not as well suited for serving thick crust and deep-dish pizza slices. However, most reviewers appreciated the set's versatility


KitchyThe Ultimate Pizza Cutter Rocker BladeB019S3W8AO

The Ultimate Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade Image 1
Reference price

Best Wheel Cutter for Thin Crust Pizzas


  • Easy to hold and use 
  • Small size and blade cover make storage safe and easy  
  • Sturdy, with a sharp blade
  • Comes in three colors


  • Disassembly and reassembly can be difficult and dangerous 
  • Difficult to clean

This wheel cutter is a popular item because of its sharp blade and sturdy design. The Kitchy cutter cuts all pies well, but the handle's design gives users better leverage for cutting thin-crust pizzas with precision. The size of this beautifully designed product also makes it portable and easy to store. A retractable, locking blade cover is also included for safety.

While the handle comes apart for thorough washing, some reviewers noted that disassembly and reassembly can be challenging. The plastic casing opens up, so the blade must be removed carefully for cleaning. Children should not attempt to dismantle this wheel cutter. Despite this, the cutter is dishwasher-safe, rust-resistant, and easy to clean once it comes apart.


LevinchyStainless Steel Round-Handle Pizza CutterB07XC4JK55

Stainless Steel Round-Handle Pizza Cutter Image 1
Reference price

Best Wheel Cutter for Safety


  • Safety cover slides back and forth for safety
  • Safety cover locks in place 
  • Insured with warranty
  • Four-and-a-half-inch blade for thick crust and deep dish pizzas


  • Parts do not disassemble for cleaning 
  • Blade spins, potentially trapping food beneath the holder

This nifty pizza wheel has a sharp, four-and-a-half-inch blade that is perfect for slicing through deep dish and thick crust pizzas. There are also plenty of safety features, including a built-in plastic sheath that locks in place for safe use and storage. You'll never have to worry about losing the cover. 

Reviewers love the durability and sharpness of this pizza cutter. They also said that since the parts do not disassemble like other handle-less wheel cutters, cleaning can be difficult at first. Some reviewers have found that careful, thorough cleaning with soap and water works just as well. 


Checkered ChefAlfrescamore Quick Cut Pizza CutterSYNCHKG107178

Alfrescamore Quick Cut Pizza Cutter Image 1
Reference price

Best Mezzaluna for Large, Flaky-Crust Pizzas


  • Neat, clean cuts that don't displace cheese and toppings
  • Comes with a cover for safe storage 
  • Hole for hanging
  • Excellent customer service


  • Not suited for cutting soft crust pizzas. 
  • Too large for pizza pans under 14 inches

If you are a fan of large pizzas with flaky crusts, this is the pizza cutter for you! This sharp blade makes quick and neat cuts through toppings and flaky dough that preserves each slice. The lengthy blade also makes quick work of big pizzas, which is ideal for serving large groups.

Since it's quite big, it may not be suitable for those with limited storage space and works best on a flat surface. Reviewers said it's worth it for the sturdy, high-quality product. 


LeonYoPizza WheelB081R13K45

Pizza Wheel Image 1
Reference price

Best Value Buy With Handy Grips for Ease of Cutting


  • Both blades come with covers for safety and storage
  • Grip is excellent for people with difficulty holding items
  • Lightweight but sturdy design
  • Excellent customer service
  • Smaller size is great for most pizza pans, unlike standard-sized mezzalunas


  • Smaller sized mezzalunas may require more cuts for larger pizzas

The dual seven-inch blades are great for pies both thick and thin. The extra mezzaluna included in this deal is a must-have for people who travel often or frequently make pizza of various styles and sizes. The small size suits those with limited space. These pizza cutters have a simple, effective design for comfort and safety.

Mostly, reviewers loved that this product is a two-for-one deal: one for indoors, one for outdoors, one for on the go, or one for just in case. Though these mezzalunas are better for small and medium pies because they are half the size of standard mezzalunas, a few extra cutting motions will work for larger pies.


DreamFarmPizza Cutter WheelDFSC2010

Pizza Cutter Wheel Image 1
Reference price

Best Scissors for Sicilian Pizza Lovers


  • Includes a safety lock
  • Spatula shoe protects pans and cutting boards
  • Spatula shoe doubles as a server 
  • Can handle up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Blades do not separate for washing
  • Larger pizzas will take more time to cut

These Scizza scissors are excellent for Sicilian-style pizzas! The six-inch blade easily cuts through the spongy, lightweight crust of Sicilian pizzas. The handles also keep your fingers clean from these sauce-heavy pies. As a bonus, the spatula shoe works to protect your surfaces and serve your family and guests.

Reviewers said it also works well for thin-crust pizzas. Reviewers agreed that the scissors cut pizzas in short, simple snaps. While the scissor blades do not detach, they are still easy to clean and come with a locking feature for safety.


Basik KitchenPizza CutterB091P87F6R

Pizza Cutter Image 1
Reference price

Best All-Plastic Cutter for Kid-Friendliness


  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning
  • Plastic blade is a rust-free guarantee
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Small size may not be good for large pizzas or deep dish pizzas

This wheel cutter is one of the best all-plastic pizza cutters on the market. The petite blade is a great choice for small personal pies and thin-crust pizzas. You can easily remove the blade for quick, hassle-free washing in the sink or dishwasher. 

Most reviewers agreed that this pizza cutter is kid-friendly and takes up very little storage space. Because of the material, this pizza cutter cannot be sharpened like stainless steel alternatives. Despite this, many reviewers prefer this product for its safe handling and storage. 


CuisinartSteel Pizza WheelCPS-050

Steel Pizza Wheel Image 1
Reference price

Best Mezzaluna for All Your Pizza Needs


  • Large blade is great for cutting large pizzas and thick-crust pizzas 
  • Designed for safe storage on grill hooks and racks
  • Cleanly and neatly cuts through all the toppings


  • No blade cover
  • The large blade can be difficult to use for small pizza pans

This Mezzaluna is a cut above all of the rest because of the heavy, 15-inch blade. Pies of any style are swiftly cut with simple rocking motions. Small pizzas are not even an issue, despite the large blade, though a bit of angling is necessary for the best results.

Many reviewers love that the blade cuts smoothly and effortlessly, so no dragging the cheese and other toppings around the pizza! Additionally, a lot of reviewers liked the ergonomic rubber handle for grip and that it's dishwasher-safe.

How to Use Some Pizza Cutter Types, According to an Italian Chef

How to Use Some Pizza Cutter Types, According to an Italian Chef

Danilo says, "When grabbing a mezzaluna, make sure it comes with a blade protector to prolong the tool's life and keep others safe. I personally like the mezzaluna better than a wheel because you don't accidentally hurt yourself while rummaging through a kitchen drawer with your other tools. 

The next tool I prefer is scissors. If you're ever at a loss for something to cut pizza with, grab your kitchen scissors because these are incredibly handy in cutting thick or thin, cheesy and gooey, or any other type of pizza. You might not get a clean slice, but they get the job done."

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you've sorted out which pizza cutter to get, and maybe you haven't. The answer to this commonly asked question may solve your problems until you decide on the best pizza cutter for you!

What can I use instead of a pizza cutter?

In the event you don't already own a pizza cutter or you don't want to use the one you currently have anymore, there are alternatives! Like Danilo has said and we've suggested, scissors are a good option for thinner and smaller pizzas, though they may take a bit more time to snip through than using a wheel cutter or a mezzaluna.

You can also use a chef's knife, but you'll have to make sure the diameter matches the size of your pizza. This cutting method may work better for rectangle-shaped pizza rather than round ones since one side of the rectangle tends to be shorter than the other - think of homemade pizza you make on a standard cookie sheet.

Looking For Pizza Ingredients?

Want to make delicious pizza at home? Nothing beats being able to customize your own pizzas! Check out some of our favorite products below that can help you whip up some homemade pies. 

Amazon's Best Selling Pizza Cutters

If you're looking for your own best pizza cutter, you might not know where to start searching from. To find some great options with equally great reviews, check out Amazon's best sellers link below!

Buying Guide Reviewed by Expert Italian Chef Danilo Specchiulli

Danilo Specchiulli
Italian ChefDanilo Specchiulli

This expert reviewed the contents of the buying guide for accuracy and provided factual corrections when necessary, as well as extra tips and advice. They did not participate in the product selection process, nor are they affiliated with any of our choices unless explicitly stated so.

Top 5 Pizza Cutters

No. 1: Farberware | Non-scratch Kitchen Shears | 5258366

No. 2: Winco | Millennia Pizza Cutter | B001CI714C

No. 3: Chrider | Non-Stick Pizza Cutter | B0828WCQL4

No. 4: Kitchy | The Ultimate Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade | B019S3W8AO

No. 5: Levinchy | Stainless Steel Round-Handle Pizza Cutter | B07XC4JK55

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