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  4. 10 Best Women's Pea Coats in 2022 (ASOS, Reformation, and More)
  • 10 Best Women's Pea Coats in 2022 (ASOS, Reformation, and More) 1
  • 10 Best Women's Pea Coats in 2022 (ASOS, Reformation, and More) 2
  • 10 Best Women's Pea Coats in 2022 (ASOS, Reformation, and More) 3
  • 10 Best Women's Pea Coats in 2022 (ASOS, Reformation, and More) 4
  • 10 Best Women's Pea Coats in 2022 (ASOS, Reformation, and More) 5

10 Best Women's Pea Coats in 2022 (ASOS, Reformation, and More)

Looking to up your fashion game? Or are you just in the market for a unique outer layer? Either way, a pea coat is an excellent choice! These fashion staples have been around for centuries and don't seem to be going away anytime soon. Pea coats are an empowering, fashionable, and classic garment that can be as feminine or androgynous as you want.

Among the thousands of amazing options online, we narrowed the catalog down to our 10 favorite coats. Number one is the York Coat from Reformation. This is the ultimate classic pea coat but with a twist. It's made entirely of deadstock fabric, which means it's sustainable in more ways than one. Check out the rest of our recommendations on our top 10 list, and be sure to read the buying guide for helpful purchasing tips.

Last updated 2023/01/16
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Table of Contents

What Is a Pea Coat

What Is a Pea Coat

So, what is a pea coat? Its roots date back centuries; it was originally a functional garment for European and American sailors. Today, pea coats are now an ideal jacket for anybody as an elegant outfit topper.

Not only has the purpose of a pea coat evolved, but its style has as well! Nowadays, there are fewer rules to abide by when it comes to making a pea coat. Still, there are defining factors that most pea coats have in common: double-breasted or large collars and a woolen or wool-like composition.

Aside from those two common features, designers have taken this iconic garment and added their own flair, rejecting the one-style-fits-all mindset.

How to Choose a Women's Pea Coat - Buying Guide

Pea coats elevate any outfit, adding sophistication and style. People generally keep these garments for years, so we’re here to help you make a confident decision. 

① Decide How Important Fabric Composition is to You

Decide How Important Fabric Composition is to You

A classic pea coat is made of a wool blend. However, many designers have found ways to make these blends polyester-heavy or even entirely out of polyester to make more affordable coats.

The most common fabric combinations have a mix of wool and polyester, but you can certainly find pure wool or polyester coats; it all comes down to how strongly you feel about pure or blended compositions.

Wool-heavy or 100 percent wool compositions will feel nicer on your skin and will be better at keeping you warm. Polyester-heavy or 100 percent polyester compositions won’t feel as luxurious as wool. While polyester fabric will keep you warm, it will not be as heavy as wool.

Sherpa pea coats may look like wool, but they are actually usually made from polyester. Because of this, they probably won't be as warm as wool compositions, despite how fluffy they look, unless they have some added insulation. So, don’t be fooled by its wool-like look, and check the material information!

② Choosing a Classic or Statement Pea Coat

There are several styles to choose from, so we narrowed the range down to three major points: basic colors, unique colors, and patterns. Figure out whether you want a staple or statement piece, and we’ll help you choose which direction to go.

Pick Basic Colors for a Staple Piece

Pick Basic Colors for a Staple Piece

A classic pea coat is about knee-length and some variation of black, navy, brown, or gray. This type of coat has been in style for generations and won’t be considered unfashionable anytime soon. If you like your clothes simple or classic, this is the way to go.

Unique Colors Offer a Small Twist

Unique Colors Offer a Small Twist

When it comes to colors, you can go with a bright firetruck red, subtle pastel shade, or multi-colored design. Choosing a more unique tone is perfect if you want to stand out without wearing a pattern. 

Try Patterned Coats for a Big Statement

Try Patterned Coats for a Big Statement

Patterned coats are not as common, but they're a sure way to add style points to any outfit. Try florals, animal prints, or even textured patterns like sherpa. However, patterned doesn’t necessarily mean trendy; they can be classic too! Some classic patterns include plaid and houndstooth.

③ Look at the Pea Coat's Structure

In addition to a coat’s patterns and colors, its structure adds stylish elements. Examples include belts, structured double-breasts, waterfall-like unstructured double-breasts, shorter lengths, and long lengths. 

Belted Pea Coats Have a Trenchcoat Feel

Belted Pea Coats Have a Trenchcoat Feel

Belted structures are normally a trench coat feature, but they look great on thicker pea coats too! Pea coats can sometimes drown you in fabric, but built-in belts cinch your waist and show your figure.

Pick a Structured or Unstructured Double-Breast

Pick a Structured or Unstructured Double-Breast

A double-breast is an iconic pea coat feature. A structured double-breast is a more traditional look and is probably what comes to mind when you think of a pea coat. 

However, unstructured double-breasts are flowier, redefining the traditional pea coat structure. Which structure you choose depends on whether you want a traditional look or more of a revamped look.

Wear a Pelvis to Mid-Thigh Length for an Everyday Look

Wear a Pelvis to Mid-Thigh Length for an Everyday Look

A shorter pea coat is easy to wear as an everyday jacket. The length gives the coat a more casual vibe that's great if you want a fashionable extra layer to wear with jeans and a t-shirt.

Select Knee-Length or Longer Coats for an Elegant Flair

Select Knee-Length or Longer Coats for an Elegant Flair

An elongated pea coat adds elegance to any look. It's better suited for people looking to add some oomph to their outfits. A longer coat is a bit more versatile since it also looks great with casual outfits. You can even pair it with a sweatshirt!

10 Best Women's Pea Coats

Whether you want something classic or eye-catching, we've got a diverse selection of options to get you started on your search for the perfect pea coat!
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York Coat

Reformation York Coat 1枚目

The Perfect Sustainable Pea Coat



Source Top Coat

re-inc Source Top Coat 1枚目

A Gender-Inclusive Ethically-Made Coat


Marine Layer

Aspen Coat

Marine Layer Aspen Coat 1枚目

A Colorful and Elegant Pea Coat


L.L. Bean

Classic Lambswool Polo Coat

L.L. Bean Classic Lambswool Polo Coat 1枚目

A Woolly Dream for Plus-Sized Women



Waterfall Throw On Coat

ASOS Waterfall Throw On Coat 1枚目

A Uniquely Structured Coat


Free People

Adore You Wool Coat

Free People Adore You Wool Coat 1枚目

A Coat That's Oversized in All the Right Ways



Plush Lapel Collar Coat

Zara Plush Lapel Collar Coat 1枚目

A Cardigan-Like Pea Coat


cupcakes and cashmere

Vera Coat

cupcakes and cashmere Vera Coat 1枚目

A Statement Coat for Pattern-Lovers



Lapel Collar Dual Pockets Teddy Coat

Shein Lapel Collar Dual Pockets Teddy Coat 1枚目

A Warm Teddy Bear Pea Coat



Houndstooth Vest

Zara Houndstooth Vest 1枚目

Dress Outside the Box With a Vest

Product details

ReformationYork Coat


The Perfect Sustainable Pea Coat

This coat takes the iconic features of a women's pea coat and renders them together. It's available in three neutral colors. Plus, it's made of leftover fabrics from other companies, making it a sustainable option.

This coat, however, seems to focus more on style than warmth. While it is comprised of some wool, the highest fabric percentage is polyester, which is not as warm. This coat best suits "cold-ish" weather and can be worn with casual jeans or a fancy jumpsuit.


re-incSource Top Coat


A Gender-Inclusive Ethically-Made Coat

This coat takes on a unique design that strays from feminine or masculine silhouettes. It's structured for people of all styles and genders. It has a wider size range, too! It also features a mountain design on the inside back panels for a special touch. Plus, its seams are hand-sewn.

Its mid-thigh length gives this coat a more casual vibe, making this a great streetwear piece. Since this coat is cotton and wool-heavy, it's better for colder weather! Paired with a hoodie, you'll stay warm on your whole way over to the grocery store. 


Marine LayerAspen Coat


A Colorful and Elegant Pea Coat

While the term colorful is not often used in the context of elegant, this coat certainly disproves the idea that the two don't belong together. It features a colorful plaid with muted tones that suits all ages.

This coat is part of Marine Layer's "Respun" collection, which takes donated clothes and spins them into brand new garments! Don't be fooled by the 100% polyester mix, though; this coat is still incredibly warm due to the coat's thickness. The longer length will also keep warmth from escaping and chilliness from entering.

Some reviewers note that the coat runs slightly large. However, most reviewers are satisfied with the sizing and feel this coat is a beautiful mix between fun and professional! Many people also note that this coat keeps them warm in most weather conditions.


L.L. BeanClassic Lambswool Polo Coat


A Woolly Dream for Plus-Sized Women

This luxurious and warm coat features a traditional composition of pure wool. The classic double-breast, large buttons, padded shoulders, and knee-length make this a great option for plus-sized women who like to keep it simple and elegant.

This coat is built to keep you warm in temperatures ranging from minute 20 to 30 degrees, depending on your activity level. This coat has a relaxed fit that allows for layering

Some reviewers don't like the padded shoulders and think that they are bulky. However, most reviewers love the quality, style, and warmth of this coat. Some reviewers even report owning several!


ASOSWaterfall Throw On Coat


A Uniquely Structured Coat

Instead of the standard structured buttons and double-breast, this coat takes on a relaxed aesthetic. The oversized collar and drop shoulders are two key features in achieving this look.

This coat functions best as an everyday casual coat. It won't be particularly warm due to the thin polyester-based fabric, but it will keep you comfortable while running daily errands. The lack of structure makes this coat easy to wear with any type of outfit.

Pair this coat with black jeans and a black t-shirt to achieve an effortlessly chic look. For a more dressed-up monochrome style, pair this coat with a white or cream-colored sweater and slacks.


Free PeopleAdore You Wool Coat


A Coat That's Oversized in All the Right Ways

This coat's oversized fit isn't only stylish, but it also allows for mobility and layering. The classic pea coat structure is still present, making it great for people with a simple yet unique style!

The fabric composition differs according to the color, but all colors are made of at least 50 percent wool for added warmth. It comes in camel, heather gray, sand, and one unique heathered plum shade.

A few reviewers did not enjoy the fabric. Most reviewers, however, like the oversized fit. Some sized down for a slightly more fitted look. Many customers also like that it's easy to layer with this coat.


ZaraPlush Lapel Collar Coat


A Cardigan-Like Pea Coat

The looser fit and lack of buttons on this coat create a cardigan-like feel. This garment gives you a fancier alternative to an everyday cardigan. It's is great for when you want to elevate your outfit without much effort.

Just like a cardigan, however, this coat is probably not sufficient on its own for harsher weather conditions. This coat will likely fare best around springtime. Wear this coat with corduroy pants and a cropped t-shirt for a casually elegant outfit! 

The cotton in this coat is at least 50 percent ecologically-grown, so you can also support more sustainable clothing manufacturing processes.


cupcakes and cashmereVera Coat


A Statement Coat for Pattern-Lovers

If you're looking for a coat as expressive as you, this might be the answer to your prayers! The striped pattern and orange shades create a bold yet elegant energy.

The fuzzy finish adds to the unique build of this coat. However, its traditional pea coat structure balances out the bold pattern, making this a beautiful special occasion coat


SheinLapel Collar Dual Pockets Teddy Coat


A Warm Teddy Bear Pea Coat

The pea coat structure of this coat makes the sherpa fabric more business-appropriate, which means you can officially go to work dressed in a blanket! This coat is super versatile; you can wear it dressed in sweats or paired with a blouse and slacks. While the coat has a standard length, you can size up for an oversized fit. 

Some reviewers wish the fabric were thicker. However, many reviewers say this coat being is quite warm and cozy, which means it's as comfortable as it looks!


ZaraHoundstooth Vest


Dress Outside the Box With a Vest

This vest is a modernized version of a classic pea coat. It has all of the bearings of a traditional pea coat, but this designer thought outside the box by simply removing the sleeves

The vest allows for more mobility, and it's a worthy outerwear alternative when it's not too chilly. The houndstooth pattern and classic pea coat features make this garment feel more elegant. 

This vest looks classy paired with a turtleneck and knee-high boots, like in the product photo, creating a dress-like effect. Alternatively, you could wear this vest with a white button-up and black jeans for a more business-appropriate look.

Look Chic from Head to Toe

If you're in the process of building your wardrobe, you're in luck! Here are some other pieces that will complement your new coat.

Top 5 Women's Pea Coats

No. 1ReformationYork Coat

No. 2re-incSource Top Coat

No. 3Marine LayerAspen Coat

No. 4L.L. BeanClassic Lambswool Polo Coat

No. 5ASOSWaterfall Throw On Coat

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