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  • 6 Best Toilet Lights in 2022 (LumiLux and More) 1
  • 6 Best Toilet Lights in 2022 (LumiLux and More) 2
  • 6 Best Toilet Lights in 2022 (LumiLux and More) 3
  • 6 Best Toilet Lights in 2022 (LumiLux and More) 4
  • 6 Best Toilet Lights in 2022 (LumiLux and More) 5

6 Best Toilet Lights in 2022 (LumiLux and More)

Ever hit your toe on the bathroom counter corner thinking you have arrived at the toilet for a midnight trip? But while you desire visibility, turning on the lights might wake you up. Fortunately, there are toilet lights to help with the situation. 

We've searched for the best toilet lights, and LumiLux's version has taken the top spot for its versatility and multiple brightness controls. On top of the nine other toilet lights for your consideration, we've also attached a buying guide to help pick the best one for your bathroom. 

Last updated 09/26/2023
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Table of Contents

Why Get a Toilet Light?

Why Get a Toilet Light?

While it’s pretty straightforward to turn on the bathroom light to use the toilet, the sudden blast of brightness during the middle of the night can be an annoyance. Instead, the soft and soothing glow of a toilet light will let you handle your business without fully waking up.

Having a toilet light also means guidance, acting like a bull’s-eye, and minimizing late-night misses. A toilet light eliminates the need to keep the bathroom light or separate night light on all night, thus saving energy.

With a toilet light, you can often choose different colors to fit your mood or make potty training more fun. Some toilet lights come with a built-in deodorizer and UV light mechanism that keeps your bathroom smelling fresh and sanitized every time it turns on.

How to Choose Toilet Lights

You might be at a loss as to the type of toilet light to get and the specific features it should have. The following buying guide should get you started on the best toilet light to get for your bathroom. 

① Check the Installation Process

The installation is perhaps one of the most crucial considerations to a toilet light. It should fit and stay on your toilet bowl securely so you can use it conveniently. 

The Right Size Based on Existing Fixtures

The Right Size Based on Existing Fixtures

Most toilet lights are placed on the toilet bowl rim for easy installation. You simply bend the flexible arm and snap it into place. So, first consider your toilet bowl, because not all are manufactured the same size. Some have wider edges, while others have shallow rims.

In case you can’t find any details on the adjustable arm, head on over to the product reviews as customers will often confirm its length. The rest of the mechanism sits on the outside of the bowl and often protrudes a few inches outwards.

If space is an issue or other fixtures may block the light’s installation, you might consider placing it more in the front area, but this could risk hindering your experience using the toilet. We recommend reading through the product description and overall dimensions to ensure a seamless fit with your existing toilet bowl.

Stiff Arm for a Secure Fit

Stiff Arm for a Secure Fit

The addition of a toilet light with an adjustable arm means that it adds extra height under your toilet seat. If your seat doesn’t have stoppers, it could result in uneven seating.

Furthermore, users of toilet lights with flexible arms note that applying pressure on the seat can cause the arm to retract and come loose. This means frequent adjustments.

With that in mind, check if the flexible arm is stiff and can withstand that kind of pressure. Other models have a built-in suction cup at the back of the main casing to keep the light secure during use. 

② Look for Motion and Light Sensor Features

Look for Motion and Light Sensor Features

Toilet lights are meant to help you enter and exit the bathroom safely in the middle of the night without having to turn on the lights fully. With that said, they should operate with minimal supervision.

Most toilet lights should have motion and light sensors that detect body heat and movement to automatically illuminate the bowl when you step close to the sensor. A dual sensor also helps your device to only turn on when needed, such as during an absence of light and the presence of motion

We recommend checking how responsive the motion detection is. The best toilet light can be activated from as far as 18 feet away, so your toilet will be well lit before you even get near. Furthermore, it should stay on until you are out of sight so you can exit the bathroom safely as well.

Some models offer different brightness settings according to preferences, so you don’t get woken up too much in the middle of the night.

③ Ensure Waterproofing and Efficient Charging Capabilities

When it comes to power, most toilet lights use disposable batteries, although a few are rechargeable to limit battery waste. One that is waterproof also makes cleaning the unit easier and heightens the overall safety of the product. 

Waterproof for Safety and Hygiene

Waterproof for Safety and Hygiene

Because the light will be placed near a water source, it must be at least water-resistant or waterproof to ensure the safety of use. IPX, or Ingress Protection, ratings are placed on a device to know how well it can keep stuff out, whether dust, water, or dirt. The X means a product hasn't been certified to give protection against dust specifically.

The levels go from IPX0 to IPX8, which is the highest protection against complete and continuous submersion. Therefore, an IPX6 rating means a toilet light can withstand water splashing, while an IPX7 rating could even be washed under the sink for cleaning.

Manufacturers should confirm in their product description if the light can adequately withstand water's splashing when flushing or cleaning. This is important not just for use, but toilet lights should also be easy to clean through a quick rinse or wipe because they can harbor bacteria from the toilet bowl. 

Efficient Energy Options to Save Power

Efficient Energy Options to Save Power

Toilet lights may use disposable batteries or have a built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The latter typically needs only one charge through a USB cable to last up to two months of use, making these a sustainable choice.

Meanwhile, disposable battery-operated ones mean you will always have a toilet light because you don’t need to take extra time to charge the batteries as long as you have some readily available for replacement.

To keep your toilet light battery lasting longer, consider those with an automatic shut-off feature. Make sure it won't shut off too quickly when you haven't finished your business. Some models have an additional low-battery indicator to let you know in advance that it’s time to recharge or replace batteries while the device is not in use.

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Best Toilet Lights Ranking

Here are the best Toilet Lights, ranked according to 6 Best Toilet Lights (as of 11-04-2022). The products are ranked independently by mybest.
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Key features


Toilet Light

LumiLux  Toilet Light 1枚目

A Colorful Toilet Light With Multiple Dimmer Controls



Toilet Night Light

Oaker Toilet Night Light 1枚目

Auto Turn On and Off Toilet Light Set



Rechargeable Toilet Bowl Night Light

Witshine Rechargeable Toilet Bowl Night Light 1枚目

Quick Recharge Toilet Light



Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

Maz-Tek Motion Activated Toilet Night Light 1枚目

Easy-Install Toilet Light With an Unobtrusive Design




GlowBowl Fresh 1枚目

Night Light System With Added Air Freshener



Toilet Night Light

IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light 1枚目

Light System That Also Fights Bacteria

Product details
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LumiLux Toilet Light

 Toilet Light Image 1
Reference price

A Colorful Toilet Light With Multiple Dimmer Controls

This battery-operated toilet light features five stages of brightness and 16 color options to suit your preferences. It has a flexible arm secure enough to be placed in other areas such as the toilet paper holder. You get dual light and motion sensors for accurate operation when you need guidance. 

A few reviewers noted issues with the light after a few battery replacements. Some also experienced the flexible arm slipping off. Still, the light was a hit among families who noted the motion sensor is sensitive and responsive. They liked the bright colors and flat design of the arm, which doesn't lift the toilet seat. 

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OakerToilet Night Light3 pack

Toilet Night Light Image 1
Reference price

Auto Turn On and Off Toilet Light Set

The LED of this toilet light has just the right brightness to guide you without waking you up at night. It has an auto shut-off feature to conserve batteries and a button to change color settings. You also get three units so you can provide night lights in the master, guest, and kids' bathrooms

According to a few users, the device was too light and would fall off when the seat is lifted. They thought that the flexible arm should be longer so it stays on more securely.

Still, it was easy to use for many and bright enough for convenient toilet trips. Reviewers noted the motion detector worked well and the product could be used for other purposes. 


WitshineRechargeable Toilet Bowl Night Light

Rechargeable Toilet Bowl Night Light Image 1
Reference price

Quick Recharge Toilet Light

This rechargeable toilet light can be used for up to two months on one charge and fits most toilets. There are 16 color options and five brightness levels to choose from, plus an IPX67-rated waterproof design for safe use and cleaning.

A few reviewers had a flickering issue with the LED. The instruction manual was also not easy to comprehend for some. Still, many liked the bright and cheerful colors, saying it was like having a disco in the bathroom. The device can hold up well against splashes and worked great for hitting the bullseye, added others. 


Maz-TekMotion Activated Toilet Night Light

Motion Activated Toilet Night Light Image 1
Reference price

Easy-Install Toilet Light With an Unobtrusive Design

This toilet light has an unobtrusive, round turtle design that matches the toilet bowl's round shape. You can even choose among three shell colors. The device comes with all the works: dual sensors, 16 color combinations, and five brightness levels.

It also has a wide 120-degree radius in picking up motion.

Reviewers shared it lit up the whole bathroom on its highest setting and many thought it was better than most brands. The device has good motion detection and was easy to clean thanks to it being waterproof at IPX6. 



Fresh Image 1
Reference price

Night Light System With Added Air Freshener

What's better than a toilet light for guidance? One with a built-in air freshener slot that comes with two refills to keep your toilet area smelling clean, too! This has 13 color options and five brightness levels, plus it utilizes dual sensors for light and motion. It will deactivate as soon as light is detected to save battery life. 

For some, the light turned off too quickly, or the product stopped functioning altogether. Meanwhile, others enjoyed the color options and brightness of the product, noting it made going to the bathroom exciting. They added that the light could be hung anywhere.


IllumiBowlToilet Night Light

Toilet Night Light Image 1
Reference price

Light System That Also Fights Bacteria

You can rely on this toilet light to only work in the dark, so you get more out of the batteries. It features nine different color settings, including one color cycle and three brightness levels. You can also rely on the strong, flexible arm to fit most toilet bowls. 

The durability of the product was an issue for some users. One noted that kids using the toilet tend to push the night light out of place, while others noted that falling off was common.

Still, many found it a useful tool to have in the bathroom. They added that the motion sensor was reliable and the current version has been improved from its predecessor. 

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No. 2: Oaker | Toilet Night Light | 3 pack

No. 3: Witshine | Rechargeable Toilet Bowl Night Light

No. 4: Maz-Tek | Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

No. 5: GlowBowl | Fresh

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