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  • 10 Best No-Pull Dog Harnesses in 2022 (PetSafe and More) 1
  • 10 Best No-Pull Dog Harnesses in 2022 (PetSafe and More) 2
  • 10 Best No-Pull Dog Harnesses in 2022 (PetSafe and More) 3
  • 10 Best No-Pull Dog Harnesses in 2022 (PetSafe and More) 4
  • 10 Best No-Pull Dog Harnesses in 2022 (PetSafe and More) 5

10 Best No-Pull Dog Harnesses in 2022 (PetSafe and More)

Does your dog pull a lot while walking on a leash? Or do you have a new puppy or older rescue dog that needs some leash training? A no-pull dog harness could be your answer! While these harnesses come in a variety of styles and fabrics, they help you get better control over your dog while you work on leash training, and they can prevent injuries to your dog's neck from pulling. 

If you're unfamiliar with no-pull dog harnesses, our 10 best list will give you some ideas of where to start. Our number one pick, Eagloo's No-Pull Walking Dog Harness, combines several key features and comes in sizes for small, medium, and large dogs. And even if you've already tried harnesses with your dog but haven't found one that works, our buying guide will give you some more tips and direction on finding the best one for your needs. Read on to learn more.   

Last updated 09/26/2023
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Why Do I Need a No-Pull Harness?

Why Do I Need a No-Pull Harness?

Many dog owners use harnesses instead of attaching leashes to collars because the dogs pull or know how to slip out of their collars. No-pull dog harnesses are a great way to aid in training dogs to stop pulling and correct unwanted behaviors while walking, such as veering off the path or chasing prey.

No-pull dog harnesses also eliminate pressure from the dog's neck and windpipe, reducing the chance of choking or serious injury. Harnesses ensure that pressure is evenly distributed across the dog's torso with correct handling and training.

How to Choose No-Pull Dog Harnesses

Whether this is your first time selecting a no-pull dog harness or you need to look for a better option, you'll want to consider how your dog behaves while walking on leash. It's good to take into account the main characteristics of your dog's breed or breed mix. 

Consider how much energy your dog exhibits while walking, and whether your dog tends to get excited when seeing other dogs, people, or prey like bunnies and squirrels. Most importantly, take a look at your dog's size, shape, and measurements. You may also want additional features like reflective materials if you walk at night. 

① Evaluate Your Dog's Leash and Walking Behaviors

Evaluate Your Dog's Leash and Walking Behaviors

If you have a large or strong dog that pulls a lot, you'll typically need a no-pull harness that is considered "heavy-duty" or made of stronger materials. These materials can include reinforced stitching, Oxford fabric and nylon, and military-grade or double high-density nylon.

On the other hand, smaller breeds that aren't as strong or prone to distractions can get by with less durable harnesses. These tend to be made of mesh or nylon straps that are not as thick.

Dog breeds like terriers and schnauzers that can become highly distracted and have strong prey drives are more likely to need harnesses with dual-control options. This includes rings that are attached to the front and back of the harness.

The front ring is better for controlling pulling if you have a larger dog or a dog that pulls a lot. Back rings offer less pull control but can be used more once the dog's pull behaviors start to subside.

When the back and front rings are used simultaneously, you gain additional control over the dog's pulling. It is good for training dogs new to walking on leashes.

② Consider Your Dog's Size and Shape

Consider Your Dog's Size and Shape

Before you buy a dog harness, look at each manufacturer's size and fit charts for guidance. Each type of harness can fit differently. 

First, you'll want to measure your dog's lower neck and chest. You'll also want to measure around each point on your dog's torso. Be sure to leave enough room to fit two fingers between where the harness will sit and your dog's body. 

You can take measurements with a soft measuring table or string and a ruler. Keep in mind that recommendations and ranges according to weight can be inaccurate. Since dog breeds have different builds, the same size can fit smaller dogs with stockier builds and larger dogs with slimmer shapes.

If you're unsure or nervous about choosing the right size, you can ask your vet or a dog trainer. They can help you determine the best fit and strap adjustments. 

③ Look for Features That Cater to Unique Needs

Look for Features That Cater to Unique Needs

If your dog is new to harnesses, it can take some time and training to walk them in one. Harnesses that secure in the front or have front clips are better, since you'll have more control over your dog's movements and behaviors. You can also give more corrective training and direction while out on walks.

Gentle Leaders are a good option for dogs that need more correction. These are head collars that fit over the dog's nose and neck, applying soft pressure on areas that signal your pet to remain calm and stop pulling. However, it is best to first consult your veterinarian or a dog trainer on how to use it safely.  

Harnesses made of lightweight mesh and breathable material can be better if you're taking your dog out in warmer weather. These types of materials are also good for dogs with neck injuries or younger dogs with growing bodies, such as puppies younger than one.

If you walk your dog at night or in the early morning hours, you'll probably want reflective materials. There are even harnesses that come with LED lights for maximum brightness and visibility. This can help you stand out to drivers in high-density or busy neighborhoods.

If you want to attach your dog's identification tags, look for harnesses that have secure holders for ID tags.

Also, if you have a dog that is prone to chewing on straps, you might want to consider step-in and padded harnesses with wider front straps. These harnesses tend to be more difficult for dogs to chew on. Alternatively, you can look for harnesses with chew guarantees.   

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Best No-Pull Dog Harnesses Ranking

Here are the best No-Pull Dog Harnesses, ranked according to 10 Best No-Pull Dog Harnesses (as of 11-04-2022). The products are ranked independently by mybest.
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Key features


No-Pull Dog Harness

Eagloo No-Pull Dog Harness 1枚目

All the Best Features in a Padded Harness



Easy Walk Dog Harness

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness 1枚目

Recommended by Veterinarians and Trainers



Gentle Leader Headcollar

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar  1枚目

Gently Redirect to Control Bad Behavior



Truelove Soft Front Dog Harness

Juxzh Truelove Soft Front Dog Harness 1枚目

Ergonomic and Comfortable Design



Big Dog Harness

Babyltrl Big Dog Harness 1枚目

Good for Stocky or Wide-Chested Dogs


2 Hounds Design

Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness

2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness 1枚目

Good Option for No-Pull Training



Tactical Dog Harness

Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness  1枚目

Built for Service Dogs


The Company of Animals

Halti No-Pull Harness

The Company of Animals Halti No-Pull Harness 1枚目

Comfort for Your Dog and Control for You



No-Pull Sport Harness

ThinkPet No-Pull Sport Harness 1枚目

Good for High-Energy Dogs



Tru-Fit Smart Harness

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness 1枚目

Dog Harness for Walks and Car Rides

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EaglooNo-Pull Dog Harness

No-Pull Dog Harness Image 1
Reference price

All the Best Features in a Padded Harness

Eagloo's no-pull dog harness has two metal rings. One is in front for training and the other is in the back for more casual walks. It has breathable padding for your dog to be comfortable in all types of weather and reflective straps for safety at night and during early morning walks.

There were some reviewers that complained of straps and clips breaking within a few weeks or months of use. A couple of others experienced problems with their dogs being able to slip out or nearly slip out of the harness.

A greater proportion of reviewers were impressed with the durability and strength of the harness. They liked that it was easily adjustable and that the harness helped them control their active or high-energy dogs.  

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PetSafeEasy Walk Dog Harness

Easy Walk Dog Harness Image 1
Reference price

Recommended by Veterinarians and Trainers

Created by a veterinary behaviorist, PetSafe's no-pull harness allows you to control and redirect your dog's slight to moderate pulling. It's also backed by a one-year no chew replacement guarantee. There are quick-snap buckles that fit along your dog's shoulders and underbelly. 

One of the problems reviewers experienced was chafing and sore spots under the front legs of their dogs. The next biggest complaint was that the harness did not work as well with high-energy or short-legged breeds.

More reviewers were pleased that using the harness helped them correct pulling behavior in their dogs. There were pleased that their dogs started responding to commands and correcting their unwanted behavior. 


PetSafeGentle Leader Headcollar

Gentle Leader Headcollar  Image 1
Reference price

Gently Redirect to Control Bad Behavior

The Gentle Leader fits around your dog's nose and neck to help you train him or her to stop pulling and going after prey. By applying slight pressure without causing pain, this head collar will correct unwanted behaviors. However, your dog will still be able to move freely, vocalize, and play.

If you have a dog with excessive anxiety or excitability, the Gentle Leader is a good training tool. With proper techniques, the mild pressure from the collar can help calm your pet down

The most frequent problem reviewers encountered was the clip breaking. Some that tried the head collar were also not able to fully secure the clasp.

Quite a few reviewers noticed a drastic change in their dogs' walking behaviors. They stated that the Gentle Leader prevented their dogs from pulling. The collar was especially helpful for dogs that needed training, were larger, or exhibited "take-charge" conduct on walks.   


JuxzhTruelove Soft Front Dog Harness

Truelove Soft Front Dog Harness Image 1
Reference price

Ergonomic and Comfortable Design

With a multi-functional and comfortable harness like this, you can go on long, casual walks or conduct training sessions with your dog. It has a padded mesh lining that provides extra support and breathability. It comes equipped with a grip handle and back and front rings. In addition, there's reflective stitching for safety at dawn and dusk. 

The biggest problems reviewers stated were related to fit, saying the sizing chart may not be accurate. A few noticed sores on their dogs, and a handful complained that the buckles and clips broke.

A lot of reviewers liked that the front ring meant that they were able to train or control breeds like boxers. Quite a few people appreciated its versatility, indicating it worked well for casual walks and situations that called for more heavy-duty restraint


BabyltrlBig Dog Harness

Big Dog Harness Image 1
Reference price

Good for Stocky or Wide-Chested Dogs

If you have a schnauzer, bulldog, pit bull terrier, or large breed dog like a Great Dane, consider this harness. It's designed to fit pets with wider or stockier builds while evenly distributing pressure during exercise. Features include a sturdy grip handle and adjustable, reflective straps. The buckles can lock into place for additional security. 

There were a group of reviewers who complained of broken straps, clips, and the wearing away of straps that held the rings. Others noticed the straps were difficult to adjust to fit their dogs snugly and they were able to back out of the harness.

Many reviewers found that the padding kept their dogs comfortable and their dog didn't seem to mind wearing the harness for extended periods. They also liked the ability to switch between the front and back rings, as well as the reflective materials. 


2 Hounds DesignFreedom No-Pull Dog Harness

Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness Image 1
Reference price

Good Option for No-Pull Training

Featuring a martingale loop with tightening action in the back and a connection in the front, 2 Hounds Design's harness is an excellent way to train your dog. Another great feature of this harness is that it has a chewing warranty. It also offers four adjustment points, so it's less likely to cause chafing when you fit it correctly.

There were a group of reviewers that expressed disappointment that their dogs continued to pull while using this harness. However, more reviewers found the harness to be helpful and appreciated the durability of the materials. They thought the harness fit their dogs well and was comfortable for their dogs to wear. 


RabbitgooTactical Dog Harness

Tactical Dog Harness  Image 1
Reference price

Built for Service Dogs

This harness is designed for service dogs and is great for dogs that accompany their owners on hikes, too. Both sides have Velcro to attach and carry water bottles, pouches, and other types of gear. The 1050D nylon and stitching are tough, making this suitable for breeds like golden retrievers, German shepherds, labs, and huskies. 

The problem reviewers mentioned the most was that the clips seemed to unsnap too easily. Other problems some people mentioned were straps coming loose or undone and having to re-tighten or adjust the straps.

A greater proportion of reviewers were impressed with how sturdy and durable the materials were. They liked that this harness seemed to work better for larger dogs than other brands.  


The Company of AnimalsHalti No-Pull Harness

Halti No-Pull Harness Image 1
Reference price

Comfort for Your Dog and Control for You

The Halti provides your dog with comfortable leg and chest padding, while also giving you a unique combination of front control and lifting action in the back that can stop pulling more quickly. The chest panel does not slide back and forth when your pet pulls. Reflective stitching makes your dog more visible during early morning or late evening walks.

A handful of reviewers thought the harness was not durable and their dog's pulling stretched it out. Another group of buyers that had overly excitable or larger dogs found that the harness was not effective at preventing pulling.

More reviewers liked that the harness was comfortable for their dogs to wear. They found that it was easy to put on and take off. Some also appreciated that the padding prevented chafing on their dogs. 


ThinkPetNo-Pull Sport Harness

No-Pull Sport Harness Image 1
Reference price

Good for High-Energy Dogs

This no-pull dog harness has some extra sturdy and thoughtful features for pets that get more excited about going on walks. The clip hook is made of zinc alloy for extra strength. There are also buckles that can lock into place to deter escape artists. 

If you're walking in warmer weather, the vented padding provides comfort and breathability. For grabbing or restraining your dog in unexpected scenarios, there is a padded handle on top. 

The most common complaints were some dogs could slip out of the harness and it was difficult to adjust the straps. More purchases liked the sturdiness of the top handle and said that their dogs seemed to be comfortable wearing the harness. They also say once it's adjusted the single clip makes it easy to put on.


KurgoTru-Fit Smart Harness

Tru-Fit Smart Harness Image 1
Reference price

Dog Harness for Walks and Car Rides

With five different adjustment points, this dog harness is good for owners who are unsure about fit. The harness slips over your pet's head and has reflective trim for safety. The chest portion is padded to give your dog extra comfort while removing stress from the neck. Included with the harness is a 10-inch seat belt loop

A problem reviewers encountered was the harness not staying in place or coming loose. But many reviewers liked using the seat belt attachment with the harness. They found it worked well for keeping their pets secure during car rides. Others liked being able to slip the harness over their dogs' heads and the dual control clips. 

More Helpful Supplies for Your Furry Friend

Taking care of your best friend involves more than walking and training. From grooming to indoor play, here are some items to make dogs and their owners happy.   

Top 5 No-Pull Dog Harnesses

No. 1: Eagloo | No-Pull Dog Harness

No. 2: PetSafe | Easy Walk Dog Harness

No. 3: PetSafe | Gentle Leader Headcollar

No. 4: Juxzh | Truelove Soft Front Dog Harness

No. 5: Babyltrl | Big Dog Harness

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