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  • 10 Best White Sneakers for Women in 2022 (Nike, adidas, and More) 1
  • 10 Best White Sneakers for Women in 2022 (Nike, adidas, and More) 2
  • 10 Best White Sneakers for Women in 2022 (Nike, adidas, and More) 3
  • 10 Best White Sneakers for Women in 2022 (Nike, adidas, and More) 4
  • 10 Best White Sneakers for Women in 2022 (Nike, adidas, and More) 5

10 Best White Sneakers for Women in 2022 (Nike, adidas, and More)

White sneakers have stood the test of time as a wardrobe staple, having been part of popular fashion for decades. Whether you're sporting a summer body-con dress or baggy jeans and an oversized sweater, white sneakers can be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. No matter the weather, season, or location, white sneakers can fare well in most situations.

Of the thousands of white sneakers on the internet, we narrowed the choices down to our favorite 10. Our number one pick goes to the Esplar 3 Locks from Veja. These shoes make life simpler with their Velcro straps and largely natural materials. Look through the rest of our list, including Air Jordans and classic Vans, to see which sneakers you like best!

Last updated 09/26/2023
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How to Choose White Sneakers for Women - Buying Guide

Finding the right white sneakers can be a daunting task. Across the many brands and white sneaker models within each brand, it can seem impossible to choose just one. Here are some things you should consider before purchasing a pair that will help you narrow down your options!

① Choose Between Trendy and Timeless

Choose Between Trendy and Timeless

When it comes to white sneakers, you can go trendy or timeless. Trendy sneakers are unique renditions of the classic sneaker in terms of structure and sometimes color. The Yeezy collection for example comes in “Triple White,” “Cloud White,” and “Bone White.”

In terms of structure, trendy shoes come in a variety of designs including high top, low top, velcro, and more. There are many designs that are outside the box and incredibly unique, which is perfect for bold fashionistas. Due to the time-specific nature of trendy shoes, you may not be able to get a lifetime of wear out of these shoes, though.

Timeless designs will never go out of style and pair well with essentially any outfit. A timeless white sneaker has minimal design and does not go out of the box in terms of design. Classic white sneakers are a fashion favorite because of their versatility and the way they can dress down fancier outfits for a casual in-between style.

② Decide on the Type of Shoes You Want

Decide on the Type of Shoes You Want

There are so many different styles of sneakers to choose from! The most common white sneakers come as plain leather trainers, canvas shoes, velcro sneakers, basketball shoes, slip-on, platform, and running shoes.

The most timeless styles are plain leather trainers, canvas shoes, and running shoes. These styles have stayed consistent in the fashion world for some time and will likely never go out of style. They're rarely revolutionized to a different shape or structure.

Velcro sneakers, slip-on, basketball, and platform shoes have a more contemporary feel to them and have not quite yet earned a timeless reputation. These styles are all a bit more uniquely structured and tend to adapt to emerging trends.

In terms of comfort level, slip-on and canvas shoes tend to be the most comfortable. Slip-on shoes are comfortable and convenient, especially if you are in a rush. Canvas shoes are unstructured so you have some wiggle room. They're also more lightweight than the classic leather shoe.

③ Look at the Soles for Some Height

Look at the Soles for Some Height

Some shoes have raised platforms, which are especially trendy and are a fan favorite for shorter people. This is because platform sneakers are a casual way to elongate your legs and add some height. The average platform is about one to four inches. The standard white sneakers do not have heightened soles, though.

However, another unique twist on the common white sneaker sole is colored or gum soles. This disrupts the monotony of the white and adds some color to your outfit. If all-white is too much for you, consider white sneakers with non-white soles.

④ Pick the Material Based on Comfort and Durability

There are several material compositions you can choose from when it comes to white sneakers. The most common are leather, textiles, and synthetics.

Go With Leather for a Flexible and Long-Lasting Option

Go With Leather for a Flexible and Long-Lasting Option

Leather can be very comfortable because it tends to stretch and conform to your feet over time. Leather shoes can take a while to break in, but when they are broken in, they are supremely comfortable and flexible. However, they do tend to trap heat and can be too hot to wear in hot weather.

While leather shoes are relatively easy to clean externally, they are susceptible to water damage which is more difficult to rectify if not treated. Still, if treated with care, they can last you years.

Choose Durable and Lightweight Canvas

Choose Durable and Lightweight Canvas

Shoes made with canvas, such as Converse, are lightweight and durable and can last you for a long time. However, they are not as flexible as leather, so it can be more difficult to find a good fit. While canvas shoes are susceptible to stains, they are relatively easy to clean. All you need is cold water, a shoe brush, and laundry detergent!

Pick Synthetic Leather for Water-Resistance

Pick Synthetic Leather for Water-Resistance

Synthetics, or PU leather, can be an alternative to leather-adverse consumers. They are lighter than leather, making them less heavy in hot weather. Additionally, PU leather has a significantly higher resistance to water absorbance than other shoe materials.

⑤ Consider Whether the Shoe Can Be Customized

Consider Whether the Shoe Can Be Customized

The design of shoes can sometimes allow for external creative inspiration. Shoes with empty space or big logos like Nike sneakers allow for some customization. If you like to add your own artistic flair, leather, vinyl, and canvas shoes are the best option for you. Canvas shoes also allow for a bit of embroidery!

⑥ Take Your Wardrobe Into Account

Take Your Wardrobe Into Account

Consider whether your chosen sneakers fit in with what you already have. While most white sneakers go well with any outfit, some, such as sport-specific sneakers (like running shoes or basketball shoes), might look out of place if your wardrobe mostly consists of business casual clothing.

If you aren’t sure that your white sneakers pair well with your current wardrobe, it’s worth reconsidering the purchase. After all, a big benefit of white sneakers is that they are everyday shoes and they might not be worth the money to wear them once or twice a year.

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10 Best White Sneakers for Women

Here are the 10 best white sneakers for women on the internet. There is a style for everybody on this list, so look carefully!
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Key features


Women's 3-Lock Low Top Sneakers

Veja Women's 3-Lock Low Top Sneakers 1枚目

Sustainably Made Velcro Sneaker



Women's Wool Pipers

Allbirds Women's Wool Pipers 1枚目

Try a Pair of Wool Sneakers



Run Star Hike

Converse Run Star Hike 1枚目

Get a Hip and Stylish Look With Platform Sneakers




Vans Slip-on 1枚目

Simple Slip-On Style Sneakers



NMD_R1 Shoes

adidas NMD_R1 Shoes 1枚目

Running Shoes for Exercise and Everyday Life



Air Force 1 Shadow

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow 1枚目

Think Outside the Box With Some Color and Layering



Disruptor 2 Lab Premium

Fila Disruptor 2 Lab Premium 1枚目

Chunky Dad Sneaker


New Balance

Fresh Foam 860v11

New Balance Fresh Foam 860v11 1枚目

Foam Sneakers With a Diverse Size Range


Air Jordan

Off White X Wmns Air Jordan 4 SP 'Sail'

Air Jordan Off White X Wmns Air Jordan 4 SP 'Sail' 1枚目

Streetwear Basketball-Style Sneakers



Princess-Sneaker Casual Joggers

Reebok Princess-Sneaker Casual Joggers 1枚目

Retro-Inspired Jogging Shoes With Gum Soles

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VejaWomen's 3-Lock Low Top Sneakers

Women's 3-Lock Low Top Sneakers Image 1
Reference price

Sustainably Made Velcro Sneaker

Why not go for these stylish white sneakers from Veja? The velcro straps create an added ease to your daily footwear while still being secure. Since the sneakers are made from upcycled materials they leave a very small carbon footprint, meaning you can shop with a clear conscience.

Some customers agree with the call in the product description to size down. While some reviewers warn of a break-in period, many reviewers love the retro feel and how the shoes go with anything!

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AllbirdsWomen's Wool Pipers

Women's Wool Pipers Image 1
Reference price

Try a Pair of Wool Sneakers

The wool of these sneakers adds flexibility and texture to an otherwise classic sneaker. The wool adds extra comfort and coziness. These shoes also minimize odor as much as possible for a holistically comfortable experience.

Many reviewers claim these shoes to be the most comfortable shoes they own. Some also note that while these shoes are wool, they are still lightweight and breezy in hot weather.


ConverseRun Star Hike

Run Star Hike Image 1
Reference price

Get a Hip and Stylish Look With Platform Sneakers

The jagged rubber sole is a twist on traditional platform sneakers. The exaggerated rubber sole will be more durable on uneven ground and is a unique yet not-too-trendy shoe. They exploded in popularity after the Kpop group Stray Kidz sported them around.

Reviewers, some of whom rushed to buy those shoes after their favorite Kpop idols wore them, are absolutely in love with these shoes. Many say they are extremely comfortable and elevate all their outfits. They warned that the sneakers run slightly large, but were overall happy with the quality and comfort.



Slip-on Image 1
Reference price

Simple Slip-On Style Sneakers

For those of you who are always on the go, these are a great option. With no laces or Velcro, these shoes are designed to be slipped on and off without hassle. The canvas upper is lightweight and great for warmer weather.

While a couple of reviewers mention blisters after wearing these shoes, most reviewers love the ease of the slip-on feature and how versatile these shoes are. Reviewers recommend using waterproof spray to keep them clean for longer.


adidasNMD_R1 Shoes

NMD_R1 Shoes Image 1
Reference price

Running Shoes for Exercise and Everyday Life

Both stylish and supportive, this is a great pair of athletic sneakers. While they are primarily gym shoes, they are inspired by the average city dweller as an all-in-one type of sneaker. These shoes provide a sock-like fit for extra comfort. There are several different shades of white in this style.

While there are a few reviews claiming these shoes are painful on the heel, there are many reviewers who adore this shoe. There are many praises for the comfort of the insole! A few say the shoes run large, so it's best to size down.


NikeAir Force 1 Shadow

Air Force 1 Shadow Image 1
Reference price

Think Outside the Box With Some Color and Layering

Designed with the classic Air Force 1 structure, these shoes add a fun twist with the layered branding, more comfort, and good use of color. There are different shades you can choose from, including one all-white. There is also a bit of height on these shoes.

For the most part, reviewers are ecstatic about the color combinations and like being able to stand out. They adore the sneakers and love how comfortable they are.


FilaDisruptor 2 Lab Premium

Disruptor 2 Lab Premium Image 1
Reference price

Chunky Dad Sneaker

Along with dad hats and mom jeans, dad sneakers are back full force in recent fashion. These classic dad sneakers are extra chunky, giving you a good bit of height without being too uncomfortable.

For a laid-back weekend look, pair these with mom jeans, a turtleneck under your top or sweater of choice, and your favorite pair of sunnies. You'll be looking chic and retro for all your weekend plans.


New BalanceFresh Foam 860v11

Reference price

Foam Sneakers With a Diverse Size Range

Fit for running, these are also great sneakers for everyday wear. The gold logo adds a touch of elegance to these shoes. With the option to choose narrow, standard, wide, and extra wide for your width, you'll find the perfect fit for you.

Some reviewers feel this version is not up to par with previous versions of this shoe in terms of quality and fit. On the other hand, many reviewers think these shoes provide the support they need for their daily activities. Some recommend them for those who struggle with overpronation.


Air JordanOff White X Wmns Air Jordan 4 SP 'Sail'

Reference price

Streetwear Basketball-Style Sneakers

These white basketball sneakers are the perfect way to top off your streetwear or masc-style outfit. In collaboration with luxury brand Off White, the classic Air Jordans are reconstructed to include signature trademarks of the luxury brand.

These shoes are a nod to retro basketball culture with a modern twist. If you like a modernized retro-inspired wardrobe, these shoes may be great for you.


ReebokPrincess-Sneaker Casual Joggers

Princess-Sneaker Casual Joggers Image 1
Reference price

Retro-Inspired Jogging Shoes With Gum Soles

If you like the idea of all-white sneakers but feel like it can be an overwhelming amount of white, try these sneakers. They keep the simplicity and versatility of standard white sneakers without the complete consistency in color.

Many of the reviews point out these shoes run narrow and do not fit wide-footed people very well. For the most part, however, many reviewers are pleased with the shoes because of how they support various foot needs, like chronic pain.

How to Clean White Sneakers

White sneakers are stylish and trendy, but they also get dirty pretty easily. Luckily, it isn't as hard as you think to clean them off! Check out three ways to clean your white shoes with this video by DLM Men's Lifestyle.

Do You Need Something to Wear With That?

Take full advantage of your new sneakers and upgrade your wardrobe to look good all around. Here are some of our favorite garments.

Top 5 White Sneakers For Women

No. 1: Veja | Women's 3-Lock Low Top Sneakers

No. 2: Allbirds | Women's Wool Pipers

No. 3: Converse | Run Star Hike

No. 4: Vans | Slip-on

No. 5: adidas | NMD_R1 Shoes

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