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  • 10 Best Low-FODMAP Snacks in 2022 (Registered Dietitian-Reviewed) 2
  • 10 Best Low-FODMAP Snacks in 2022 (Registered Dietitian-Reviewed) 3
  • 10 Best Low-FODMAP Snacks in 2022 (Registered Dietitian-Reviewed) 4
  • 10 Best Low-FODMAP Snacks in 2022 (Registered Dietitian-Reviewed) 5

10 Best Low-FODMAP Snacks in 2022 (Registered Dietitian-Reviewed)

No matter what diet you follow, it's always a good idea to have snacks on hand for when those sweet or salty cravings hit. But anyone who follows a low-FODMAP diet knows that popular go-to's, like crackers, pretzels, and candy, should be limited. If you're already hungry, it can be hard to resist grabbing whatever's handy. To prepare, stock your pantry with our low-FODMAP favorites so you can snack away without any negative side effects.

GoMacro's Macrobars, for the most part, are low-FODMAP certified and come in a variety of flavors. The banana almond butter flavor tastes like banana bread, but without any wheat to bother your digestive system! We have nine more delicious sweet and savory options below. And for more information on how to pick low-FODMAP snacks you will love, check out our comprehensive buying guide reviewed by a registered dietitian after the list. 

Last updated 2023/06/07
Devan Herring
Registered Dietitian/Yoga Instructor/PT
Devan Herring

Devan is a dietitian with a passion for preventative nutrition and educating the community on how to live a healthy life. She has experience in cardiovascular disease, GI disorders, and acute care.

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Table of Contents

What Are FODMAPs?

FODMAP stands for “fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides, and polyols.” While this sounds complicated, FODMAPs are essentially certain types of carbohydrates and sugars that occur naturally in foods and resist digestion.

FODMAPs Can Cause Digestive Issues

FODMAPs Can Cause Digestive Issues

Instead of being absorbed into the bloodstream, FODMAPs pass through your small intestine, where they’re fermented by your gut bacteria to use as fuel. This process creates hydrogen gas and can draw extra liquid into your intestine. 

This excess gas and liquid can cause digestive issues like gas, bloating, stomach pain, diarrhea, and constipation. FODMAP sensitivity is especially common in people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) but can occur in other people as well.

Devan Herring
Registered Dietitian/Yoga Instructor/PTDevan Herring

The process of digesting FODMAPs is the same for everyone, but this becomes an issue for those with IBS because of the associated motility and gut sensitivity issues which lead to increased water and gas (more than with those who have a normally functioning gut), causing the bloating, diarrhea, and more.

FODMAPs Are Found in a Variety of Foods

FODMAPs Are Found in a Variety of Foods

While FODMAPs are not found in proteins like meat and seafood, they can be found in nearly any other type of food. Common FODMAPs include fructose, a sugar that naturally occurs in many fruits and vegetables, and fructans, which are multiple fructose molecules linked together, found in grains like wheat, barley, and spelt.

Lactose is a carbohydrate found in dairy, while galactans are carbohydrates that occur in legumes. And polyols are sugar alcohols that naturally occur in some produce and are also used as sweeteners in processed food. FODMAPs occur at different levels in different foods, and sensitivity can vary from person to person.

Devan Herring
Registered Dietitian/Yoga Instructor/PTDevan Herring

In addition to grains, fructans are also the main FODMAP in nuts and vegetables. Lactose is considered high-FODMAP, but there are some dairy products that are tolerated better than others by those who are sensitive to FODMAPs, like butter and hard cheeses. It's important to note that polyols can also often be found in sugar-free or low-sugar items, especially beverages and chewing gums.

How to Choose a Low-FODMAP Snack - Buying Guide

While low-FODMAP certifications exist, they're not super common. So, finding low-FODMAP snacks can take a little more work. In this guide, we will walk you through the important things to watch out for. 

① Avoid Wheat, Barley, and Rye

Avoid Wheat, Barley, and Rye

Wheat, barley, and rye are common ingredients in snack foods and can be found in cereal, crackers, cookies, and more. However, they’re high in fructans and should be avoided on a low-FODMAP diet.

When shopping, try looking for gluten-free versions of your favorite snacks. You should still check for other high-FODMAP ingredients, but gluten-free foods will be free of wheat, barley, and rye. You can also look for keto or low-carb snacks, which are less likely to have wheat.

② Pay Attention to Flavorings in Savory Snacks

Pay Attention to Flavorings in Savory Snacks

If you’re a savory snacker, there are plenty of options to satisfy your salt cravings, like gluten-free pretzels, potato chips, tortilla chips, crackers, and rice cakes. In addition to avoiding wheat, barley, and rye, pay attention to the flavorings

Garlic and onion powder are often used in flavored chips but are not recommended for a low-FODMAP diet since garlic and onions are high in fructans. When in doubt, stick with plain salted savory snacks rather than ranch, cheese, or other flavors.

Devan Herring
Registered Dietitian/Yoga Instructor/PTDevan Herring

Inulin is also used in a lot of the popular prebiotic sodas and beverages that are popping up on the market. Brands like Poppi and Olipop contain inulin and chicory root in most of their soda- or cola-flavored options (not seen in all flavors) to provide the prebiotic fiber. Although these can be helpful alternatives to soda for some, they can be a source of FODMAPs that may cause other issues, especially for those who suffer from IBS.

③ Watch Out for Certain Ingredients in Sweet Snacks

Watch Out for Certain Ingredients in Sweet Snacks

If you have a sweet tooth, you probably won’t have to worry about garlic and onion powder in your snack foods! However, you should pay careful attention to the sweeteners used in your snacks. Fructose, high fructose corn syrup, and honey are all high in fructose and should be avoided.

You should also steer clear of xylitol, mannitol, maltitol, and sorbitol, which are polyols (the "P" in FODMAP). Instead, look for cane sugar, maple syrup, or certain artificial sweeteners not ending in "tol." 

In addition, you should watch out for inulin and chicory root, which contains inulin. Inulin is a fructan that gives foods a creamy consistency and counts as a dietary fiber but is not easy for your body to digest. Inulin and chicory root can be found in yogurt, protein shakes, high-fiber bars, granola, and cereal.

④ Know What Foods You Can Pair Your Snacks With

Sometimes snacks are more filling and satisfying when paired with a complementary food. Think pretzels and peanut butter, chips and dip, or cheese and crackers. Consider what foods you might pair them with to ensure that your entire snack will be low-FODMAP friendly.

Fruits and Vegetables Can Be High in Fructose

Fruits and Vegetables Can Be High in Fructose

If you like to snack on raw fruits and veggies, you will want to look for options low in fructose. Common fruits to avoid include apples, cherries, nectarines, peaches, pears, and watermelon. 

Instead, try cantaloupe, grapes, kiwis, mandarins, and strawberries, which you can pair with a low-FODMAP cereal, yogurt, granola, or even cheese.

When it comes to vegetables, you should avoid cauliflower and sugar snap peas, but you can eat most other snacking veggies like bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Just make sure your dip is also low-FODMAP and doesn’t contain garlic or onion!

Most Cheese and Nuts Are Safe in Small Servings

Most Cheese and Nuts Are Safe in Small Servings

Adding some cheese or a handful of nuts to your snack is a great way to round it out and make it more filling. The main FODMAP in cheese is lactose, so look for low-lactose cheeses like brie, cheddar, camembert, Havarti, and most hard cheeses.

Most nuts and seeds are considered low-FODMAP, but you should steer clear of cashews and pistachios, which contain fructans and galacto-oligosaccharides. Instead, try peanuts, walnuts, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, or almonds.

⑤ Use an App to Double-Check Your Snacks

Use an App to Double-Check Your Snacks

Sticking to a low-FODMAP diet can be harder than other diets since there’s no single list of items to avoid. Plus, some high-FODMAP foods like onion and garlic show up in so many things that it can be hard to remember to check for them. 

Some ingredients, like chickpeas and corn, can be high in FODMAPs when prepared one way and low in FODMAPs when prepared another way. In addition, snacks that contain a large number of individual low-FODMAP ingredients can end up causing a reaction in some people. 

Using an app or the internet to double-check items while you shop can save you a lot of time and energy. There are multiple apps out there that will tell you whether or not a food is low-FODMAP. There are both free and paid options, so you can try them out and see which one works best for you.

Devan Herring
Registered Dietitian/Yoga Instructor/PTDevan Herring

The Monash App is a good one that lets you look for companies and brands that are certified and also allows you to search for specific food items, including those that are prepackaged. 

There are some Monash-certified brands (FodyFoods, SunChips, Quaker, BelliWelli) that can be found on the app as well that are good to have on hand or as pantry staples to make sure you've got low FODMAP items available in a pinch without having to comb through all of the ingredients of an item.

⑥ Pay Attention to the Serving Size

Pay Attention to the Serving Size

Because FODMAPs are found in so many foods, it’s impossible to avoid them completely; that’s why it’s called a low-FODMAP diet and not a “no-FODMAP” diet! For many people, especially those with IBS, symptoms are dependent on how much of a low-FODMAP food they eat. This means that serving size is important

A low-FODMAP food can become a high-FODMAP food if you eat too much of it. However, beware of the serving size listed on the nutrition label. The FDA states that serving size reflects the amount of food that is usually consumed, not a recommendation of how much you should eat.

The best way to determine how much of a specific food you can eat on a low-FODMAP diet is to look for an app that includes serving sizes or consult a registered dietician. Also, know that FODMAP sensitivity is different for everyone, and it may take some trial and error to determine what works for your body.

Devan Herring
Registered Dietitian/Yoga Instructor/PTDevan Herring

Again, Monash University has a great app that breaks down serving sizes and uses the 'traffic light' system to identify serving sizes that are generally low (green), moderate (yellow), and high (red) in FODMAPs. This is great for those who are visual. 

Using the FODMAP diet as an elimination diet can also be one way to help identify any specific foods that cause issues and help narrow down serving sizes a little better; however, an elimination diet should be completed with professional guidance and is not appropriate for everyone.

⑦ Look for Low-FODMAP Certifications

Look for Low-FODMAP Certifications

While the FDA doesn’t regulate the labeling of food as low-FODMAP, there are a couple of third-party certifications you can look for. Monash University and FODMAP Friendly both provide low-FODMAP certifications that involve laboratory testing to ensure minimal FODMAP levels.

However, these certifications aren't as common as other kinds of certifications, like gluten-free, so buying only certified snacks might feel limiting depending on where you shop. There are plenty of low-FODMAP foods that aren't certified, but if you're highly sensitive to FODMAPs, certifications can help give you some peace of mind.

10 Best Low-FODMAP Snacks

Here are our favorite sweet and savory low-FODMAP snacks. We made our choices based on the points listed in the buying guide below, as well as reviewer comments when available.
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Macrobar Prolonged Power

GoMacro Macrobar Prolonged Power 1枚目

A Vegan Protein Bar That Tastes Like Banana Bread


Deep River Snacks

Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

Deep River Snacks Kettle Cooked Potato Chips 1枚目

Crispy Potato Chips for Salty Snackers


Mary's Gone Grackers

Real Thin Crackers

Mary's Gone Grackers Real Thin Crackers 1枚目

Gluten-Free Crackers Made From Organic Ingredients


Mario Camacho

Pitted Snack Olives

Mario Camacho Pitted Snack Olives 1枚目

Briny Olives to Eat With Cheese, Bread, or on Their Own


Fody Food Co.

Vegan Protein Nut Bar

Fody Food Co. Vegan Protein Nut Bar 1枚目

A Low-FODMAP Certified Sweet Treat


Garden of Eatin'

Mini Yellow Rounds

Garden of Eatin' Mini Yellow Rounds 1枚目

Enjoy These Tortilla Chips with Salsa and Guac




Angie's BoomChickaPop 1枚目

Delight Your Tastebuds With Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn



Organic Whole Grain Rice Cakes

Lundberg Organic Whole Grain Rice Cakes 1枚目

Rice Cakes to Eat With All Your Favorite Toppings


Tate's Bake Shop

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tate's Bake Shop Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies 1枚目

For the Low-FODMAP Cookie Lovers



Good Thins

Nabisco Good Thins 1枚目

Versatile Rice Crackers With Just 3 Ingredients

Product details

GoMacroMacrobar Prolonged Power12 pack


A Vegan Protein Bar That Tastes Like Banana Bread

Give yourself a boost of plant-based energy with GoMacro's Macrobar. This banana bread-inspired flavor is FODMAP Friendly-approved and features bananas, almond butter, chopped walnuts, and cinnamon. These bars are also organic, gluten-free, vegan, and made without GMOs or soy, so they're fit for a wide range of diets! 

A couple of reviewers complained about hard chunks of nuts in their bars. But for the most part, reviewers found them filling and tasty, saying they're the perfect pre- or post-workout snack. Plus, those with sensitivities said these bars don't cause any digestive issues.


Deep River SnacksKettle Cooked Potato Chips24 pack


Crispy Potato Chips for Salty Snackers

These kettle chips from Deep River Snacks have just three ingredients (potatoes, sunflower oil, and salt), so you don't have to worry about hidden high-FODMAP flavorings. They're gluten-free, Non-GMO Project verified, and made in a nut-free facility. Plus, the two-ounce bags are perfect for quick snacking!

Overall, buyers said the chips are crispy, flavorful, and not too greasy. They appreciated that the company uses sunflower oil instead of canola oil. Some reviewers added that these chips are kid-approved!


Mary's Gone GrackersReal Thin Crackers6 pack


Gluten-Free Crackers Made From Organic Ingredients

If you're looking for a cracker to eat with cheese, dips, or alone, check out Mary's Gone Crackers. The Real Thin Crackers are certified organic and gluten-free, with a low-FODMAP ingredient list. Instead of wheat flour, they use a blend of brown rice, tapioca, quinoa, and millet.

The main complaint reviewers had was that these crackers tend to break in transit, so your box may arrive with some broken pieces. Still, they agreed that the flavor is excellent and likened the buttery, slightly sweet taste to Wheat Thins. Others said they're a good size and thickness to hold up to dips and spreads.


Mario CamachoPitted Snack Olives12 pack


Briny Olives to Eat With Cheese, Bread, or on Their Own

Try something different for snack time with Mario Camacho's olive pouches. Each easy-to-open pouch contains less than 80 calories of black olives seasoned with sea salt. There are no pits or brine, making this a convenient and mess-free snack. Plus, they're gluten-free with zero cholesterol and no trans fats.

If you're used to eating canned olives in brine, know that these are a little different; some reviewers didn't like the texture. However, others said they wished the pouch contained more! Most reviewers found these to be a delicious snack and said the pouches are perfect for eating on the go.


Fody Food Co.Vegan Protein Nut Bar12 pack


A Low-FODMAP Certified Sweet Treat

With almonds, walnuts, and dark chocolate, these protein nut bars from Fody are the perfect treat for your sweet tooth. They're certified low-FODMAP by Monash University and use brown rice syrup and maple syrup as sweeteners. Also, check out the almond coconut, blueberry, and peanut butter flavors.

A couple of reviewers warned that these bars are quite chewy, especially for people with jaw issues. But overall, reviewers said these are a delicious sweet treat to have on hand. Those with IBS or digestive issues said that they don't experience discomfort after eating them and appreciated having a snack made just for them.


Garden of Eatin'Mini Yellow Rounds12 pack


Enjoy These Tortilla Chips with Salsa and Guac

It's hard to resist a good chip, and Garden of Eatin's tortilla chips are no exception! Made from just organic yellow corn, oil, and salt, they're gluten-free and Non-GMO Project verified. Dip these mini rounds into some low-FODMAP guacamole or salsa for a satisfying snack.

When it came to the chips themselves, reviewers agreed that they're delicious! They liked their crunchy texture, saying they stand up well to dips. A few also appreciated that these chips are lower in sodium than other options.


Angie'sBoomChickaPop4 pack


Delight Your Tastebuds With Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn

While fresh corn can be a high-FODMAP food in moderate amounts, popcorn is low-FODMAP and safe to eat! BoomChickaPop contains just four ingredients and is vegan, gluten-free, and Non-GMO Project verified. And at just 70 calories per cup, it's a great pick for the calorie-conscious.

While a handful of reviewers said the quality can be inconsistent, most said they couldn't put this popcorn down. One person recommended shaking the bag to distribute the sweet kernels, which can settle during shipping. Many said this snack is truly addictive, noting that it's the perfect balance of sweet and salty.


LundbergOrganic Whole Grain Rice Cakes6 pack


Rice Cakes to Eat With All Your Favorite Toppings

Rice cakes are a versatile snack; they're great on their own or as a blank canvas for a range of toppings. These ones from Lundberg are made from fresh milled organic brown rice. They're thick, crunchy, and hearty, so you will feel satisfied after snacking. Plus, they're gluten-free and vegan!

Some reviewers noted that these rice cakes are more crumbly than other brands. Still, many loved the taste and texture. They said the crispy, lightly salted cakes pair well with both sweet and savory toppings. Plus, the simple ingredients and low calories made them feel healthy while they snack.


Tate's Bake ShopGluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies4 pack


For the Low-FODMAP Cookie Lovers

If you're looking for a sweet treat, Tate's Bake Shop has you covered. Their gluten-free chocolate chip cookies are handmade in Southampton, New York, using low-FODMAP ingredients like rice flour and cane sugar. They have a buttery flavor and a thin, crispy texture that melts in your mouth. 

Reviewers noted that these cookies are delicate and often arrive in pieces when shipped. But when it came to flavor, they agreed that these cookies are so delicious you can't tell they're gluten-free. Many said they're hard to stop eating once you start, so don't say we didn't warn you!


Versatile Rice Crackers With Just 3 Ingredients

If you're a fan of rice cakes, you should also check out rice crackers. These baked ones from Nabisco are made with just rice flour, oil, and salt. The light flavor pairs well with a variety of dips or toppings, or you can enjoy them on their own for a crunchy, salty snack.

Some reviewers noted that they are on the salty side. Still, many liked the crunchy texture, saying they're thick enough to stand up to dips while still being light and airy. They paired them with cheese, dips, and peanut butter with excellent results.

Devan's Recommended Product for a Low-FODMAP Diet

Devan Herring
Registered Dietitian/Yoga Instructor/PTDevan Herring

Sometimes those with limited diet or GI issues may have a hard time consuming or absorbing adequate nutrients. One thing that can help supplement the diet is a multivitamin or specific vitamins that someone may be deficient in. Not all vitamins are created equal, but HUM nutrition is Monash-certified low FODMAP. 

As always, a doctor should be consulted before starting any supplements, but if anyone is needing a vitamin and looking for a certified low-FODMAP option, HUM could be a good choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to reviewing and commenting on our buying guide, Devan also took the time to answer a commonly asked question about FODMAPs.

Is low-FODMAP also gluten-free?

Devan says, "Foods labeled as low-FODMAP are not necessarily gluten-free. They may contain lower levels of gluten than non-low-FODMAP versions of the same foods, but it does not mean they are gluten-free. 

If you're someone who needs to follow a gluten-free diet, it's important to look for the gluten-free certification as these products may still contain gluten or may be cross-contaminated if produced in a facility that also produces foods using non-gluten-free ingredients."

Enjoy These Gluten-Free Snacks!

There can be quite a lot of overlap between gluten-free snacks and low-FODMAP snacks since wheat is a common high-FODMAP ingredient. Check out some of our favorite gluten-free snacks for more inspiration!

Top 5 Low-Fodmap Snacks

No. 1GoMacroMacrobar Prolonged Power12 pack

No. 2Deep River SnacksKettle Cooked Potato Chips24 pack

No. 3Mary's Gone GrackersReal Thin Crackers6 pack

No. 4Mario CamachoPitted Snack Olives12 pack

No. 5Fody Food Co.Vegan Protein Nut Bar12 pack

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