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Kazuya Orihara
Audio and Visual JournalistKazuya Orihara


Kazuya Orihara is a journalist who has expertise in audio and video appliances. Kazuya was previously working as a computer-related editor, until he decided to switch over to the audio and visual world, working both in and out of Japan to follow the latest trends in the industry. He lives by the motto of actually trying products out and reviewing products that he can genuinely recommend. He's contributed as a writer to several media outlets, including audio and visual website Phile Web, as well as Japanese magazines like Kaden-Hihyo, MONOQLO, Nikkei Trendy, and Goods Press, all specializing in trending goods. Since 2009, Kazuya has also acted as a judge for the Visual Grand Prix (VGP), which in addition to his own reviews but also with votes from consumer electronics mass retailers, selects audio and visual equipment that offers high image quality, high audio quality, and melds seamlessly with various lifestyles.

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