Yanibel's 10 Best Summer Tops for Petite People

Yanibel's 10 Best Summer Tops for Petite People

With the weather warming up, you might be looking for a top that's cute but also keeps you cool. We've asked fashion and lifestyle influencer Yanibel (@_yanibelx3) for her insight on what makes a good summer top and which tops she recommends. Yanibel says:

"Looking for a summer top but don’t know where to start? I have the perfect solution. I've shopped online for years, so I know what to look for and where to go. I’ve gone from having the worst material clothing to some high-quality material for great prices. Just like you, I was lost. I didn’t know where to look for some nice tops and I got tired of shopping at the mall, so today I am going to show you my favorite 10 tops. These are perfect for your summertime fun!"

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Yanibel Pena
Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer
  • Nasty Gal
    Ribbed One Shoulder Crop Top

    Yanibel Pena

    I have this top in green and I love its durable yet breathable material. This adorable, asymmetrical crop top works especially well with shorts or with long black jeans. 

    In my experience, this crop is perfect for the summer. I especially recommend it if you're planning to go to the park or on a bike ride. It fits so comfortably and is guaranteed to keep you cool in the hot summer temperatures! 

    My favorite thing about this top is the stunning appeal of its one-shoulder style. This is a look that just keeps trending, and it really shines with a clutch or some blingy accessories. Nasty Gal's ribbed, one-shoulder crop top is durable but also affordable compared to other tops.
  • Nasty Gal
    Petite Long Sleeve Backless Crop Top

    Yanibel Pena

    Nasty Gal's petite, long-sleeved backless crop top is a great look if you want to cover your arms but still stay cool in the summer. I personally like the material of this top because it feels soft and isn't heavy. 

    I would recommend styling it with denim jeans and a pair of heels. It's a great look for a casual dinner or an event. This crop top comes in three colors and will flatter you with its chic cut and edgy, turtleneck look. 

    I always feel good when I wear this particular style by Nasty Gal, and that's what matters when you're shopping for a new outfit. If you want a long-sleeved summer crop top that will boost your confidence and keep you cool, I definitely recommend this one! 
  • ASOS Design
    Crochet Cami Top in Blue

    Yanibel Pena

    You must have this top on your wardrobe! ASOS Design's adorable sky-blue knit crop top is a standard design that makes you look good with any style you decide to combine it with. 

    I have worn similar tops like this one and I always get compliments. You can wear this to hang out with some friends at the beach or with family members, as it's a more conservative type of crop top. 

    I recommend pairing this top with a skirt or shorts. The appealing knit style makes it work with a more casual look like denim, or with something a bit more formal! The great thing about ASOS Design's crop is that you will never go wrong with adding it to your outfit. It's a very forgiving and flattering crop top. 
  • Princess Polly
    Asha Bodysuit

    Yanibel Pena

    While technically a bodysuit, this cute look by Princess Polly does such a good mimic of the crop top style that no one will tell the difference! It's a great choice for a house party or a simple get-together with some friends. 

    I recommend pairing Asha's Bodysuit with high-waisted jeans, short heels, and a small white bag. It also goes really well with dress pants! The color of this top will definitely make you stand out when you go out and you can also wear this for a date. 

    The great thing about this bodysuit is that it's super stretchy and breathes well. I just love its color and design and I believe it would look stunning on anyone. It's a great option if you have a date night or just want to dress up. 
  • Princess Polly
    Eilish Top

    Yanibel Pena

    This summer top by Princess Polly has a minimalist, pretty floral white style that is currently trending. You will definitely look stunning with this simple, beautiful crop top! The light fabric and spaghetti straps are perfect for a hot day, and the ruffles at the bottom add a cute splash to any outfit.

    I recommend wearing this top with a small brown or white bag and some denim pants or shorts. It's a great look for a picnic or a cozy dinner. 

    Another thing I really like about this top is it doesn't show too much skin in the front compared to other crop tops. That makes it an ideal choice if you're new to this style or prefer to keep your torso covered. 
  • Stradivarius
    Cowl-Neck Satin Cami

    Yanibel Pena

    Everyone loves satin material because it feels great and looks chic. This simple but flattering top by Stradivarius is exactly the pick I'd recommend for satin lovers. 

    If you want something to wear out on a Friday night, this top will have everyone looking at you while you walk by. I think it's a great confidence booster and always find myself feeling great when I wear it out. The polyester blend to the fabric gives it a bit of a stretch, and the cowl cut will keep you feeling cool and looking good.

    I would pair this top with formal pants so it looks more elegant. You can also wear this top with shorts if you want a less chic look, but there’s no wrong choice when it comes to choosing your style. It's a very simple look, so you have tons of room to accessorize! It's the perfect choice for date night. 
  • White Fox
    Feels Like Summer Crop Top

    Yanibel Pena

    The bright color of this top makes it the perfect summer look for when you want to hang out with friends in the park. I would pair this top with some nice blue jeans. 

    While this sort of crop top style works well with long pants, I think you'll find it even more comfortable with some classic summery sandals and shorts. The fabric is polyester, which gives the top a comfortable amount of stretchiness.

    White Fox's Feels Like Summer crop top has a stunning look that will make your style pop while keeping you cool and comfortable. I think it's a great top for any occasion!
  • Missguided
    One-Strap Knit Bodysuit

    Yanibel Pena

    I really like passing bodysuits as tops because they add a form-fitting comfort you can't get with shirts. The beauty of this white bodysuit is you can wear it with anything. Jeans, black skirts, and even shorts are all fair game. 

    The asymmetry of this bodysuit's shoulder strap really gives it an edgy look, and the knit material is breathable and feels really nice when you wear it. It rides the fine line between casual and formal, which means it goes well with all sorts of shoes. You can pick almost any footwear, including heels or regular Converses. 

    A look like this makes it simple to go out with your friends or dress up cute for a movie date. One way I would style this would be with high-waisted black shorts and some accessories. If you wanted to go for a rougher look, khakis would be another great choice!
  • Bonjour Mon Amour
    Rusty Rose Bodysuit

    Yanibel Pena

    This classy summer top-turned-bodysuit is perfect for a fancy dinner or a business trip. I also find that if you want to dress down, this top looks just as great with jeans and sneakers. 

    The material is stretchy and breathes well, making it a great choice for a hot day. The billowy style of the shirt can be paired well with a high-waisted skirt or pants to give petit bodies a curvier appearance. 

    One thing I would recommend taking into consideration is the fact that the bottom of this bodysuit is constructed in a thong style. If you aren't comfortable with this sort of fit, this may not be the top for you! If you don't mind thongs, though, this gorgeous dusty rose color and cool, chic cut are perfect for formal occasions. 
  • Romwe
    Short Puff Sleeve Rib Knit V-Neck Basic

    Yanibel Pena

    I like this top because it looks like something you cannot miss in your wardrobe and is a basic style you can wear anywhere, even at work. 

    You can get this top in multiple colors and it can go with pretty much any pair of jeans you have in your wardrobe. The puffed sleeves give it an elegant look, and the fabric is stretchy but breathes well. 

    One more formal way you can style this top would be with a pencil skirt and some simple jewelry. You might want to buy it in multiple colors to flesh out your wardrobe, or stick to one shade if you have a more specific style!