theskincarestylist's Top 10 Tools for DIY Home Decor

theskincarestylist's Top 10 Tools for DIY Home Decor

@theskincarestylist may specialize in skincare, but she's also got a knack for making her home look gorgeous with her DIY skills. Here's what she says about tackling DIY home decor on your own:

"In addition to having a solid basic kit including tools like a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, and a tape measurer, here are the tools I find myself reaching for the most when I'm doing home DIY projects."

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    Classic Utility Knife


    A utility knife is definitely one of the most used tools in my kit. I always have it at the ready, and it especially comes in handy when working with wallpaper, carpeting or any kind of flooring. 

    Basically, wherever scissors won't do, a utility knife is essential. And the way a utility knife is made also makes it the safest and most convenient tool for all your cutting needs; the blade easily slides in and out of the handle of the knife for safekeeping when you're not using it. 

    At around $10 per pair of these reliable knives, you might as well buy a couple. You'll need them!
    Upgraded Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun


    When you don't need a heavy-duty adhesive but want a strong bond, hot glue is a great option. I use it on a ton of projects. 

    I wouldn't use it for furniture or anything that is going to get a lot of use, but for home decor projects like wall hangings and other decorative items, hot glue is great. 

    It's not expensive and it's easy to find at any craft store. And the best part about hot glue is how quickly it dries - your projects are ready in a flash! This one heats up quickly and has safety features like an anti-hot cover and a safe power switch.
    20V Max Cordless Drill/Driver


    This is one of the first tools I would invest in if you're just starting to build your tool kit. A power drill actually functions as two different tools: you will use it to drill holes or pilot holes, and you will also use it with a screwdriver bit to drive and remove screws much more effectively than you would with a hand-held screwdriver. 

    A cordless drill is probably the most convenient for a home DIYer as it's lightweight and strong enough to get just about any job done. And this one comes with 30 accessories, so you don't need to make any extra purchases!
    Palm Sander Kit


    You might be surprised how often you use a sander in home DIY projects. Especially if you're looking to paint or refinish furniture, an electric sander is so much easier and faster to use than to try to sand your projects by hand. 

    I like this sheet sander by Dewalt, but an orbital sander works just as well, too. The Dewalt one includes safety features that prevent too much dust inhalation.

    I'd also suggest picking up a few different grits of sandpaper, as different projects will require different finishes. Don't forget to wear a mask if you're sanding old paint or really anything other than wood, just to be sure.
  • Swanson Tool
    7-inch Speed Square Layout Tool


    When working with home DIYs, the importance of straight lines and perfect measurements cannot be overstated. 

    A square is the easiest way to make sure you're cutting straight lines when working with wood. If you have a 2x4 piece of wood, for example, and need to cut it into four pieces to make a box, you can align your speed square with the length of the wood and trace a line at exactly 90 degrees for a straight cut. 

    You don't need to invest much for a good square; just make sure it has a lip on one of its edges for ease of use, like this 7-inch Swanson square.
    3 Piece C Clamp Set


    Whether you're gluing something together or just need something to stay put while you work on it, these clamps work so much better than trying to jerry-rig a stack of books to do the job. I tend to use these often when I need to secure a piece of wood to my work table to cut or drill, for example. 

    These don't have to cost a lot, but you can decide what level of investment you'd like to make depending on the projects you're working with. This MAXPOWER set I've linked is a great place to start since it includes multiple sizes that have a firm grip.
  • Dremel
    Dremel 3000-2/28 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit


    You can do so many things with a Dremel and its many accessories. If you're working with small, intricate projects or need to make minor repairs, the Dremel is a great investment to make. 

    Use it to cut, grind, polish, sand, buff, engrave - the list goes on. I mostly use mine to work on DIY projects made with clay, but it has come in handy to perform small, precise cuts on a variety of projects around the house. 

    You can buy a variety of sizes of Dremel kits, but I've linked one that I think most people would get a lot of use out of. It has a ton of pieces and accessories and features like a sanding guide and a cutting guide.
    Staple Gun


    A staple gun is a must-have if you're looking to work on upholstery projects. Have you found the perfect chair at your local second-hand store, but it looks like it's been sat in a few too many times? 

    You might be surprised how easy it is to remove the old upholstery and replace it with a new insert, some fabric and a staple gun and some studs. 

    Staple guns are also great for laying down carpet, installing insulation, building raised garden beds, stringing Christmas lights on the house, and so much more. This WETOLS staple gun comes with a ton of staples in different shapes so you can get started on your projects ASAP!
    12-Inch Level


    We all know that making sure your projects are level is best practice for a DIYer. Building a piece of furniture? Installing new shelving? Hanging picture frames? Having a level handy like this magnetic TACKLIFE one makes it so much easier to get your project straight. 

    If you're looking to upgrade, a laser level is another incredibly useful tool for DIYers. Secure it to the wall and use the laser as a hands-free level. This is great for tiling projects, for example, when you need to make sure you're tiling along a line that stays level.
    Dominator Safety Glasses


    Don't forget to wear your safety gear! Depending on your project, you'll need a good pair of safety glasses, gloves, earplugs, and a mask or respirator. These DEWALT glasses have clear lenses that allow you to see what you're doing clearly, and they have a rubber non-slip grip so that they won't fall off your face mid-project.

    I would take special care to protect your lungs with a good face mask when working with a variety of materials, but especially when mixing or cutting cement products, as well as whenever you're sanding anything other than wood. 

    You also never know what you're going to run into if you're doing a demo for a project, so always be ready with the proper protective equipment. Better safe than sorry!

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