Tintin's Top 10 Skincare Products to Improve Skin Texture

Tintin's Top 10 Skincare Products to Improve Skin Texture

Acne, oil, and dryness are some pretty common skin concerns, but one that's a little harder to shop for is uneven skin texture. All sorts of manufacturers will promise miraculous, poreless results, but how do you know who to trust? 

For starters, you could ask skincare and beauty blogger Tintin (@heyitstintinb). She has plenty of experience in dealing with both sensitive skin and uneven texture. That's why we reached out to her and asked for some recommendations that really work. Here's what she had to say:

"Having textured skin is completely normal, and you can't get rid of it overnight. However, there are a couple of skincare products that can help you improve it or make it less noticeable. So, allow me to share some of the products I've used that have helped me."

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  • dear, klairs
    Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil


    Since I discovered double cleansing, I never skip doing it. Why? Simply because it is a game-changer. I've noticed a difference in my skin texture since I started this habit, and cleansing oil is one of my favorite first cleanses. 

    This Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil is one of the best I have tried. It is so convenient to use since it has a pump and, true to its name, it is super gentle and light on the skin. 

    It can remove make-up, sunscreen, and dirt while keeping the skin moisturized minus the greasy feeling. Once in a while, I love to massage this for about five minutes for deep pore cleansing. 
  • Stratia
    Velvet Cleansing Milk


    I was not a fan of cleansing milk until I tried this. If you're like me, you'll think that when a cleanser doesn't foam much, it does nothing. But I was so wrong! 

    There are different types of cleansers in the market but I prefer the one that will not damage my natural skin barrier. This cleansing milk cleanses my skin without stripping the natural oils from my skin. 

    I like how super gentle it is, so you can use it day and night. Being prone to congested pores leads to rough skin, so you should make sure that your skin is clean before putting on any skincare.
  • dear, klairs
    Daily Skin Softening Water


    Skin texture is much more visible when skin is dry; hence, I make sure that my skin is well hydrated, too. This Daily Skin Softening Water is a gentle exfoliating toner that doesn't irritate. I also like that it's safe for everyday use, even for sensitive skin. 

    This helps in softening those texture bumps on my skin, and it hydrates at the same time thanks to the cucumber water in it. 

    When my skin is congested and rough, I always go back to this toner. This is one of the "totally worth it" products as the 500-milliliter bottle will definitely last you for a year. 
  • I'm From
    Mugwort Essence


    The essence step might not be necessary for some, but for me, it’s an important one. Adding a soothing essence makes my skin look and feel way better. 

    The I'm From Mugwort Essence became an instant fave of mine. My skin drinks up two to three layers of it, and it gives me that soothing and calming effect I needed. 

    Since mugwort is known for its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, it's a great option for uneven texture caused by skin irritation. This can be used day and night without any tackiness.
  • Stratia
    Liquid Gold


    This Stratia Liquid Gold is my ultimate holy grail. This is a hybrid product, so you can use it as a serum or a moisturizer. I personally consider this as a skin-saving serum. 

    At first, I thought it wasn't doing much for my skin. But then I finished the entire bottle and noticed how much my skin had changed! I use this every day after all the other serums I use that day and before my moisturizer or cream (it doesn't peel).

    This liquid gold helps to soothe, hydrate, and strengthen your skin. This is also my best companion when I over-exfoliate (sadly, it happens) and my skin becomes super dry and rough. 
  • Dr. Dennis Gross
    Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel


    If you have sensitive skin like me, then reading the word "peel" on a skincare product label will definitely make you turn around. But since I suffer from uneven skin texture, regular exfoliation is necessary. 

    I've tried different exfoliants, but the one that stands out to me is this Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel. This comes with two pads - one with exfoliant acids that get rid of dead skin and another one with an anti-aging neutralizer. 

    The Step 1 pad really stings since it's so strong, but I did notice results even after just one use. As of now, I only use it once a week because I don't want to rush my skin.
  • I'm From
    Mugwort Mask


    I love masking and I have quite a lot in my stash, but my fave is the I'm From Mugwort Mask. This is as good as the I'm From Mugwort Essence in terms of soothing and calming. 

    As skin texture is usually due to congested pores, irritation, or over-exfoliation, this wash-off mask can help your skin to bounce back by soothing it. 

    The ground mugwort in this mask provides gentle exfoliation as you massage the skin while rinsing. It also has a cooling sensation, so if you also have skin redness, this can help. Using this mask one or two times a week can improve your overall skin condition.
  • Stratia
    Night Shift


    Retinol is known to be a powerful ingredient for skin texture and even pigmentation; but at the same time, it can be too harsh for sensitive skin. But not Stratia's Night Shift! 

    This 0.15% encapsulated retinol is mixed up with other soothing ingredients like ceramides, panthenol, and centella asiatica to make it gentler for your sensitive skin. 

    This improves your skin texture without causing any dryness, peeling, or flaking. Plus, it makes skin softer and healthier! I feel like I am benefitting a lot from using this retinol cream.
  • Allies of Skin
    Mandelic Pigmentation Corrector Night Serum


    The Mandelic Pigmentation Corrector Night Serum is one of the gentlest chemical exfoliants I have used. I call this a "power-serum" since it gives you visible results overnight! 

    The combination of mandelic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, and bakuchiol targets the congested, stubborn, and uneven texture of your skin. While it exfoliates, it also helps in strengthening the skin barrier (which is very important).

    It's safe to use nightly if you're used to chemical exfoliants, but I only use it two or three times a week. I recommend introducing it in your routine slowly if you're new to them. Do not over-exfoliate!
  • Youth To The People
    Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask


    I am not a fan of sleeping masks, especially if they're tacky and feel heavy on the skin. The Youth To The People Dream Mask is totally different. As its name says, it feels like a dream on the skin! 

    This overnight mask keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized throughout the night without greasiness or tackiness. You'll wake up with brighter and plumper skin. 

    I love to use this after I exfoliate, too, to ensure that my skin will be nourished. Another reason why I truly enjoy this mask is that it helps to achieve softer and smoother skin.