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10 Best Bronzer Brushes in 2023 (Makeup Artist-Reviewed)

Makeup brushes are one of the most important makeup accessories out there. There are hundreds to choose from, but we often end up using a single brush for everything. However, a good bronzer brush can really bring out the best in your makeup look and give you a healthy, sun-kissed glow. The right bronzing brush can really make a difference for a perfect finish.

In our list, you'll find researched and ranked bronzer brushes for your convenience! The Real Techniques Sculpting Brush took the number one place, delivering a seamless, bronzed finish. We also included a buying guide checked by a makeup artist to help you choose one that is soft and gentle on your skin and picks up most of the product when you buff in around large portions of your face. 

Last updated 06/15/2023
Natalya Lowe
Professional Makeup Artist
Natalya Lowe

Natalya is a professional makeup artist based in Los Angeles and has been trying new products to find what is best for each individual's skin tone and type. She is self-taught but wanted to raise her education, and she went to a makeup school in Los Angeles to learn the inside and out of makeup. She has tried many makeup brands and products and can proudly say she has found some of the best and longest-wearing products. As a freelance makeup artist, she wants her clients not to worry about their makeup not lasting as long as they need it to.

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mybest US Editors
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mybest US Editors

mybest US' editing team consists of experienced members who have backgrounds in writing, editing, translation, and more. We are dedicated to researching what makes a product or service the best to users in the US in order to create top-quality articles. From skincare, to kitchen appliances, and to DIY supplies, our mission is to find the best ones for you.

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Table of Contents

How to Choose a Bronzer Brush - Buying Guide

In a jungle of brushes, it's hard to pick and choose the best bronzer brush from all the makeup brands. What is the difference between round, kabuki, and contour? How can a brush be good for different products? Read on to find out more. 

① Pick a Shape Based on Application and Finished Look

Not all makeup brushes should be used for the same product, and this definitely applies to bronzer brushes in particular. There is a reason why some are round or angle-shaped and they're made out of different materials. Furthermore, powder and cream bronzers need different bronzer brushes for the best final result.

Round Brushes for Even Application

Round Brushes for Even Application

Most makeup lovers are most familiar with the round brush because of its ability to apply an even amount of bronzer on all desired areas of your face. The round tip of the brush is perfect for applying bronzer on the parts of the face where you want to look extra sun-kissed, like the jawline, temples, and the tip of your nose. 

The round type of bronzer brush is the perfect choice to use when dealing with powder products. The brush shape is able to distribute the powder evenly for a smooth finish without looking caked-on.

The fluffy texture of these brushes is also a great help in blending the products for a natural look without leaving any harsh bronzed lines. If you are aiming for a seamless, healthy glow, you should definitely consider a round brush. 

Kabuki Brushes Prevent Sharp Lines

Kabuki Brushes Prevent Sharp Lines

A kabuki brush is a perfect travel accessory with its compact shape and versatility for most makeup products. Its origin was in Japanese kabuki theaters, when the actors used these brushes to apply white rice powder on their faces.

Today, the kabuki brush is known for its short handle and dense bristles, which are great for blending bronzer evenly. The bristles come flat, angled, rounded, or slightly tapered depending on the product or your preferred finish. All of these factors make kabuki brushes a simple choice that works well with powder, cream, and liquid products. 

Natalya Lowe
Professional Makeup ArtistNatalya Lowe

Less is more when wanting to achieve a natural sunkissed glow. If you feel as if your skin is washed out, a warm sunkissed bronzed look can bring back that natural shadow. Brushes with denser bristles can easily cause you to add too much product and that can be a mess. 

For a lighter application, you want to grab a loose fluffy bronzer brush that has an angle or rounded shape to it. A loosely packed brush saves you from creating a muddy disaster on your face. These loosely packed brushes are best used with powder bronzing products instead of cream products.

Building the product up on the face is best to avoid using too much product. That is why a loosely packed brush is best for this sunkissed look because it is easier to not overapply product.

Contour or Sculpting Brushes for Precise Placement

Contour or Sculpting Brushes for Precise Placement

Contour brushes are typically large, flat brushes with densely packed bristles. These brushes are meant to be used to enhance the bone structure in your cheeks, jawline, and nose. These brushes come in a variety of shapes, but the most common include straight brushes, angled brushes and fan shapes.

Straight brushes have an even surface, making application simple, and can also be used for cleaning up lines. Angled brushes, on the other hand, can pick up a lot of product and create a more chiseled look. Fan brushes create more of an airbrushed effect, and have the largest surface area. In addition to bronzer, they can also be used with highlighter.

When using a contour brush, it's important to apply the bronzer to the hollows of your face. Typically, this includes the jawline, cheeks, nose, and hairline to make these features more defined. You can create the illusion of strong cheekbones or a narrow nose depending on the shade and the consistency of the bronzer you decide to use. 

Natalya Lowe
Professional Makeup ArtistNatalya Lowe

These brushes are created to define your cheekbones, add depth, and enhance a natural bone structure to the face. You can achieve a bronzed look that adds dimension to the face. For those who feel as if their face feels or looks more round, adding bronzer really adds shape to the face which can make the face feel slimmer. 

There is a way to achieve the most natural bronzed look without adding too much product or spending too much time. These brushes are a game-changer to your everyday makeup routine. Bronzing brings out the natural shadows and an enhanced lift. It is about diffusion and softly carving out the face rather than adding shadows that shouldn't be there.

Loose Bristles for a Glow, Dense Bristles for Contouring

Loose Bristles for a Glow, Dense Bristles for Contouring

The density of a brush, which is the number of individual bristles set together, is also something you should take into consideration when choosing a bronzer brush. The denser your bronzer brush is, the more product it can absorb. 

An example of a loosely packed bronzer brush is a round brush. These are more suited for blending the product on your face, and with the right technique, it'll be impossible to see any sharp lines. It should give you a nice glow and can be buildable from a light, natural look to a heavier, more defined makeup style. 

These are usually applied in a circular motion to get the most coverage on your face. Aside from bronzer, these are also great to use to apply blush, highlighter, and loose powder foundation

Denser brushes hold more product because of how packed the bristles are in the stem. As a result, they are great for contour, foundation, and eyeshadow application where you have a larger surface area to cover or need more pigment to show up. The packed bristles make it easier to carve out the definition of your face.

If you like a bronzed, healthy look that makes it seem you've been out in the sun, you can probably just stick with a round bronzer brush. However, if you are a professional makeup artist or you prefer a dramatic makeup look, dense brushes are the way to go since they will pack more of a punch to the product payout on your face. 

Natalya Lowe
Professional Makeup ArtistNatalya Lowe

A dense yet soft brush creates a contoured look, giving a deeper shadow to the face. It picks up more product and intensifies the color. A dense brush can be used for powders and cream bronzers. 

It's great for when you don't have much time to blend and add product. With a dense brush, you can apply the contour or bronzer and start to blend but not necessarily have to keep adding product to achieve the look you are going for. A dense brush is great for hollowing out the cheeks.

② Match Your Brush With the Bronzer Formula

Some of us prefer powder-based bronzers, while others love a creamy finish. In addition to the shape of your brush, consider what bristle material fits well with the type of product you plan to use to give you a flawless result.

Synthetic Brushes for Blending Creams or Liquids

Synthetic Brushes for Blending Creams or Liquids
Synthetic brushes are made up of man-made bristles from synthetic fibers like nylon, taklon, or polyester. Their bristles are smooth, which means they do not absorb moisture and do not get clumpy with makeup.

These brushes are a great option for liquid and cream bronzers as you will have a more precise, streak-free application. Another benefit is that they retain their form and don't get damaged over time with consistent cleaning. 

There are also many brands that have synthetic brushes that mimic the rougher texture of natural-hair brushes, making them usable for both powder and liquid bronzers. They tend to be stiffer than natural-hair brushes, which makes them great for contouring.

Synthetic bronzer brushes are the best option for those who want to avoid animal products of any kind. If you want to make absolutely certain that it's cruelty-free, we recommend looking at the product description or packaging.

Natalya Lowe
Professional Makeup ArtistNatalya Lowe

Makeup brushes are one of the most important tools when applying makeup, so you want to make sure you get the best brushes that will last you and the best brushes that work for certain products. Synthetic brushes do not absorb oils and powdery products, which is why they are the best for creamy and liquid products

They tend to be flatter and stiffer than a natural brush. Synthetic brushes can have a sharper angle and are great for being precise on what areas you want to apply the product. They're more compact and have hairs packed closer together, which helps the brush not spread out when pressure is applied. 

Since synthetic brushes are firmer, they can achieve the sharper look you want to hollow out the cheeks. It simply adds more depth to the face.

Natural Hair Brushes Are Perfect for Powders

Natural Hair Brushes Are Perfect for Powders

A bronzer brush made out of natural hair is the most gentle alternative when applying your bronzer. Brushes made out of natural hair are soft, making it easy to buff in the product without any pressure from your hand. 

However, a natural hair brush is more prone to shedding and will need to be cleaned more thoroughly since it has natural cuticles that pick up your skin's oils. On the flip side, this can be beneficial, as the cuticles lift and absorb the powder along with your skin's oils to create a seamless blend across your face. 

Natural bronzer brushes are made from animal hair such as sable (marten), squirrel, fox, and goat. While some makeup companies claim to source their brushes in a humane manner, it may be best to check with the specific company for more details if ethical beauty is important to you. 

Natalya Lowe
Professional Makeup ArtistNatalya Lowe

Natural brushes for powder bronzers are best for the reason being that the brush is softer and absorbs powders and skin oils. Natural brushes spread out when pressure is applied, which is ideal for blending seamless and a smoother finish. 

They also tend to be fluffier and not flat, which makes it easier to blend a powder product. For that sunkissed bronzed look, a natural brush is the way to go because it can be easier to blend and not add too much product to the face.

③ Consider the Handle Design

Consider the Handle Design

The design of the bronzer brush's handle matters too! You'll want to consider the length of the handle, the material, and weight.

To decide what handle length is best for you, consider what fits comfortably in your hand and where the brush will be stored. If you travel a lot, you may want a brush with a shorter handle for easier packing. Shorter handles can offer more control, too.

However, long handles offer a wider range of motion. They are also great if you regularly apply makeup on others. A standard makeup brush is about six inches long, while a longer one will measure seven inches or longer.

Handles for makeup brushes are usually made of wood or plastic. Wooden handles are great for gripping, but be careful not to get them wet. The wood can soak up moisture and become damaged. Plastic acrylic handles are moisture-proof and long-lasting. While lightweight brushes are easier to travel with and store, weighted brushes offer more balance and control.

You should also consider what material the ferrule is made of. Ferrules are the part of the brush that connects the handle to the bristles. They are typically made of aluminum or copper. Aluminum is the most common, but copper is typically more durable. Additionally, extended ferrules can offer more support to the bristles, making the brush easier to control.

Extra features like double-sided brushes can come in handy when you're trying to save space. It also decreases the time spent digging through an organizer to find the right brush. Retractable caps keep your brush and your storage area as clean as possible. They prevent makeup from falling from the brush and keep the brush clean.

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10 Best Bronzer Brushes

Here are our 10 best picks for bronzer brushes based on their material, what you can use them for, and their shape. We made our choices based on the points listed in the buying guide below, as well as reviewer comments when available.
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Key features

Real Techniques

Sculpting Brush

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush 1枚目

Best for a Clean Glow



Bronzer Brush

EcoTools Bronzer Brush 1枚目

Best Environmentally-Friendly Choice


Make Up For Ever

Kabuki Large Bronzer Brush

Make Up For Ever Kabuki Large Bronzer Brush 1枚目

Best Double-Ended Powder Brush


Beauty Junkees

Bronzer Makeup Brush Angled Kabuki

Beauty Junkees Bronzer Makeup Brush Angled Kabuki  1枚目

Best for Versatility


e.l.f. Cosmetics

Studio Kabuki Face Brush

e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Kabuki Face Brush  1枚目

Best for Traveling



Powder Bronzer Brush

Morphe Powder Bronzer Brush  1枚目

Best for Precision



Powder Brush

NARS Powder Brush 1枚目

Best for Cream Bronzer


Bobbi Brown

Large Powder & Kabuki Bronzer Makeup Brush

Bobbi Brown Large Powder & Kabuki Bronzer Makeup Brush 1枚目

Best Finish


e.l.f Cosmetics

Rose Golden Synthetic Blush and Bronzer Brush

e.l.f Cosmetics Rose Golden Synthetic Blush and Bronzer Brush 1枚目

Best Retractable Brush



Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush

Clothobeauty Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush 1枚目

Best for Fast Application

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Real TechniquesSculpting Brush

Sculpting Brush Image 1
Sculpting Brush Image 2
Sculpting Brush Image 3
Sculpting Brush Image 4
Sculpting Brush Image 5
Reference price

Best for a Clean Glow


  • Angled head for precision
  • Can be used for contouring
  • Extended ferrule
  • Long-lasting finish


  • Some reviewers thought the brush was too large

The Real Techniques 401 brush is a soft bronzer brush made out of taklon. The angled brush helps with contouring as well as blending your bronzer all over the face for a healthy glow. The dense bristles make picking up your product easy and produce a clean finish.

For some users, the brush was too large and round for it to be used for precise contour application. However, this is still a favorite for most who work with all types of products, saying it leaves their face streak-free and that the brush itself is easy to clean and dry. 

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EcoToolsBronzer Brush

Best Environmentally-Friendly Choice


  • Made of environmentally friendly materials and packaging
  • Two bristle types make for natural application


  • Some customers claim the bristles weren't dense enough

This is a bronzer brush made with a bamboo handle and synthetic bristles in tree-free paper packaging. The brush creates a sun-kissed look, leaving the skin tanned without harsh lines, thanks to the two bristle types used.

There are some customers who claim that the bristles were not dense enough to hold and deposit enough product. On the other hand, other users appreciate that the brush is big and fluffy to create a blurred and soft finish all over the face. They love how soft the bristles are to the touch and call it an everyday essential.


Make Up For EverKabuki Large Bronzer Brush

Best Double-Ended Powder Brush


  • Double-ended
  • It can be used for contouring and bronzing
  • Balance of straight and wavy fibers


  • Some found the brush's bristles to be too dense and difficult to use

Make Up For Ever's Double-Ended Sculpting Brush has a round brush with a combination of wavy and straight fibers for adding a glow to your cheeks and face, while the angled end with only wavy fibers is perfect for contouring.

While some customers found the brush's bristles too dense, others found that it was excellent quality. They say the double-ended feature is convenient, and that both ends work well. Reviewers also mention that it's balanced well and that it lasts a long time, holding up after years of use.


Beauty JunkeesBronzer Makeup Brush Angled Kabuki

Best for Versatility


  • Can be used as a blending or contouring brush
  • Synthetic bristles require less product to achieve your look


  • Some customers found the bristles to be too stiff and difficult to blend with
  • A few said the handle separated from the ferrule

This angled kabuki brush combines the blending application of a flat brush and the contouring of an angled brush. It is vegan-friendly and blends liquid or powder products in one easy step.

Some customers find it hard to blend with, saying that the bristles are stiff and it leaves the product in one place. However, other customers were very satisfied with the product, saying the angle allows for precision. They also find that because of how dense the brush is, it grabs product very well. 


e.l.f. CosmeticsStudio Kabuki Face Brush

Best for Traveling


  • Compact size is easy for traveling
  • Can be used for wet or dry products


  • Some customers mentioned that this brush sheds

Need a small and compact brush to pack with you on your next vacation? Look no further than e.l.f.'s Kabuki Brush. It is made with synthetic bristles and a plastic handle, making it perfect for wet or dry bronzers. The brand also stands behind being cruelty-free and vegan.

There are some reviews that claim the bristles do shed, and that while they are soft, they spread out too much, making it hard to hold product. On the other hand, others find the kabuki brush does not cake on makeup and love the fact that it can be used for both liquid and powder products


MorphePowder Bronzer Brush

Best for Precision


  • Pointed point for precision
  • Soft, synthetic bristles
  • Can be used with cream products


  • Applies a small amount at a time

If you want clean, precise lines when applying bronzer or contouring, this is the brush for you. Morphe's Precision Point Contour Brush has pointed bristles for more control and precision during application. This brush can be used with both powder and cream products. 

While the pointed shape of the brush means it covers less surface area at a time, comments say that this brush is perfect for precision purposes. They say that it makes contouring easier and that it can even be used for foundation or under-eye powder.


NARSPowder Brush

Best for Cream Bronzer


  • Made specifically for cream products
  • Angled bristles
  • Interesting handle design


  • Does not work well with powder products

NARS' Cream Bronzer Brush has soft, dense, pointed bristles to make blending a seamless effort. This product has an exclusive metallic handle designed to look like sun rays. It's a limited edition and selling fast!

Although this brush doesn't work well with powder products, reviewers say that it's extremely impressive in its blending abilities when used with cream products. They also say that the brush is visually appealing and feels great to work with.


Bobbi BrownLarge Powder & Kabuki Bronzer Makeup Brush

Best Finish


  • Rounded bristles for a smooth finish
  • Light touch
  • Soft hair that blends powder well


  • Some reviewers mention that this brush sheds

Bobbi Brown's Bronzer Brush offers a professional-level finish when applying bronzer. The brush has a light touch, so you won't have to worry about excessive product on the brush. Its rounded bristles create a smooth, lasting finish.

Although some reviewers mentioned that they had problems with shedding, others say they appreciate the light touch of the brush. They also claim that the brush is very soft to the touch. Some customers added that the brush lasts a long time and can be used daily.


e.l.f CosmeticsRose Golden Synthetic Blush and Bronzer Brush

Best Retractable Brush


  • Retractable
  • Soft, synthetic bristles
  • Travel-friendly


  • Some reviewers said that it broke easily

e.l.f.'s retractable kabuki brush applies bronzer evenly and can be used for contouring as needed. The retractable feature keeps the brush clean while it is being stored in a makeup bag or during travel.

Although some reviewers said theirs came apart and broke, most found it to be very convenient since they could throw it in their purses and go. They also say that it is a perfect size, not taking up too much space. Many reviewers used this brush for touch-ups during the day, and love that there's no mess.


ClothobeautyPremium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush

Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Image 1
Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Image 2
Reference price

Best for Fast Application


  • Extra-large
  • Wooden handle, copper ferrule
  • Dense bristles


  • Some reviewers mentioned that this brush struggles to hold product

Clothobeauty's kabuki brush is an extra-large bronzer brush for quick application. This suits those who want super-fast results without any sharp bronzer lines. The brush delivers great coverage with its soft bristles, making it gentle on the skin. It has a wooden handle for perfect control. 

Although the brush is extremely soft and gentle, some reviewers claim that this actually makes it harder to hold and buff any product. However, there are other customers who rave about how convenient it is to use in one swipe and how it is great for bronzer and highlighter. 

Natalya's Recommended Bronzer Brush

Natalya Lowe
Professional Makeup ArtistNatalya Lowe

The Sigma F29 Bronze Brush is a great brush to quickly apply your bronzer. It gives that sunkissed look that the bronzer should give. It is made with synthetic fibers. This brush blends beautifully and is easy to hold. This fluffy brush is durable and compact enough to pick up the product without a heavy hand.

Tips for Maintaining Your Bronzer Brush

Tips for Maintaining Your Bronzer Brush

As with any other makeup tool, you need to take care of your bronzer brush in order for it to last. Remember to use gentle, soft strokes on your face so that you don't harm the bristles.

A makeup brush attracts oil and dirt from your pores and every time you buff your product onto your skin, all of that blends together, making it a home for bacteria. Therefore, make sure you clean your brushes on a regular basis to prevent blemishes and other skin problems.

For a weekly clean, it is suggested to use a gentle shampoo in a mug and mix it with warm water. Swirl the brush in the mixture and massage the bristles to remove the buildup. Once it is removed, rinse the brush with clean water, carefully squeeze it out, and lay it out on a flat surface to completely dry. 

Additional Makeup to Complete Your Look

The perfect brush won't do you much good if your makeup products aren't up to the job! Here are just a few of our makeup-related articles to complete your look. 

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Top 5 Bronzer Brushes

No. 1: Real Techniques | Sculpting Brush

No. 2: EcoTools | Bronzer Brush

No. 3: Make Up For Ever | Kabuki Large Bronzer Brush

No. 4: Beauty Junkees | Bronzer Makeup Brush Angled Kabuki

No. 5: e.l.f. Cosmetics | Studio Kabuki Face Brush

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