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10 Best Cotton Candy Machines in 2023 (Chef-Reviewed)

Do you find yourself missing the fair and the sweet, cloud-like sticks of cotton candy that comes with it? Or maybe you need cotton candy for a larger event and are seeking a machine for commercial use. Either way, you don't have to go all the way to the county fair or to a festival to find cotton candy these days. There are plenty of great machines that help you make it anywhere!

There are so many things to consider when buying a cotton candy machine. Is it easy to use? How messy will the process be? Do I need a counter-top machine or a cart? We've saved you the trouble by doing all the necessary research and curating a list of the 8 best cotton candy machines this year! Our favorite is The Candery's Cotton Candy Machine and Sugar Kit. The compact design and ease of use can't be topped, and having extra sugar floss added to the package makes it an instant winner at parties and family gatherings alike. 
Last updated 06/15/2023
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How to Choose the Best Cotton Candy Machine – Buying Guide

Finding the right cotton candy machine can be a sticky process. The cute designs and fun colors of the machines may catch your attention, but don’t forget to take your own situation and needs into consideration first.

① Pick a Capacity Based on How Many People You're Feeding

Pick a Capacity Based on How Many People You're Feeding
Cotton candy machines are generally on the larger side, but the larger machines are difficult to store. The benefits of larger machines are that they can make lots of cotton candy fast, thanks to the larger motor. The cotton candy will also be of better quality, typically coming out fluffier.

But if you’re just looking to make cotton candy at home for a small group, then smaller machines that take up less storage and counter space will probably be enough. These can also be great for kids who want to take part in the cotton candy making! Just note that smaller machines are often lower quality than big commercial machines and may be more prone to breaking.

In addition to size, you'll want to consider the power of your machine. If you'll need cotton candy for a large amount of people fast, you'll want a machine that can meet those demands. For commercial use, consider using a higher-powered machine of up to 1,080 watts, which equates to about three cones per minute. 

On the other hand, if you only need a machine to provide for a smaller group, you might want a machine at a lower wattage. These will take longer to heat up and produce cotton candy, but are usually more compact and easy to store.

② Decide Between a Countertop or Cart Model

Decide Between a Countertop or Cart Model

There are two main types of cotton candy machines. Countertop models and cart models have most of the same functions, but differ in a few important ways. 

As can be guessed from the name, countertop machines can be placed on a countertop or any flat surface. This model usually offers lower wattage, and you usually aren't able to store sugar, sticks, or any of your other cotton candy-making supplies in them. However, they are easier to stow away, and perfect if you're trying to provide candy for a small group.

Cart models, on the other hand, are machines that have legs or wheels attached. They typically have higher wattage and therefore faster performance. These are large and heavy, so they require a lot of storage room. However, the wheels help you move the cart from one place to another easily. Cart models also sometimes have more options and controls.

③ Get a Multipurpose Machine if You Want to Use Hard Candy

Get a Multipurpose Machine if You Want to Use Hard Candy

Basic cotton candy machines can only turn sugar into cotton candy. But, not just any sugar will do for a good, fluffy cone of fair-style cotton candy. Smaller cotton candy machines that are designed for home use can often only use certain kinds of sugar. Most come with formulated sugars specific to the machine, called floss sugar.

Floss sugar is a mix of granulated sugar and flossine, a finely-colored mix of dried dye and flavor. While it is possible to make your own floss sugar at home, a pre-bought mix already has the granule size and consistency needed for a perfect cone of cotton candy. 

Some sugars won't work with cotton candy machines. These include brown sugar, confectioner sugar, and caster sugar. The consistency or amount of moisture in these sugars simply doesn't produce good cotton candy. 

Aside from sugar granules, some machines can also turn certain types of hard candy into cotton candy. Big favorites are Jolly Ranchers, broken-up lollipops and candy canes, and Lifesavers. However, it's important to remember that not every candy is good for your cotton candy machine. 

Users don't recommend putting round candies or candies with gummy or liquid centers into the machine. Apparently, this will just make a mess and might even affect your cotton candy machine's performance. Sugar-pressed candies are also said to produce less than stellar results. 

If you’re looking for some flexibility in the types of candy you can use and don’t want to have to buy special sugar just to make cotton candy, it might be best to look for a machine that can use a variety of different candies.

④ Look for Easy Cleaning and a Shield to Prevent Messes

Look for Easy Cleaning and a Shield to Prevent Messes

One of the first things you realize when eating cotton candy is how sticky your hands and mouth get. Imagine how gooey the machine that makes it can be! To save yourself from long, difficult cleanups after your cotton candy party, we recommend you look for machines that are easy to disassemble and wash

As far as ease of cleanup is concerned, reviewers have found that cotton candy machines with stainless steel bowls are far easier to wash than those made of plastic. If you do choose a cotton candy machine with a plastic bowl, be sure to use warm, soapy water and get every bit of dried candy from the walls. 

Another thing to consider when thinking about cleanup is whether the machine comes with a shield. This refers to a plastic dome or rim that keeps sugar and cotton candy floss from flying away from the machine and making a mess. 

If you plan on making cotton candy outside, there isn't as much of a need for a shield. Many commercial cotton candy machines come without the dome or the rim. However, if you plan to make cotton candy in your home and want a smaller machine, we recommend investing in a shield for your machine. 

⑤ Consider Sets With Accessories Like Sugar and Cones

Consider Sets With Accessories Like Sugar and Cones

It can be helpful to keep an eye out for machines that come with extra accessories. For example, some sets will come with sugar and reusable cones.

Reusable cones or sticks are especially convenient for personal use, since you would be able to wash them and use them over and over. However, if you need a machine for commercial reasons or to feed a large group, this might not be as useful to you. 

Some cart-style machines come with holders for cotton candy cones, so as you finish making them you can keep them upright for people to take. This is an accessory that would be especially beneficial to those looking to use their cotton candy machine at large events. 

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10 Best Cotton Candy Machines

We've selected a list of cotton candy machines that includes commercial use, larger machines, and family-friendly compact designs.
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Key features

The Candery

Cotton Candy Machine and Sugar Kit

The Candery  Cotton Candy Machine and Sugar Kit 1枚目

Best for Parties at Home



Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

Vivo Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine 1枚目

Best Countertop Model for Commercial Use



Classic Retro Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker

Nostalgia Classic Retro Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker 1枚目

Best Compact Option


Cotton Candy Express

Nurxiovo Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Express Nurxiovo Cotton Candy Machine 1枚目

Best Machine for Beginners



Standing Electric Candyfloss Machine

Vivo Standing Electric Candyfloss Machine 1枚目

Best for Consistent Use


Great Northern Popcorn

Flufftastic Cotton Candy Machine

Great Northern Popcorn Flufftastic Cotton Candy Machine 1枚目

Best for Ease of Use



Candy Cloud Cotton Candy Machine

Funtime Candy Cloud Cotton Candy Machine 1枚目

Best for Fast Warmup Time



Premium Cotton Candy Machine

AICOOK Premium Cotton Candy Machine 1枚目

Best Option for Kids

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The Candery Cotton Candy Machine and Sugar Kit

Cotton Candy Machine and Sugar Kit Image 1
Cotton Candy Machine and Sugar Kit Image 2
Reference price

Best for Parties at Home

  • Comes with five flavors of sugar
  • Paper cones included
  • Easy to clean
  • Quiet motor


  • Some users noted the sugar can fall into the inside ring, wasting sugar

This kit is perfect for the beginner at-home cotton candy maker. It comes with five flavors of sugar (strawberry, berry blue, grape, cherry, and pink vanilla) and comes apart easily for simple cleaning. The paper cones included are perfect for guests at an at-home party. The quiet motor that this machine has makes it easy to use around kids or anyone who may be sensitive to loud noise.

Although some customers said that the sugar tended to fall into the inner ring, they agree that this machine makes delicious cotton candy. They love the selection of sugar available and found it relatively easy to use. They recommend waiting a few minutes after you're done. Otherwise, it can get stuck in the machine if you stop it too early. 

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VivoElectric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

Best Countertop Model for Commercial Use

  • Produces two or three cones per minute
  • Heats up quickly
  • Disassembles for cleaning
  • Sugar scoop included


  • Some reviewers noted electrical issues

This machine is perfect if you're looking for a commercial-use machine that doesn't take up too much space. Although it's a countertop machine, it turns out two to three cones a minute, heats up quickly, and is easy to disassemble and clean. The sugar scoop included also makes the entire operation easier!

Some reviewers note electrical issues upon arrival and first use. However, the company is extremely responsive, and the machine has a one-year warranty. Reviewers love the easy setup, speed, and safety switch on this machine. 

NostalgiaClassic Retro Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy MakerCLCM8AQ

Best Compact Option


  • The compact size makes it easy to use and store
  • Suction cups resist slipping
  • The plastic rim contains the mess


  • Should not be used for mass production

Nostalgia presents a compact, easy-to-use cotton candy machine with a snazzy retro appearance! The suction cups on the bottom of this machine ensure against slippage, and a plastic rim around the bowl keeps sugar and bits from flying around your kitchen.

Users warn that this machine isn't meant for mass production. However, they love the taste the machine produces and its quality. They also say the retro appearance is a fun aspect. Customers recommend this machine for use with families or small groups. 


Cotton Candy ExpressNurxiovo Cotton Candy Machine

Best Machine for Beginners


  • Doesn't take up much space
  • Comes with 50 cones
  • Five types of sugar included


  • Reviews warn that the machine isn't made to make a lot of servings

This machine is perfect for beginners or practicing with kids. Its small size makes it easy to use and store, while the many flavors included make it fun for kids. There are 50 cones included, more than enough for the whole family. You won't have to worry about buying your own sugar, either, as this machine comes with five different flavors.

Some reviews warn that this machine isn't good at making a substantial amount of servings. However, they do say that it produces great-quality candy that their kids love. They note that it is easy to put together and clean. Although it takes practice, reviewers confirm that the work is worth it for the taste. 


VivoStanding Electric Candyfloss MachineCANDY-V002

Best for Consistent Use

  • Produces 2-3 cones per minute
  • Heats up in under a minute
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning
  • Reports that the speed is consistent


  • Some reviewers found the initial startup process confusing

For those in need of a cotton candy machine for lots of consistent use, the Candyfloss is for you. This machine stands on a cart and can make two to three cones per minute. It heats up to starting temperature in under a minute and disassembles easily.

Candyfloss does have a safety feature that makes the initial startup confusing for some users, so please read the instructions carefully. Many users also recommend buying a plastic shield if you plan to use this machine inside. However, they love how easy this machine is to clean and are happy with the results. 


Great Northern PopcornFlufftastic Cotton Candy Machine6315

Best for Ease of Use

  • The stainless steel bowl is durable
  • Offers an extra-long scoop for easy and safe refilling
  • Produces two cones per minute


  • Some reviewers noted that the fuse blows easily

This is a high-quality, high-output machine.  Not only does it come with a sturdy cart, but its stainless steel bowl is thicker than most. Its sugar scoop is also extra long for safe refilling, and it has two separate power switches for electricity and heat. Plus, it puts out two cones per minute and heats up quickly.

A common complaint is that the fuse blows easily if the machine is used nonstop for too long.  However, users love the speed at which the drive motor spins, as it creates large amounts of giant, fluffy cotton candy. They add that it's a great hit at events and creates delicious cotton candy!

FuntimeCandy Cloud Cotton Candy MachineFT1000CC-P

Best for Fast Warmup Time


  • Two-minute warmup time
  • Produces two cones every minute
  • Includes a large drawer for storage
  • Can be attached to a cart


  • Some customers complained that the instructions included were unhelpful

Funtime's carnival-inspired Candy Cloud cotton candy machine is a real treat. Funtime promises a two-minute warmup and a fluffy cotton candy cone every 30 seconds. This machine can be bought with a cart if you really want the classic look. This machine also features a large drawer for storing any necessary tools or leftover sugar. 

Some customers have complained that the instructions accompanying this machine are vague and unhelpful. Still, the stainless steel bowl provides easy cleanup, and they say the quality of the Candy Cloud's cotton candy really is up to par with real carnival food! 


AICOOKPremium Cotton Candy Machine

Best Option for Kids


  • Quiet motor
  • One-button function
  • The compact size makes it easy to use
  • Includes bamboo sticks and a scoop


  • Reviews warn that due to its small size, this machine is relatively slow

If you're looking for a machine for you and your kid to enjoy together, consider this one. The small size makes it easy for them to use. It's very simple to operate, too, with a single button to press. The motor is also designed to be quiet, making it safe for any noise-sensitive little ones. This machine comes with reusable bamboo cones.

Although some reviews warn that the machine is slow and doesn't produce much cotton candy, they agree that the candy it does make is delicious. They mention that it is extremely easy to use and store. Many say it's great for the whole family

How to Make Perfectly Spun, Fluffy Cotton Candy

As good as your machine is, it’s not going to do you any good unless you know how to use it properly. Here are a few tips to get a delightfully fluffy cone.

Be Patient When Spinning Sugar

Be Patient When Spinning Sugar

The most important thing to have while making cotton candy is patience. Allow your machine to heat up for the amount of time written in the manual, or the cotton candy won't form correctly. 

Give the sugar some time to accumulate on the sides of the machine before you start trying to collect it with the cone. Once there’s a nice amount of cotton candy in the bowl, touch the paper cone to the cotton candy and slowly begin to rotate it in the opposite direction of the way it’s being spun.

Add the Sugar Bit by Bit

Add the Sugar Bit by Bit

It might seem tempting to just dump a bunch of sugar in the bowl while you're on a roll, but that will only lead to flying bits of sugar and a big mess. Most cotton candy machines come with a special spoon. For smaller, beginner-friendly machines especially, it's important to only use that spoon when you measure the sugar into the bowl. 

Adding more sugar than the machine is designed to take will lead to the aforementioned flying sugar. It might even break your machine! We recommend one spoonful of sugar at a time, especially if your machine wasn't intended for commercial use.

We also recommend that you don’t let too much sugar or hardened cotton candy accumulate on the sides of the bowl. If there’s too much, it’ll start to clump and re-crystallize. Feel free to take a break, clean the bowl a bit, and add more sugar as needed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Along with reviewing our buying guide, JQ also answered a frequently asked question on the internet. Read below to see his insight!

Who invented cotton candy?

Jim says, "Cotton candy was invented by a dentist named William Morrison, with the help of confectioner John C. Wharton. In 1897, they both designed and patented the electric candy machine, an invention that works pretty much like most modern cotton candy-machines. It was introduced in 1904 at the world's fair as fairy floss."

Try a 4-Ingredient Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Cotton candy can be a part of another favorite summer treat! Check out this creative combination of cotton candy and ice cream by Food Cottage!


  • 17 oz. whipping cream 
  • 3/4 cup condensed milk
  • 20 g. blue cotton candy (or as desired)
  • 20 g. pink cotton candy (or as desired)


1. Beat whipping cream until soft peaks form.

2. Add condensed milk, continuing to beat the mixture until peaks stiffen.

3. Divide mixture into two separate bowls. 

4. Add one color of cotton candy into each bowl. Mix well.

5. Put the two mixtures into a freezer-friendly tupperware (mix or arrange them as desired, or keep them separate if you like!). Cover with plastic wrap and then put the lid on. 

6. Freeze for 4 to 6 hours, or overnight. 

More Festival Food Machines

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Amazon's Best Selling Cotton Candy Makers

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Top 5 Cotton Candy Machines

No. 1: The Candery | Cotton Candy Machine and Sugar Kit

No. 2: Vivo | Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

No. 3: Nostalgia | Classic Retro Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker | CLCM8AQ

No. 4: Cotton Candy Express | Nurxiovo Cotton Candy Machine

No. 5: Vivo | Standing Electric Candyfloss Machine | CANDY-V002

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