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10 Best Healthy Gift Baskets in 2023 (Nutritionist-Reviewed)

Gift baskets are an easy way to show thanks or appreciation, especially if they're filled with food! Why not treat your family or friends to an array of healthy treats they can dig into? However, it can be tricky to find a healthy gift basket that suits your recipient's taste and dietary preferences. That's why we've decided to figure out what makes a great healthy gift basket. 

Our research found that the best gift baskets are full of whole food snacks or packaged treats made from all-natural ingredients. Keeping these things in mind, we've rounded up a list of our favorite healthy gift baskets available online, with the Deluxe Organic Fruit Gift Basket by Harry & David taking first place. With the help of nutritionist Kara Swanson, we've also prepared a buying guide to help you choose your own healthy basket. Read on to see all of our product choices and advice!

Last updated 06/15/2023
Kara Swanson
Kara Swanson

Kara Swanson is a certified nutritionist and the founder of Life Well Lived. She is married to her best friend and the proud mother of three. Her passion is to make nutrition simple+easy+delicious!

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Table of Contents

How to Choose a Healthy Gift Basket – Buying Guide

Picking a healthy gift basket can be a bit more complex than just looking for healthy foods since they often include a bunch of different items. To help us get a better idea of what to consider, we contacted nutritionist Kara Swanson for more advice. 

① Look for a Basket That Contains Whole Food Snacks Like Fruits and Nuts

Look for a Basket That Contains Whole Food Snacks Like Fruits and Nuts
Naturally, when it comes to healthy snacks, the best choice is generally the simplest. Luckily, fruit and nut baskets are easy to find and make great gifts. Some also come with chocolates, which aren’t necessarily bad, but you may want to opt for one with fewer sweets.

Nuts provide your body with protein, healthy fats, and even fiber. Almonds, walnuts, and cashews are accessible and nutritious options included in gift baskets. Fruit also offers vitamins, minerals, and fiber while remaining sweet enough for most sugary treat lovers.

Some baskets are focused on healthy packaged snacks and include bags of things like air-popped popcorn, gluten-free chips, or organic sweets. While these may not really be the “healthiest,” they’re still a solid option. 

Kara Swanson
NutritionistKara Swanson

Give the gift of health with a basket that's full of fresh fruits and nuts. This is a great way to encourage someone in their health journey or to even help kick start their journey. By having fresh fruit and nuts on hand - and easily accessible - it will make choosing a healthy option for a snack a no-brainer.

② Decide Whether or Not You Want to Send Perishables

Decide Whether or Not You Want to Send Perishables

For perishable food, try to keep shipping under two days. Consider options that don't spoil quickly, like apples or pomegranates. Delicate fruit, like raspberries, may mold or spoil quickly. The fruit has to last through shipping, but it should also be good for at least a few days after it arrives. After all, your recipient likely won't eat it all right away!

Some sellers may offer a satisfaction guarantee, which is especially important if they are shipping perishable items. 

See if the seller includes adequate packaging for the food to arrive fresh and undamaged, including ice packs if necessary. For example, dark chocolate may melt without an ice pack during the summer months, and fruit may get bruised if it isn't packaged well.

It's always best to assume that shipping takes longer than listed, especially if you're sending it straight to the recipient. Packages can often be left alone at a doorstep or in the hospital reception room for a long time, so make sure to anticipate this happening. Some baskets may offer tracking, depending on what shipping service they use.

If you're concerned about spoilage, consider going with packaged snacks or items with a longer shelf life, like hard cheeses, jerky, dried fruit, honey, and nuts. 

Kara Swanson
NutritionistKara Swanson

Unless you are able to hand-deliver your gift basket, it might be wise not to send perishables or, if you do have perishables included, stick to fruits that last longer like oranges and apples. 

And if you do decide to get a basket with perishables, it would be best to give the recipient a heads up so they know to be on the lookout; or, better yet, give them the tracking information so it's not sitting at the receptionist's desk for too long.

③ Pick a Basket That Your Recipient Will Love

Even if you find the healthiest basket in the world, it won’t mean much if your recipient can’t enjoy it! Make sure to consider their taste and dietary preferences. 

Be Conscious of Dietary Restrictions

Be Conscious of Dietary Restrictions
To ensure that the basket you choose is as healthy for the recipient as possible, don’t forget to double-check that it meets their dietary requirements. Some baskets cater to all sorts of diets, allergies, and intolerances, including keto-friendly, vegan, organic, and gluten-free options.

In some cases, you can even find gift baskets created especially for certain conditions, such as hospital patients with cancer. For medical restrictions, you usually want to try and look for something with a balanced nutritional profile. However, this depends on the condition, so make sure to check with their doctor!

For extra peace of mind, look for sellers with excellent customer service. It should be easy to contact them if you have questions about the food, like if items are made in a gluten-free facility or are certified organic. To confirm this, take a look at the product description or their website to see if a customer service number or email is easy to find.

Kara Swanson
NutritionistKara Swanson

Nothing is worse than getting a beautiful gift basket only to not be able to enjoy it because of dietary restrictions! 

Before you send a gift basket, send a quick text to ask if they have any specific dietary restrictions right now just in case something has changed that you weren't aware of. This will be so appreciated when the gift basket arrives with items they can enjoy freely.

Ensure the Basket Is Appropriate for the Occasion and Household

Ensure the Basket Is Appropriate for the Occasion and Household
It's also important that the basket matches the number of people you're sending it to. For example, you may not want to send a basket with 12 apples and 14 servings of nuts to just one person. 

If you're sending a gift basket to one person for a holiday or birthday, you can tailor the contents to their preferences. However, if you're sending it to a family or office, it might be best to include a variety of tastes and textures

You can also consider whether or not the packaging can be reused, such as with the basket that doubles as a reusable fruit bowl. 

If you want the basket to arrive in time for holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Valentine's Day, make sure to check the shipping times. Some companies and shipping services have cut off dates for the last day you can place an order if you want it to arrive by a holiday. 

To make it feel more like a gift, look for packaging or flavors that match the occasion rather than just a generic basket. For example, details like bows or colorful packaging add visual impact, while seasonal flavors feel festive. And, it never hurts to add your own gift message!

Kara Swanson
NutritionistKara Swanson

Taking into account the occasion and household is really important when choosing the perfect gift basket. Keeping everyone in mind will ensure that there is something that everyone will enjoy

And thinking outside the box is always appreciated. For instance, instead of giving a gift basket that is full of candy or snacks during the Christmas holiday, send one that's full of fruits and nuts since that season is typically full of lots of extra treats already.

④ Choose Between 1 Flavor Profile or a Mix of Flavors

Choose Between 1 Flavor Profile or a Mix of Flavors
Ideally, you know what the receiver of your gift basket likes. If you know they have a sweet tooth, a basket of dried fruits would be perfect. Or, if they like savory foods, go for a basket with lots of nuts, cheese, or meat. When in doubt, you could always go for a mix of savory and sweet.
Kara Swanson
NutritionistKara Swanson

One of the fun things about receiving a gift basket is variety! They're a fun way to enjoy products you already love and be introduced to new products, too. If your receiver is adventurous, send a good mix of flavors and textures; but, if you know they don't like chocolate, steer clear of those options and stick with crunchy or salty flavors instead.

⑤ Consider If Specialty or Common Items Would Be Best

Consider If Specialty or Common Items Would Be Best

It might not be the most exciting for your recipient to get food that they can find at their local supermarket! If you want a gift that feels more special, consider specialty or handmade treats. It's a nice way to treat your loved ones to some healthy snacks they may not typically buy for themselves. 

However, if you're giving a basket to a family with kids, pre-packaged goodies might be a safer bet. While common items may not feel quite as memorable, most kiddos will enjoy familiar brands.

Recipients with strict dietary restrictions may also appreciate packaged snacks! For example, if your gluten-free friend struggles to find snacks, they may enjoy a gift basket full of mass-produced healthy gluten-free goodies. That way, they can find new favorites that they can easily repurchase at the supermarket.

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10 Best Healthy Gift Baskets

Here are our 10 best picks for healthy gift baskets. This expert reviewed the contents of the buying guide for accuracy and provided factual corrections when necessary. They did not participate in the product selection process, nor are they affiliated with any of our choices unless explicitly stated so.
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Key features

Harry & David

Deluxe Organic Fruit Gift Basket

Harry & David Deluxe Organic Fruit Gift Basket 1枚目

Best Basket for High-Quality Fresh Fruit


Oh! Nuts

18 Variety Nut & Dried Fruit Basket

Oh! Nuts  18 Variety Nut & Dried Fruit Basket 1枚目

Best Dried Fruit Basket With Exotic Additions


Williams Sonoma

Manhattan Fruitier Cheese & Charcuterie Hamper

Williams Sonoma  Manhattan Fruitier Cheese & Charcuterie Hamper 1枚目

Best Artisanal Mix of Fruit, Meat, and Cheese


Bonnie & Pop

Dried Fruit Gift Basket

Bonnie & Pop Dried Fruit Gift Basket 1枚目

Best Practical Dried Fruit Gift Basket


Bonnie & Pop

Nut Gift Basket

Bonnie & Pop Nut Gift Basket 1枚目

Best Nut Mix With a Variety of Flavors





Best for Treating a Loved One to a Mix of Unique Snacks


The Good Grocer

Healthy Non-GMO and Vegan Snacks Care Package

The Good Grocer Healthy Non-GMO and Vegan Snacks Care Package 1枚目

Best Indulgent-Yet-Healthy Vegan Care Package


Tropical Fruit Box

Taste the Tropics Fruit Box

Tropical Fruit Box Taste the Tropics Fruit Box 1枚目

Best for Impressing Friends and Family With Rare Fruit


Gluten Free Palace

Deluxe Snacks Variety Pack

Gluten Free Palace Deluxe Snacks Variety Pack 1枚目

Best Gift Box for Gluten- or Dairy-Free Snacks


Harry & David

Birthday Wine Box

Harry & David Birthday Wine Box 1枚目

Best for Celebrating an Adult's Birthday

Product details
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Harry & DavidDeluxe Organic Fruit Gift Basket

Deluxe Organic Fruit Gift Basket Image 1
Reference price

Best Basket for High-Quality Fresh Fruit


  • Includes fresh organic fruit
  • Comes with a reusable basket with a lid
  • Includes other healthy snacks, like tea and dried fruit
  • Ships in temperature-controlled trucks and has a delivery guarantee
  • Uses in-season fruit


  • Doesn't deliver to Arizona, Flordia, Georgia, Lousiana, or Hawaii

Looking for a high-quality gift basket full of organic, healthy goodies? This big box is from Harry & David, a brand well-known for luxury gift baskets with excellent fruit. Not only do they use in-season fruit, but they pack it all in a rustic reusable basket. 

This basket has overwhelmingly positive reviews, with the vast majority confirming the freshness of the fruit. They say that it's a wonderful healthy gift thanks to the quality of the items and the presentation. They also report that the shipping is excellent

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Oh! Nuts 18 Variety Nut & Dried Fruit Basket

Best Dried Fruit Basket With Exotic Additions

  • Contains unique dried fruits, like hibiscus, kiwi, pears, and dates
  • Large enough for a family to share
  • Mix of 18 types of sweet and savory items, making it good for different tastes
  • Comes in a basic box

Dried fruit can sometimes feel ordinary, but this mix includes unique additions that add variety! Your loved ones can snack on dried strawberries, hibiscus, dates, peaches, and more. To balance out the sweet, it also comes with an assortment of nuts. 

There are some concerns about freshness from Amazon customers, so we've included a link to the brand's official online shop. Otherwise, this box is widely praised for its variety, saying it has types of dried fruit they've never tried before. They also like that the dried fruit is sweet and presented nicely, making it a hit among their loved ones. 


Williams Sonoma Manhattan Fruitier Cheese & Charcuterie Hamper

Best Artisanal Mix of Fruit, Meat, and Cheese


  • Includes about six pounds of artisanal meat, cheese, fruit, and snacks
  • Uses seasonal apples and pears
  • Is shipped chilled
  • Comes with a large basket and bamboo serving board


  • Likely not suitable for specialized diets
  • Doesn't ship to Alaska or Hawaii

If your recipients are foodies, this basket is an excellent choice. It contains whole-food goodies, like fresh seasonal fruit, Italian meats, and artisanal cheeses. It's healthier than gift baskets full of sweets and processed foods, but the cheese and meat make it still feel like a treat.  

Everything comes in a classy wicker basket with handles, and it includes a serving board to make a tasty charcuterie platter. It is shipped with cold packs, ensuring that nothing spoils during transit. 


Bonnie & PopDried Fruit Gift Basket

Best Practical Dried Fruit Gift Basket

  • Includes a variety of dried fruit
  • Vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, kosher, halal
  • Comes with an apple-shaped tray that turns into a basket


  • Dried fruit variety is fairly common

This adorable gift set features an array of dried fruit that comes on an apple-shaped tray that converts to a reusable fruit bowl. This makes a fantastic gift for basically anyone, particularly those who host parties and get-togethers.

There are some reports that the bowl is on the flimsy side. Most reviewers, however, note that this set comes with a surprisingly large amount of fruit that tastes sweet and fresh. Many confirm that it makes an excellent gift, saying the fruit bowl adds a special touch.

Bonnie & PopNut Gift Basket

Best Nut Mix With a Variety of Flavors


  • Includes sweet, salty, and spicy flavors of nuts
  • Some options are dairy-free and vegan
  • Comes with a reusable wooden box with a lid


  • The amounts of the nuts aren't specified

If you're looking for a gift basket that focuses on nuts, this is an excellent option. Unlike boring nut assortments, this box includes salty, sweet, and spicy flavors! Plus, they are all arranged neatly in a reusable wooden box.

There are a few reports that the box is a little delicate. Otherwise, reviewers confirm that this nut assortment makes a terrific gift, especially for Father's Day. They report that the nuts are fresh and tasty, and they like the variety of flavors. The functionality of the wooden box is a hit with recipients, too! 



Reference price

Best for Treating a Loved One to a Mix of Unique Snacks


  • Contains unique snacks recipients likely haven't tried before
  • Has a variety of salty and sweet treats
  • Treats come from small businesses across the country 


  • States that some items may be replaced if unavailable 
  • Comes in a basic box

Has your recipient already tried every healthy snack at their supermarket? This unique box contains more nutritious snacks from small makers across the country! You can even build your own box from their wide range of small-batch snacks.

It includes a variety of sweet and savory treats, including sunflower seeds and a vegan cookie. Extra-unique options include watermelon fruit jerky, white pepper parmesan popcorn, and turmeric lime pumpkin seeds.


The Good GrocerHealthy Non-GMO and Vegan Snacks Care Package

Best Indulgent-Yet-Healthy Vegan Care Package

  • Includes a variety of 28 sweet and savory snacks, making it great for families
  • Includes kid-friendly items, like fruit snacks
  • Everything is vegan


  • Comes in a plain cardboard box
  • Some items are less healthy

Looking to treat vegan loved ones? This gift box includes 28 different vegan snacks, including some organic items. It's large enough for families with children or as a care package for college students. It does include some sweets, but they are still on the healthier side!

A few reviewers report that it didn't contain all of the advertised items, which is problematic for a gift box. However, most love the selection of snacks, saying that they are all delicious. They also confirm that it's a great care package for vegans, saying it was a hit among college students, military personnel, and loved ones trying to eat healthier. 

Tropical Fruit BoxTaste the Tropics Fruit Box

Best for Impressing Friends and Family With Rare Fruit


  • Includes tropical fruit that changes from time to time 
  • Guaranteed freshness policy
  • Contains 18 pounds of fruit


  • You have to make a special order to ship to Alaska

If you want a fresh take on a classic fruit basket, this option from Tropical Fruit Box is an excellent choice! It's full of hard-to-find tropical fruit that your recipients have likely never tried before. Kids may enjoy sampling the new options too, like pink pineapple and apple cluster bananas.

This unique box has excellent reviews. Many customers report that the customer service is quick to fix any issues with shipping or spoiled fruit. They also love the fruit, saying it's full of flavor! They especially appreciate that it contains options they can't find at their local supermarket. 


Gluten Free PalaceDeluxe Snacks Variety Pack

Best Gift Box for Gluten- or Dairy-Free Snacks


  • Everything is gluten- and dairy-free
  • Includes some vegan and organic snacks
  • Includes a mix of sweet and savory
  • Has kid-friendly snacks, like fruit leather
  • Has 40 snacks, making it large enough to share


  • Comes in a basic cardboard box
  • Some items are less healthy

If your loved ones can't eat gluten or dairy, this box is full of treats they can enjoy without worry! It has 40 snacks, making it big enough for a couple or family to share. It includes a variety of sweet and savory foods, including chips, pretzels, and cookies.

Some reviewers note that the sizes of the snacks are smaller than they expected. However, most appreciated the variety of snacks, saying it's a convenient gift for loved ones that are gluten- or dairy-free. They report that their recipients loved having so many tasty choices!


Harry & DavidBirthday Wine Box

Best for Celebrating an Adult's Birthday


  • Comes with your choice of white or red wine
  • Includes birthday notecard
  • Has a variety of snacks, like cheese and nuts
  • Includes a linen wine bag


  • Comes in a basic cardboard box
  • Only two options of wine, which is a gamble if your recipient has specific wine preferences 

If you want to celebrate the birthday of an adult in your life, this gift basket from Harry & David can give them an indulgent evening of wine and snacks. It includes your choice of red or white wine, sharp white cheddar, three-seed crackers, almonds, and pepper and onion relish. 

Reviewers love this basket, saying that their recipients enjoyed the quality of the food and the flavor of the wine. A few say it's an excellent option for celebrating birthdays from afar by saying "cheers!" over video chat.

Tips on Making Your Own Basket

Tips on Making Your Own Basket

Though buying a premade basket is convenient, sometimes you want to pick the items yourself! Taking the time to choose each and every product and pack a combination of treats that are one-of-a-kind makes the present even more special for the receiver. 

Take into consideration what kind of habits the person you're considering giving a basket to has. Are they often busy? Add some ingredients for meals that are easy to prepare! You can even mix up some pre-prepared foods yourself. Maybe that person has a snacking habit? Add a variety of healthy and new treats. 

When you plan your own basket, you can also pick the actual basket. This allows you to match it to your friend's aesthetics. Or, you can change it up by packing the gifts into something that's interestingly shaped or made of different materials. For example, you can pack healthy movie snacks and popcorn kernels in a popcorn bucket!

Kara Swanson
NutritionistKara Swanson

Get creative and make your own fun gift basket full of your best go-to healthy snacks and products like your favorite chickpea pasta and pasta sauce so the person you send it to will already have the base ingredients to make a quick and easy meal. 

Or even throw in a few cans of your favorite sparkling water! Trying out new products can be really enjoyable for the recipient and the sky really is the limit when you're curating your own basket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for ways to personalize your gift basket? Whether you're creating your own or want to add some special touches to a pre-made option, check out these frequently asked questions.

How should I decorate the gift basket?

To add an extra decorative touch to a gift basket, you can't go wrong with classic items like ribbons, bows, and a personal message. If your recipient is eco-conscious, consider recyclable or reusable materials. 

You can also add decorations that are unique to your recipient or the occasion! For example, a gift basket for a recent graduate could be decorated in their school's colors. Or, a Christmas basket could have tinsel and a few other wintery items to add visual interest, like mittens or ornaments.

For the most impact, include foods in a variety of sizes and shapes. Having too many items that are the same size will make the basket less visually appealing. Then, use basket filler or something similar as a base for your items. This will allow you to dome your treats, letting the recipient see everything inside.

Place tall items in the back or center of the basket and smaller ones near the edges. If you're concerned about the snacks jostling around in transit, make sure they are snugly placed or secured with twine or glue dots. You can also wrap the entire basket in cellophane or fabric for extra security. 

What can I use as a gift basket instead of a basket?

While a basket is always a classic option, there is an endless number of basket alternatives! An easy alternative is a box, like a rustic wooden crate or a heart-shaped cardboard box.

You can make your gift basket more unique by thinking outside of the box! Try placing movie snacks in a large popcorn bucket or place pantry items in a stockpot. Healthy cookies could go in a cookie jar, charcuterie items could be placed in a serving tray, and packaged snacks could be stored in a tote. For kids, arrange snacks in a backpack or lunchbox!

Many of these options act as an additional gift, too, giving your recipient something they can use after they've finished all of the food. For an extra special touch, consider personalizing the container, like putting their name on a fabric tote.

No matter what you choose, make sure it's large and sturdy enough for all of your treats! You don't want the bottom to fall out of a flimsy cardboard box. If you're including a lot of items, consider a container with handles to make it easier for your recipient to carry around. 

Other Healthy Treats to Consider

Although a preprepared basket of healthy treats is convenient, you can always create your own! Here are some of our favorite healthy snacks and treats for you to consider. 

Amazon's Best Selling Food & Beverage Gifts

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Top 5 Healthy Gift Baskets

No. 1: Harry & David | Deluxe Organic Fruit Gift Basket

No. 2: Oh! Nuts | 18 Variety Nut & Dried Fruit Basket

No. 3: Williams Sonoma | Manhattan Fruitier Cheese & Charcuterie Hamper

No. 4: Bonnie & Pop | Dried Fruit Gift Basket

No. 5: Bonnie & Pop | Nut Gift Basket

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