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10 Best Electrolyte Powders in 2023 (Personal Trainer-Reviewed)

Feeling drained after your workout? Dehydrated from heat, being sick, or having drunk too much last night? Chances are, your body is lacking electrolytes! It's crucial to incorporate electrolytes into your diet to help accelerate the recovery of your nerves and muscles, as well as to prevent fatigue and provide energy. Electrolytes can also help with a hangover and are essential if you've been vomiting or having diarrhea.

Besides eating nutrient-rich foods, using an electrolyte power is an easy way to get electrolytes. After combing through various products on Amazon, we've compiled a list of the 10 best electrolyte powders, with our favorite being Liquid I.V.'s Hydration Multiplier. Iit contains three times more electrolytes than regular sports drinks and has five essential vitamins. For more electrolyte powder options and our buying guide (reviewed by a personal trainer) with tips in choosing the right product, keep scrolling!

Last updated 06/15/2023
Gentry Washburn
Personal Trainer
Gentry Washburn

I am the manager and head personal trainer for a local fitness facility. I graduated from college with my bachelor's in Exercise Science and have been in the industry for the past 5 years since. I am super passionate about fitness and how our bodies work!

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How to Choose an Electrolyte Powder - Buying Guide

An electrolyte powder is a great way to stay hydrated, but choosing a suitable product might not be an easy task. There are just so many products available on the market, so before making a selection, keep in mind important factors such as the electrolyte content, nutrition facts, and flavor. 

① Get the Right Electrolyes for Your Purpose

Electrolytes are electrically-charged minerals that aid in many bodily functions. They support your nerve and muscle tissues, keep the body hydrated, and accelerate the recovery of damaged tissue. After exercise or being out in the heat, your body loses a lot of water and minerals. So, you need to replenish your body with essential electrolytes. 

Some essential electrolytes include potassium, phosphate, sodium, chloride, and magnesium. Depending on what types of activities you do, you might need to supply your body with different kinds of electrolytes. 

For Exercise, Sodium Is Key

For Exercise, Sodium Is Key

When sweating, you lose sodium. Low sodium will lead to cramps and fatigue. Your body stores some excess sodium and can replenish it to an extent, but if you have a low-sodium diet to begin with, do intense or prolonged exercise, or are sweating a lot due to a hot climate, you'll need to supplement.

But the amount you should aim for varies widely, based on gender, body mass, your level of training, and heat. And, it's important to keep in mind that many Americans consume far more sodium every day than they need to begin with. The only way to know the right amount for you is to get lab tests to see how much you sweat.

That said, you can likely safely aim for 500 milligrams of sodium per hour of exercise, and can up that to 2,000 if you're just starting your exercise regime, working out in heat, or are otherwise a heavy sweater. But overdosing on salt causes water retention and swelling, so less may be more until you know what your body needs.

For Dehydration Due to Alcohol or Sickness, Get a Balance

For Dehydration Due to Alcohol or Sickness, Get a Balance

Feeling sick? During vomiting and diarrhea, you'll lose a great amount of potassium, magnesium, and sodium. These same electrolytes also help if you've overindulged in alcohol and are feeling hungover. These may lessen your headache, muscle pain, and fatigue.

Alcohol causes dehydration and low blood sugar in addition to electrolyte loss. So you may want to look for an electrolyte powder with sugar. One of the best hangover cures is exercise and sweating, so if you can, pair some sort of workout with your electrolyte drink!

Alcohol use disorder, eating disorders, injuries like burns and other medical conditions also increase the risk of electrolyte imbalance. If you have any of these risk factors, or severe vomiting or diarrhea, seek medical help and don't rely only on self-supplementing with electrolyte powders.

② Look for Added Nutrients for More Health Benefits

Look for Added Nutrients for More Health Benefits

Many electrolyte powders are infused with other vital substances, such as taurine, glutamine, or vitamins, to further revitalize your body. Taurine is an amino acid that exists naturally in your body. It's often added in electrolyte products to balance electrolytes and support the health of the nervous system.

Vitamin C is also frequently added to electrolyte supplements to aid the recovery and growth of body tissues. Glutamine helps promote a healthy digestive system, support protein synthesis, and improve muscle gain. 

You'll also find products fortified with B-complex, which helps promote cell growth, increase energy levels, and prevent infections. 

Gentry Washburn
Personal TrainerGentry Washburn

When choosing an electrolyte powder, I personally like to find one that has added nutrients and vitamins. Good-quality powders contain a ratio of potassium, sodium, and glucose. Some powders even included added vitamins and minerals to help boost immunity while also providing energy. 

③ Don't Go Overboard on the Sugar Content (or Go Sugar-Free)

Don't Go Overboard on the Sugar Content (or Go Sugar-Free)

To enhance the taste of electrolyte powders, many manufacturers end up adding flavors and sugar, which might spike your blood glucose and give you more health issues in the long run. So it's always wise to pay attention to the sugar content.

According to the American Heart Association, men should consume less than nine teaspoons (36 grams) of added sugar per day, while the number for women is six teaspoons (25 grams). 

But that doesn't necessarily mean that adding a moderate amount of sugar in electrolyte powders is not good. On the contrary, glucose actually helps you absorb electrolytes and water faster and more efficiently. But make sure the label lists sugar or dextrose, and not fructose, which doesn't contain any glucose.

For those who are on diets, you might want to opt for sugar-free powder products. They use artificial sweeteners (sucralose and aspartame) or natural ones (stevia). Still, don't consume sugar-free electrolyte drinks recklessly.

In fact, both natural and artificial sweeteners are associated with some health issues if consumed in large amounts. Particularly, artificial sweeteners might lead to type 2 diabetes and natural ones may drop your blood pressure. Always consult with your doctor about the dosage and consume in moderation!

Gentry Washburn
Personal TrainerGentry Washburn

Sugar is the number one ingredient that I look for when I am searching for a new powder. There are many electrolyte products out there that claim they are great at helping hydrate the body, but in reality, they really aren't because they are loaded with sugar. The body does need some sugar to properly rehydrate, but the excessive sugar in some products is simply not necessary. When choosing a new powder, make sure to always check the ingredient label!

④ Packets for Convenience, Containers for Cost Efficiency

Packets for Convenience, Containers for Cost Efficiency

Electrolyte powders often come in a container or packet. Between the two, packets are more compact and can be easily brought on the go. If you're traveling and don't have a measuring tool to determine the exact serving size, packets offer unbeatable convenience

On the other hand, containers are a more economical option. Some products contain up to 90 servings, so you can easily share them with friends and family. These can also be a more eco-friendly option if you prefer not to use single-use plastics, which most packets are.

Gentry Washburn
Personal TrainerGentry Washburn

This is a personal preference. If you are constantly on the go and rarely home, packets are super convenient. Personally, I like to use containers because they are cheaper, and I prepare my powder drinks the night before. I also prefer containers because sometimes I can extend the serving size. For example, some days I may use only half a scoop and therefore, can make the container last longer.

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10 Best Electrolyte Powders

There are tons of electrolyte powder options for you to choose from. But to save you time researching, we've compiled 10 products based on factors such as the amount and type of electrolytes. We made our choices based on the points listed in the buying guide below, as well as reviewer comments when available.
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Key features

Liquid I.V.

Hydration Multiplier

Liquid I.V.  Hydration Multiplier  1枚目

Best Personal Trainer-Recommended Powder for Intense Activity and Serious Dehydration


Dr. Berg Nutritional

Electrolyte Powder

Dr. Berg Nutritional  Electrolyte Powder 1枚目

Best if You're Having Stomach Trouble


Key Nutrients

Electrolyte Recovery Plus

Key Nutrients  Electrolyte Recovery Plus  1枚目

Best to Supplement a Vegan or Keto Diet


DripDrop ORS

Electrolyte Powder

DripDrop ORS Electrolyte Powder 1枚目

Best One to Take if You Have a Cold


Tactical Hydration

Keto K1000 Electrolyte Powder

Tactical Hydration Keto K1000 Electrolyte Powder 1枚目

Best if You Have Hangover


Ultima Replenisher

Electrolyte Drink Mix

Ultima Replenisher  Electrolyte Drink Mix  1枚目

Best Moderate-Sodium Electrolyte Powder for Hot Summer Days


Jacked Factory

Hydra Surge Electrolytes

Jacked Factory  Hydra Surge Electrolytes  1枚目

Best Formula Created With Athletes in Mind



Electrolyte Powder

Abbott Electrolyte Powder 1枚目

Best for Dehydrated Kids as Young as 1 Year



Hydrolyte Sugar-Free Electrolyte Powder

HRDWRK Hydrolyte Sugar-Free Electrolyte Powder  1枚目

Best for Endurance and Strength Training



Hydration+ Electrolyte Replenishment

Emergen-C Hydration+ Electrolyte Replenishment 1枚目

Best to Support Joint Health

Product details
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Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier

Hydration Multiplier  Image 1
Hydration Multiplier  Image 2
Reference price

Best Personal Trainer-Recommended Powder for Intense Activity and Serious Dehydration


  • Contains five essential vitamins; B3, B5, B6, B12, and C
  • Individual packets keep it fresh until needed
  • Glucose to help absorb electrolytes faster


  • 500 milligrams of sodium and 11 grams of sugar mean it's not for daily use or mild dehydration

This electrolyte powder provides you with three times more electrolytes than typical sports drinks, as well as the essential vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, and C. Not to mention, with every purchase, the manufacturer is committed to donating a serving of the electrolyte powder to those in need!

Gentry says, "My all-time favorite electrolyte powder is Liquid I.V.! If you have not tried this powder before, I strongly recommend it. This powder hydrates faster than water alone (seriously? yes!), contains five essential vitamins, and has no artificial flavors. They come in single-serving packets (yes, I do make this company an exception because it is that good)."

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Dr. Berg Nutritional Electrolyte Powder

Best if You're Having Stomach Trouble


  • 1,000 milligrams of potassium per serving
  • 120 milligrams of magnesium
  • No sugar or carbs make it suitable for the keto diet


  • Only 10 milligrams of sodium might not be enough for athletes or intense activity

Formulated with 21 percent of your daily recommended potassium and 29 percent of your magnesium per serving, this electrolyte powder can replace what you've lost if you've been experiencing diarrhea or vomiting.

A few users weren't that impressed with the product, mentioning that it didn't dissolve well and tasted a bit too sweet. Nonetheless, those who struggle with weight issues called this electrolyte powder a lifesaver. Many reviewers enjoy it whether they follow a keto diet or practice intermittent fasting


Key Nutrients Electrolyte Recovery Plus

Best to Supplement a Vegan or Keto Diet


  • Six electrolytes plus 12 vitamins and minerals
  • Reasonable 110 milligrams of sodium
  • Vegan and keto-friendly


  • Some reviewers said it tasted chalky or bitter

Although it's better to get your vitamins and minerals from a balanced diet, with six essential electrolytes and 12 other vitamins and minerals, this could be a great choice if you've been sick, not eating properly, or have a deficiency of certain nutrients from being on a restrictive diet.

A few users were disappointed that the powder didn't dissolve well. On the other hand, many thought that they recovered more quickly from cramps or muscle tension. They also said it doesn't taste too salty.


DripDrop ORSElectrolyte Powder

Best One to Take if You Have a Cold


  • Created by a doctor to address dehydration fast
  • Zinc and vitamin C are said to help recovery from colds
  • Variety pack to try different flavors


  • Fructose is included and isn't the healthiest sugar

This product has a formula that balances electrolytes and glucose in order to provide you with quick hydration. It's also infused with zinc and vitamin C to give you power to fight off a cold. Plus, you won't get bored with these little powder sticks. The pack comes with three or four different flavors.

Some reviewers weren't really into this powder since it tasted too sweet or quite salty. However, various users said that the product worked wonderfully for various occasions, whether it was post-workout or during a hangover.


Tactical HydrationKeto K1000 Electrolyte Powder

Best if You Have Hangover


  • Real sugar helps you absorb electrolytes faster and counter the effects of alcohol
  • Variety pack includes two flavors with less sodium (100 milligrams as opposed to 300)


  • Some reviewers had trouble ripping the packets open by hand

Since alcohol lowers your blood sugar, an electrolyte powder with glucose may help fight the headache, nausea, and fatigue of a hangover. This one offers that in five flavors, two of which are lower in sodium, so you can choose depending on your needs.

Reviewers say it tastes sweet, but most find it more palatable than typical sports drinks. You might need some scissors on hand to open the packets. Many say they instantly feel better after a few sips, whether they're dehydrated from drinking alcohol, doing sports, or being in the heat.


Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Drink Mix

Best Moderate-Sodium Electrolyte Powder for Hot Summer Days


  • Only 55 milligrams of sodium, while still delivering plenty of the other essential electrolytes
  • Vegan and keto-friendly
  • Many reviewers mention the delicious taste


  • Some say it doesn't dissolve easily

This electrolyte powder delivers all six electrolytes without as much sodium as most. It's a great choice for those trying to watch their sodium intake or who already get enough from their diet, especially if you plan to drink it daily, like during hot summers.

A few people were a bit disappointed that the product didn't dissolve in water immediately and stayed in little clumps. Nonetheless, most reviewers agreed that it was a must-have to fight dehydration. It also seems to have a flavor everyone enjoys.


Jacked Factory Hydra Surge Electrolytes

Best Formula Created With Athletes in Mind


  • 500 milligrams of coconut water, naturally rich in electrolytes and minerals
  • Contains taurine, an essential amino acid not easy to get from foods
  • Balanced for athletes specifically


  • Really sweaty or long workouts may call for more than the 125 milligrams of sodium per serving

This all-natural powder is packed with all of the essential electrolytes to help you make the most out of your workouts. The product boasts coconut water, a hydrating ingredient that consists of essential minerals, and taurine, which is said to boost athletic performance.

Some users mentioned that the product mixed fairly well, but there was still sediment at the bottom. On the other hand, many reviewers noticed a difference in their health after using the powder and added that it provided relief from painful cramps and chronic fatigue


AbbottElectrolyte Powder

Best for Dehydrated Kids as Young as 1 Year

  • Safe for toddlers on up
  • Flavors that kids enjoy
  • Effective balance of sodium and sugar for kids' stomachs


  • Each packet makes 16 ounces, which may be more than your child can finish

With an optimal balance of sugar and sodium, this electrolyte powder helps get kids hydrated quickly and effectively without causing any stomach issues. Moreover, it comes in packet form and is a convenient option to make a little at a time. 

Reviewers liked that the powder was safe to use for both kids and adults. Some found it quite sweet, but that means kids love it.


HRDWRKHydrolyte Sugar-Free Electrolyte Powder

Best for Endurance and Strength Training


  • Seven amino acids included in the formula for added benefits to your muscles
  • Unflavored version is good for those who dislike the taste of artificial sweeteners or stevia


  • Reviewers say the unflavored version, while they like that it's free of sweeteners, can smell and taste fishy

This sugar-free electrolyte powder is infused with magnesium, potassium, and sodium to keep you hydrated and prevent fatigue. Moreover, the formula contains amino acids, including BCAAs, which assist muscle growth and reduce soreness and fatigue.

Since the product was unflavored, some were not fans of its flavor, especially after the drink sat out for a while. They recommend drinking it right after mixing. Others said that it kept them feeling strong throughout their workout and they didn't experience muscle cramping, either!


Emergen-CHydration+ Electrolyte Replenishment

Best to Support Joint Health


  • Formulated with glucosamine to support the health of your joints
  • Also provides 250 milligrams of vitamin C and 80 percent of your daily manganese


  • Only this one flavor has glucosamine

This product consists of key electrolytes, such as potassium and magnesium, to quickly replenish you during and after a workout. What's more, the addition of glucosamine can keep your knees and other joints in top condition, too!

According to quite a few reviewers, this flavor tastes too fake and sweet. Still, users found the powder convenient and great for traveling. Particularly, it was a lifesaver for those experiencing muscle cramps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions about electrolyte powders? Gentry is here to answer one that's commonly asked!

When should I take electrolytes?

Gentry says, "You should drink an electrolyte drink if you are exercising or playing a sport for more than 30 minutes." So make sure you have a timer handy! Electrolytes will help prevent dehydration.

Care for Some Nutritious Snacks?

It's important to resupply your body with the right foods after working out to help with muscle gain and recovery. So check out our articles to see what kind of snacks can help you make the most out of your workouts! 

Amazon's Best Selling Sports Drinks

Want to see all your options to find the right electrolyte powder for you? Try seeing what Amazon shoppers buy when they're looking for sports drinks.

Top 5 Electrolyte Powders

No. 1: Liquid I.V. | Hydration Multiplier

No. 2: Dr. Berg Nutritional | Electrolyte Powder

No. 3: Key Nutrients | Electrolyte Recovery Plus

No. 4: DripDrop ORS | Electrolyte Powder

No. 5: Tactical Hydration | Keto K1000 Electrolyte Powder

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