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  • 10 Best Mittens for Women in 2023 (Patagonia, L.L. Bean, and More) 1
  • 10 Best Mittens for Women in 2023 (Patagonia, L.L. Bean, and More) 2
  • 10 Best Mittens for Women in 2023 (Patagonia, L.L. Bean, and More) 3
  • 10 Best Mittens for Women in 2023 (Patagonia, L.L. Bean, and More) 4
  • 10 Best Mittens for Women in 2023 (Patagonia, L.L. Bean, and More) 5

10 Best Mittens for Women in 2023 (Patagonia, L.L. Bean, and More)

If you often suffer from cold fingers, a solid pair of mittens can become your winter BFF. Mittens are more effective than gloves since they keep your fingers and their warmth close together. They come in different levels of insulation, from windproof, waterproof mittens, to knitted wool mittens. And there's a range of styles to choose from, whether your style veers sporty, trendy, or classic.

We put together a list of the top 10 best mittens for women this winter. Our favorite pair is the B-3 Sheepskin Mittens from Overland. They're made from luxurious sheepskin shearling, which keeps the cold and wind out while keeping the warmth in. And they're effortlessly stylish too. Keep reading for our other picks! And don't forget to check out our buying guide for tips and information on how to choose mittens that will keep your fingers warm and toasty.

Last updated 06/15/2023
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Table of Contents

How to Choose Mittens For Women

If you're not sure what kind of mittens you need, think about your climate and what activities you'll be using them for. This will help you determine the best material and style for your needs.

① Pick Mittens That are Warm Enough for Your Climate

Once your fingers get cold, it's hard to warm them up again! Ensure that they stay toasty all day by picking mittens that are appropriate for your climate.

Insulated Mittens Protect Against Freezing Temperatures

Insulated Mittens Protect Against Freezing Temperatures

If you’re out in the snow or bitter cold, insulated mittens are the way to go. These mittens include an extra layer to help trap warmth around your fingers. Down is a natural insulator that’s lightweight and super warm. It’s best for dry climates, as it doesn’t perform well when wet and can take a long time to dry.

Primaloft is a synthetic microfiber. It’s breathable and warm, and retains its insulating properties when wet. Thinsulate is another synthetic insulator that’s made from ultra-fine microfibers. It provides warmth with less bulk, making it great for when you want more dexterity.

Lined Mittens are Enough for Cold Weather

Lined Mittens are Enough for Cold Weather

If you don’t need special insulating technology but still live somewhere cold, look for lined mittens. Two layers of fabric will trap heat much more effectively than one. Mittens can be lined with a variety of soft and fuzzy materials, including faux fur, fleece, and sherpa.

Get Thinner Mittens for Mild Winters

Get Thinner Mittens for Mild Winters

If you’re just looking for an extra layer or want some trendy mittens, you can find unlined mittens in a variety of colors and patterns. Unlined mittens consist of just a single layer of material, so they’re not as warm as lined or insulated mittens.

However, they’re easy to scrunch up and shove in a pocket, and they’re less likely to impede your fingers.

② Decide How Important Dexterity Is

Decide How Important Dexterity Is

The thickness and material of your mittens will impact the amount of dexterity you have while wearing them. If you’re planning to use your mittens for outdoor activities like skiing, you’ll want to be able to move your fingers and hold objects. Look for mittens with a grip on the palm so you can grab objects without your hands slipping.

On the other hand, if you’re just trying to keep warm while walking around, you may not need as much flexibility. There are some things that you just can’t do while wearing mittens. If you think that you’ll need to take your mittens on and off to do tasks, look for mittens that you can store easily or have clips so that you don’t lose them

Convertible mittens can be a good middle ground. These typically look like fingerless gloves with a mitten top that can be pulled back for easy access.

③ Choose a Mitten Material for Warmth and Durability

You can find mittens made from a variety of materials, including leather, polyester, and knitted fabric. Each one will provide a different level of warmth and durability.

Leather Lasts Forever

Leather Lasts Forever

Leather is a common material for higher-end mittens. It’s warm but still breathable and is windproof and water-resistant. Leather can require some extra care, but it’s extremely durable and will last a long time. 

Leather mittens may be stiff at the beginning and can require a breaking-in period. However, once they’ve stretched out a bit, they can be super flexible and comfortable. Leather mittens often look stylish and polished.

Synthetic Shells Provide Warmth

Synthetic Shells Provide Warmth

Many thicker mittens have an outer shell made of a synthetic material like nylon or polyester. These materials provide a windproof and water-resistant layer that’s also warm and breathable. Synthetics are more likely to wear or fray than leather.

However, they’re a great option for outdoor activities that might ruin mittens made from natural materials. Synthetic mittens typically look more sporty or outdoorsy, although you can also find fashionable puffer-like versions.

Knitted Mittens are Soft and Flexible

Knitted Mittens are Soft and Flexible

Knitted mittens can be a functional winter accessory as well as a fashion statement and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

They can be single-layer or include a lining for extra warmth. Knit mittens can be made from natural or synthetic materials or a blend of both. When it comes to warmth, wool is the best insulator. It’s stretchy and is good at retaining its shape. If you find wool to be itchy, you can also look for a wool blend.

Synthetic knit materials like nylon, acrylic, and polyester aren’t as warm or breathable as wool. They’re also not as durable, and are better for trendy mittens that you might only want to wear for a season or two. The plus side of synthetics is that they can be made to feel super soft and fluffy.

④ Don’t Overlook the Cuff

Don’t Overlook the Cuff

The cuff of a mitten will affect its fit around your wrists. Cuffs can be low-profile, meant to be tucked under your sleeves, or they can be bulkier and worn over your sleeves. 

Some mittens have cuffs that are covered in a fluffy, warm material, like faux fur, shearling, or sherpa. This helps keep your wrists warm and keep snow out of your mittens. Think about the coats and jackets you typically wear and how your mittens will work with the sleeves.

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Best Mittens For Women Ranking

Here are the best Mittens For Women, ranked according to 10 Best Mittens for Women (as of 11-04-2022). The products are ranked independently by mybest.
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Key features


B-3 Sheepskin Mittens

Overland B-3 Sheepskin Mittens 1枚目

Shearling Mittens for Exceptional Insulation



Warm Lining Mittens

Whiteleopard Warm Lining Mittens 1枚目

Cable Knit and Fleece-Lined Mittens


L.L. Bean

Ultrawarm Mittens

L.L. Bean Ultrawarm Mittens 1枚目

Keeps Out the Wind and Water



Convertible Fingerless Gloves

ViGrace Convertible Fingerless Gloves 1枚目

Convertible Mittens for Maximum Dexterity


Pratt and Hart

Snowfall Deerskin Mittens

Pratt and Hart Snowfall Deerskin Mittens 1枚目

Sleek Mittens With Gloves Inside



Purcell Mittens

tentree Purcell Mittens 1枚目

Mittens With a Conscience



Nano Puff Mitts

Patagonia Nano Puff Mitts 1枚目

A Puffer Coat for Your Fingers



Snowflake Knit Mittens

Bruceriver Snowflake Knit Mittens 1枚目

Knit Mittens for Everyday Wear



Sherpa Mitten

Carhartt Sherpa Mitten 1枚目

Fuzzy on the Outside, Toasty on the Inside


The Endery

Paloma Mittens

The Endery Paloma Mittens 1枚目

Playful Striped Mittens for a Pop of Color

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OverlandB-3 Sheepskin Mittens

B-3 Sheepskin Mittens Image 1
Reference price

Shearling Mittens for Exceptional Insulation

Made from sheepskin, the B-3 Mittens from Overland feature a leather exterior and luxurious natural shearling interior, which provides superb protection from wind and cold. The high wrists offer additional warmth or can be rolled into a fashionable shearling cuff. Inverted seams complete the look.

Some reviewers found these mittens to be too small or narrow for their hands. Still, many other reviewers praised their high-quality construction and stylish looks. They said these mittens were great for freezing temperatures and kept their hands incredibly warm and comfy.

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WhiteleopardWarm Lining Mittens

Warm Lining Mittens Image 1
Reference price

Cable Knit and Fleece-Lined Mittens

These mittens from Whiteleopard are made from a blend of wool and acrylic with a cute cable knit pattern. They have a fleece lining that extends to the cuffs to keep you warm from your fingertips to your wrists. They come in just one size, which measures about 10 inches long and four inches wide.

Some reviewers complained that the lining ripped or the outside of the mittens quickly wore out. Others said these mittens weren't good for below-freezing temperatures. However, most reviewers said these mittens were super soft, cute, and kept their fingers toasty.


L.L. BeanUltrawarm Mittens

Ultrawarm Mittens Image 1
Reference price

Keeps Out the Wind and Water

L.L.Bean's Ultrawarm Mittens are both windproof and water-resistant, thanks to their quilted polyester shell. PrimaLoft insulation on the inside keeps your fingers nice and warm, and the faux fur trim adds a touch of elegance. These mittens come in white and black to go with any outfit.

Some reviewers warned that these mittens weren't very effective in freezing temperatures. However many reviewers found these mittens to be comfortable, cozy, and lightweight. They said their hands still had a good amount of flexibility with these mittens on. And they loved the stylish fur trim.


ViGraceConvertible Fingerless Gloves

Convertible Fingerless Gloves Image 1
Reference price

Convertible Mittens for Maximum Dexterity

These convertible mittens from ViGrace make it easy to use your phone or drive in the cold. The mitten top can be folded over and attached to the back of the hand with Velcro, leaving your fingers free. Thinsulate insulation provides additional warmth and a hogskin patch on the palm and thumb allow you to grip objects easily.

Some reviewers complained that they were poorly sewn. Others said they were itchy and some noted that the Velcro tends to catch on other fabrics. On the other hand, the majority of reviewers said these convertible mittens were super convenient, and they liked the thick, soft material that kept their hands quite warm.


Pratt and HartSnowfall Deerskin Mittens

Snowfall Deerskin Mittens Image 1
Reference price

Sleek Mittens With Gloves Inside

Stay warm without sacrificing style in the Snowfall Deerskin Mittens from Pratt and Hart. Made from supple deerskin, they feature a Polartec lining with fingers inside. It's like wearing gloves inside your mittens to create extra layers of warmth. The elasticized wrist helps keep the cold air out.

Some reviewers noted that these mittens run small and recommended sizing up. Others did not recommend them for below-freezing temperatures. Still, many reviewers thought these mittens were super stylish and warm. They said the leather was soft and they appreciated that the mittens were sleek and not bulky.


tentreePurcell Mittens

Purcell Mittens Image 1
Reference price

Mittens With a Conscience

Tentree makes giving back to the Earth easy. For every purchase made, they plant 10 trees. The Purcell Mittens are made from a blend of Merino wool and sustainable polyester and are ethically made. They feature a fine knit, ribbed cuffs, and a delicate wintry design.

Reviewers said these mittens were warm and comfortable. They liked how soft they were inside and said that they were well made. They seem to run a bit small.


PatagoniaNano Puff Mitts

Nano Puff Mitts Image 1
Reference price

A Puffer Coat for Your Fingers

The Nano Puff Mitts are made from recycled polyester that's windproof and coated with a water-repellent finish. Quilting on the exterior keeps the lining in place. On the palms, abrasion-resistant panels keep your hands from sliding. Elastic wrists seal out the cold and pull loops allow you to get them on easily.

Reviewers praised these mittens for being extremely warm and cozy and able to keep their fingers warm in super cold temperatures. They liked that they weren't too bulky and appreciated the ease of the pull-on loops.


BruceriverSnowflake Knit Mittens

Snowflake Knit Mittens Image 1
Reference price

Knit Mittens for Everyday Wear

These wintry mittens from Bruceriver are decorated with a snowflake design for a cute seasonal look. Made from 100 percent acrylic knit, they feature a fleece lining with Thinsulate insulation. Elastic around the wrist helps keep them on securely. 

Some reviewers complained that these mittens were too tight. Others said the lining didn't stay in place. However, the majority of reviewers found these mittens to be warm, soft, and comfortable. They liked that they weren't too bulky and loved the cute snowflake pattern. 


CarharttSherpa Mitten

Fuzzy on the Outside, Toasty on the Inside

Carhartt's Sherpa Mitten has a fuzzy fleece shell to keep out the wind and the cold. On the inside, it's lined with soft insulation that wicks away moisture for ultimate comfort. The pre-curved construction aids hand flexibility and synthetic suede on the palm, finger area, and thumb ensure a good grip.

Some reviewers didn't like the texture of the lining, saying that it caught on their skin. Others complained that these mittens didn't offer a lot of dexterity. Still, many reviewers said these mittens kept their hands toasty in below-freezing temperatures. And they thought the sherpa was super stylish!


The EnderyPaloma Mittens

Playful Striped Mittens for a Pop of Color

Bring a little fun to your winter wardrobe with the striped Paloma Mittens. They feature black and white striped fingers and red thumbs for a modern pop-art look. Bright blue ribbed cuffs finish off the look. They're made from a blend of acrylic and viscose. 

These mittens are knit by hand in Peru and produced by The Endery, a knitwear project that recycles deadstock yarn into unique pieces. Their goal is to reduce their impact on the environment by using what already exists, so these mittens are not only cute, but eco-conscious too!

More Clothing to Keep the Heat In

Winters are all about staying warm and cozy, even while you enjoy the outdoors. Stay snug no matter the weather in these other warming products!

Top 5 Mittens For Women

No. 1: Overland | B-3 Sheepskin Mittens

No. 2: Whiteleopard | Warm Lining Mittens

No. 3: L.L. Bean | Ultrawarm Mittens

No. 4: ViGrace | Convertible Fingerless Gloves

No. 5: Pratt and Hart | Snowfall Deerskin Mittens

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