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  4. 7 Best Waffle Cone Makers in 2023 (Chef-Reviewed)
  • 7 Best Waffle Cone Makers in 2023 (Chef-Reviewed) 1
  • 7 Best Waffle Cone Makers in 2023 (Chef-Reviewed) 2
  • 7 Best Waffle Cone Makers in 2023 (Chef-Reviewed) 3
  • 7 Best Waffle Cone Makers in 2023 (Chef-Reviewed) 4
  • 7 Best Waffle Cone Makers in 2023 (Chef-Reviewed) 5

7 Best Waffle Cone Makers in 2023 (Chef-Reviewed)

There is nothing more satisfying than a warm and crisp waffle cone with a scoop of ice cream and some fresh fruit on top. And with a waffle cone maker, you can make delicious cones in the comfort of your own kitchen whenever you want. 

Choosing the right waffle cone maker can be tough, but we've done the research and found the 7 best ones. Our favorite is Vevor's Commerical Waffle Cone Maker. It's electric, comes with useful features, and is great for use at your home or restaurant. Make sure to check out the other cone makers on our list down below, as well as our buying guide reviewed by a professional chef to help you decide on the best cone maker for your needs. 

Last updated 06/15/2023
Jim Quast
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Table of Contents

How to Choose a Waffle Cone Maker - Buying Guide

Choosing a waffle cone maker doesn't have to be a difficult task. You'll want to consider important factors such as the material of the cooking surface and the type, which we'll delve into in this section!

① Decide Between an Electric or Stovetop Maker

There are two types of waffle cone makers: electric and stovetop. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses, so think about which one best suits your needs before you make a purchase.

Stovetop Waffle Cone Makers Are Easy to Clean

Stovetop Waffle Cone Makers Are Easy to Clean

Stovetop makers are directly exposed to heat and can help you make waffle cones in a matter of minutes. Cast iron ones work on grills or open fires as well, making them perfect to bring along for a barbecue or camping. On top of being generally durable and easy to maintain, they're also easy to carry around since they're usually small.

While their electric counterparts are more popular, stovetop makers can be appreciated for their simplicity, as they don't have any high-tech parts that can get damaged due to excessive use. They are mostly made of either cast iron or aluminum. Aluminum is easier to clean than cast iron and can have a non-stick coating. 

Electric Products Offer the Best Convenience

Electric Products Offer the Best Convenience

If you're a newbie cook or concerned about burning cones on the stovetop, working with an electric waffle cone maker may be the safer choice. You just need to plug in the cord, pour the batter into the cooking plate, and wait for a few minutes. For extra safety, look for cone makers with spring coil handles to keep your hand from getting burned.

If you intend to use the waffle cone maker to make anything besides just plain cones, for example chocolate cones, opt for one with a temperature dial. Different batters might cook faster and burn more easily, so this feature will help you select the appropriate heat setting to avoid burning your cones. Products with timers can also be useful, especially in a busy kitchen setting.

You should also consider a product designed with indicator lights. They make the cooking process even smoother by informing you of when the cone maker is properly heated and ready to use. And to better allow for an evenly baked cone, try using a product that can rotate or flip over.

Electric makers also have a simple clean-up process. You can just use a soapy, damp cloth to clean them, wiping both the cooking plates as well as the exterior to ensure any oil is cleaned off.

② Choose a Durable Non-Stick Cooking Plate

Choose a Durable Non-Stick Cooking Plate

It's a pain trying to scrape off burnt and stuck batter, so the ideal waffle cone maker's cooking plate should be non-stick for easy cleaning and release. Most cooking plates are crafted with Teflon, a chemical coating that can effectively keep foods from sticking to the cooking surface.

Keep in mind that a non-stick coating doesn't last forever, so try to avoid scrubbing cooking plates with harsh abrasives. Instead, gently rub them with a damp cloth. And when cooking, you might still want to oil the cooking plates to prevent batter from sticking. Moreover, oil gives the cone more flavor and a crispier exterior

③ Look for a Maker That Comes With a Cone Roller

Look for a Maker That Comes With a Cone Roller

To make waffle cones, you'll need to use a forming tool, such as a cone roller, to roll your hot waffle into a cone. Make sure any cone maker you're considering already comes with one, otherwise you'll have to purchase it separately. 

Also, pay attention to the material of the cone roller. Plastic rollers might melt on high heat, so it's better if the cone roller is made of stainless steel or wood since those materials are much more heat-resistant.

④ Choose One or Two Cooking Plates

Choose One or Two Cooking Plates

A waffle cone maker might come with one or two cooking plates. Cone makers that are designed with only one cooking plate tend to have a compact design that is convenient to store and carry around. If you're new to making waffle cones, dealing with one cooking plate can be easier

On the other hand, cone makers with two cooking plates are slightly bulkier but can help you speed up the process of making your waffle cones. 

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7 Best Waffle Cone Makers

To help you with your selection process, we’ve narrowed down a list of seven of the best waffle cone makers available. Take a look to see if there is any product that meets your needs.
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Key features


Gorilla Rock Waffle Cone Maker

Vevor Gorilla Rock Waffle Cone Maker 1枚目

Best Cone Maker for Personal and Commercial Use


Proctor Silex

Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

Proctor Silex Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker 1枚目

Best for Making Waffle Cones or Crispy Waffle Bowls



Waffle Cone Maker

Nemco Waffle Cone Maker 1枚目

Best Commercial Waffle Cone Maker for Speed


Gold Medal

Standard Giant Waffle Cone Baker

Gold Medal Standard Giant Waffle Cone Baker 1枚目

Best Large-Size Cone Maker



Waffle Cone Maker

Woopower Waffle Cone Maker 1枚目

Best Waffle Cone Maker to Use on a Stovetop



Waffle Cone Maker

Sephra Waffle Cone Maker 1枚目

Best Ergonomic Waffle Cone Maker With a Large Plate



Waffle Cone Baker

CoBatCo Waffle Cone Baker 1枚目

Best Large Cone Maker With an LED Display

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VevorGorilla Rock Waffle Cone Maker

Gorilla Rock Waffle Cone Maker Image 1
Gorilla Rock Waffle Cone Maker Image 2
Reference price

Best Cone Maker for Personal and Commercial Use


  • Cooking plate is non-stick
  • Temperature can be controlled with a dial
  • Has a baking timer and preheat indicator light
  • Has a coil spring handle


  • Doesn't come with a cone roller

This heavy-duty waffle cone maker is made of stainless steel and has a cast aluminum cooking plate coated with Teflon, making it non-stick and easy to maintain. It features a coil spring handle that stays cool, dials for setting the temperature and baking time, and even a preheat indicator light. 

Reviewers were pleased with the cone maker and stated it delivered on making the perfect thin waffles for ice cream and other desserts. They appreciated that it was easy to use and easy to clean. Several said they got perfect results on their first try and the cones didn't stick, even without oiling the plates.

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Proctor SilexBelgian Waffle Bowl Maker26410

Best for Making Waffle Cones or Crispy Waffle Bowls


  • Cooking plate is non-stick
  • Comes with a cone roller and bowl mold
  • Has a temperature dial and preheat light
  • Can be stored vertically


  • Some reviewers found that it heats unevenly

Consider this waffle cone maker if you're looking for portability or just want to make waffle cones at home. It comes with a bowl press and cone roller so you can easily make your treat after you brown your waffle to perfection with its browning control. It's easy to conveniently store it away flat or upright.

A few reviewers commented that it was hard to achieve a high enough temperature and that it cooked waffles unevenly. However, most reviewers appreciated that it heated up quickly and felt happy that they could easily have waffle cones whenever they wanted at home.


Best Commercial Waffle Cone Maker for Speed


  • Can handle up to 120 cones per hour
  • Preheats in 12 minutes
  • Has dual grids with fixed hinges
  • Uses coil spring handles
  • Baking timer can be monitored through LED display
  • Has an audible alarm


  • None

This stainless steel dual grid waffle cone maker is perfect if you're looking to make a large amount of waffle cones efficiently. It features two seven-inch diameter cast aluminum grids that preheat in roughly 12 minutes, and an LED display you can see at a glance.

Even if you're busy in the kitchen, its alarm will let you know when your waffle is ready. Its coil spring handles will keep your hands from getting burned, and nonslip feet keep it secure on the countertop.


Gold MedalStandard Giant Waffle Cone Baker5020

Best Large-Size Cone Maker


  • Has a larger than usual 8-inch cooking plate
  • Has a mechanical baking timer
  • Uses solid state electric heating control 


  • None

This waffle cone maker features a large eight-inch Danish grid, perfect for making larger waffle cones and cooking them to perfection. It's made out of stainless steel, while the grid is made out of aluminum. It features solid state electronic heat control, which allows for more precise temperature control.

This cone maker keeps things simple with its push button controls, and it also uses a mechanical baking timer so you'll always know when your waffles are ready to serve.


WoopowerWaffle Cone Maker

Waffle Cone Maker Image 1
Waffle Cone Maker Image 2
Reference price

Best Waffle Cone Maker to Use on a Stovetop


  • Cooking plate is non-stick
  • Handle has a hanging hole and buckle
  • Use on gas stove, grill or open fire


  • Smaller than typical cooking plates

This waffle cone maker is designed to be used over the stovetop, a fire pit, or a grill up to 840 degrees Fahrenheit. Crafted from an aluminum alloy, it's sturdy and has cool-to-the-touch bakelite handles. Moreover, the non-stick coating renders it easy to clean and to maintain.

It sports a fairly small size with a plate diameter of roughly six and a half inches, making it the perfect portable cone maker to bring on any outdoor trip. Reviewers were pleased with how easy it was to keep clean and use, and said it's lightweight.


SephraWaffle Cone Maker12-40710DT-110

Best Ergonomic Waffle Cone Maker With a Large Plate


  • Has a large 10.5-inch square grid
  • Height of feet can be adjusted to suit different users and workspaces
  • Makes 40 cones per hour
  • Has built-in thermostat, preheat light, and timer


  • None

If you want a large area to bake with, try out this waffle cone maker that has an impressive square grid of 10 and a half inches. This product will work in various spaces and be comfortable for users of different heights, since it has height-adjustable feet.

The cone maker's body is made out of durable stainless steel, and the plates are cast iron. It comes with a nice set of features, including a preheat light indicator for 200 degrees Fahrenheit and a digital timer to indicate when a waffle is ready; about every minute and 30 seconds.


CoBatCoWaffle Cone BakerMD-10SSE

Best Large Cone Maker With an LED Display


  • Has a baking timer
  • Has an 8-inch cooking plate
  • Preheats in 15 minutes
  • Temperature can be adjusted
  • Has an LED display


  • Some controls are not straightforward
  • Only available through the manufacturer; pricing on request

If you're looking for a commercial waffle cone maker by a company with reliable service, consider this one by CoBatCo. Its build is made out of heavy-duty stainless steel, and it has a roomy eight-inch cast aluminum grid. It also uses an LED display which allows you to set and read the cone maker's temperature and timer.

This cone maker may take some getting used to, as its controls require long presses and holding a combination of buttons; however, it offers the ability to adjust its temperature and timer and has some of the control instructions printed on its surface, making it easier for employees to use.

Looking for Some More Ice Cream Tools?

There are a plenty of ice cream supplies to help you make the perfect treat. Take a look at our articles to see what some of those products are! 

Top 5 Waffle Cone Makers

No. 1: Vevor | Gorilla Rock Waffle Cone Maker

No. 2: Proctor Silex | Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker | 26410

No. 3: Nemco | Waffle Cone Maker | 7030A-2

No. 4: Gold Medal | Standard Giant Waffle Cone Baker | 5020

No. 5: Woopower | Waffle Cone Maker

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