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  • 10 Best School Supplies in 2023 (Helix, School Supply Boxes, and More) 1
  • 10 Best School Supplies in 2023 (Helix, School Supply Boxes, and More) 2
  • 10 Best School Supplies in 2023 (Helix, School Supply Boxes, and More) 3
  • 10 Best School Supplies in 2023 (Helix, School Supply Boxes, and More) 4
  • 10 Best School Supplies in 2023 (Helix, School Supply Boxes, and More) 5

10 Best School Supplies in 2023 (Helix, School Supply Boxes, and More)

As your kids go back to school, it's time to stock them up on crayons, colored pencils, markers, and scissors, making you wonder where last year's supply has disappeared to. School supplies shopping might be fun and exciting for new parents but can quickly become a tedious chore for others.

Fortunately, School Supply Boxes has got you covered with their kits filled with all the essentials your little ones might need for elementary school. We've included a list of 9 other things your child might require, as well as a buying guide to assist you in making a thorough and complete school supplies list!

Last updated 06/15/2023
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Table of Contents

How to Choose School Supplies

Let's get down to the buying guide designed to help you prepare your child's (or children's) school supplies for this year. You can go at it by grade level or supplies that are more subject-specific. There's also the techy stuff and organization hacks to consider to make the school year more convenient for everyone.

① Look for Supplies by Grade Level

A student's school supplies list varies by grade, especially when they're in preschool, grade school (elementary, middle, and junior high), or high school. You can tackle school supplies shopping according to level. Mentioned below are the fundamental essentials for learning according to grade.

Remember These Supplies For Preschoolers

Remember These Supplies For Preschoolers

Children at this level need the basics because they're still developing fine and gross motor skills. Pencils and other writing materials need to be fatter or bigger for better grip. For example, they would need jumbo crayons instead of the regular-sized ones.

Safety is another important consideration at this age. Scissors must have a blunt tip and safe blades that won't cut a child's fingers. They should be easy to grasp and work with, like those that have built-in springs to assist the little fingers in cutting.

For sharpeners, choose one that can accommodate bigger writing or drawing instruments and one with a protected blade sealed shut in a compartment that's not easy to open.

You also have craft materials that double as sensory aids such as play dough, yarn, and pipe cleaners. Pre-schoolers can harness their creativity and imagination while developing fine motor skills as they go about making art projects.

Look Through Grade School Essentials

Look Through Grade School Essentials

With grade-schoolers doing more writing, notebooks, pens, pencils, and markers are a few of the essential supplies to grab. In elementary school, their previously jumbo-sized supplies transition to the "older kids" version. Crayons are now thin and short, while scissors have a sharper tip, for example. 

Meanwhile, middle or junior high students would be introduced to research papers, so grab index cards, highlighters, and other relevant tools to enhance their learning experience. They could also opt for mechanical pencils or glue sticks instead of regular pencils and liquid glue.

As their math subjects progress, they would need a compass, ruler, and protractor, which can be used until college, so the pricey yet sturdy options could be a worthwhile investment.

Be Prepared for High School Supplies Necessities

Be Prepared for High School Supplies Necessities

Fortunately, the school supplies list for high schoolers isn't as vast as their predecessors, with many of the study materials being provided by the teachers. They need many pens, paper, notebooks, and study assists (post-its, highlighters, white-outs, calculators, an more), though. There are also more textbooks in high school, so students might need book covers to keep them protected for future reference.

To keep random sheets of paper from piling up in a school bag, file organizers, whether the accordion-type or a simple folder, are essential for high school students. These protect very important papers they've worked hard on or keep their printed study materials in good condition and prevent them from getting lost or misplaced.

As their subjects increase, the information they're learning could also use organization. Notebooks and binders with dividers may be beneficial in this scenario.

High school supplies are arguably the most expensive because the subjects get more complex and require special equipment and tools, such as a scientific calculator instead of your regular ones. They might also need more tech-based supplies for extra-curricular subjects such as Adobe Photoshop or other paid software for computer class.

② Grab Subject-Specific Supplements

Grab Subject-Specific Supplements

On top of notebooks, writing utensils, and arts and crafts materials, each subject may also require more specific supplies that vary per grade. For example, a student may need a lab kit for chemistry or a microscope for biology. While these should be readily available at school, parents who homeschool should check the curriculum in advance for additional supplies to acquire.

Other examples include simple motors for their projects introducing how machines work, magnets or batteries for physics, learning models for biology (like the skeletal system, DNA, and more) or a Helix Oxford Maths Set.

The last one is an expanded version of your standard compass and protractor set with a few extras such as set squares, fact sheets, and time tables. This set can last throughout middle school until college.

For recess or lunch, a reliable lunchbox that's insulated and spill-proof is essential to have (check out our school lunch boxes article for more recommendations!).

Other supplementary learning tools are charts, diagrams, or flashcards. The first two could be hung at home or in your home classroom to serve as study guides. Meanwhile, flashcards and study cards are your child's handy tools for additional review or memorization.

③ Consider Which Tech Options You Actually Need

Consider Which Tech Options You Actually Need

A lot of schools and homeschools nowadays have tech-based learning. This encompasses e-learning tools like tablets, laptops, mouse, wrist pads, mousepads, and the like. For example, in a computer class, students need USBs or a mouse, keyboard, and mousepad (unless already provided).

Perhaps the curriculum calls for a beginner's robots or machines kit if they're taking a robotics class. Schools also incorporate technology into their classes, such as using tablets in place of print out materials to minimize waste. Your child might be required to bring their own device or download the needed e-learning materials.

④ Don’t Forget to Organize Your Supplies

Don’t Forget to Organize Your Supplies

Binders, file organizers, pencil cases, or subject dividers for notebooks are a few examples of organizing hacks for school supplies, making learning more convenient for students.

At home, you can also consider getting a storage container to keep all school-related supplies. This can keep the clutter neatly stored in its designated place and make it easy for kids to grab what they need. You can also consider getting label stickers or a label maker to mark each compartment accordingly. No more wasted time searching where those extra pencils are.

⑤ Buy School Supplies in Bulk

Buy School Supplies in Bulk

From pencils to paper - you can never have too many of certain school supplies, so it's recommended to buy them in bulk. Doing so could save you a few trips to the store or repeat purchases of the same item.

For example, art paper is used from preschool until middle school; meanwhile, bond paper is used throughout the school years, from preschool to college, so don't be afraid of picking up too much!

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Best School Supplies Ranking

Here are the best School Supplies, ranked according to 10 Best School Supplies (as of 11-04-2022). The products are ranked independently by mybest.
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Key features

School Supply Boxes

School Supply Kit

School Supply Boxes School Supply Kit 1枚目

A Complete Back-To-School Supply Kit For Young Students



Oxford Metallics Rose Gold Maths Set

Helix Oxford Metallics Rose Gold Maths Set 1枚目

The Complete Math Set



Expanding File Folder with Sticky Labels

Sooez Expanding File Folder with Sticky Labels 1枚目

A Handy and Versatile File Folder Organizer



Preschool Training Scissors

Wescott Preschool Training Scissors 1枚目

Safe Scissors For Beginners


Blue Squid

Arts and Craft Supplies for Kids

Blue Squid Arts and Craft Supplies for Kids 1枚目

The All-in-One Arts and Crafts Kit



Pre-sharpened Wood Cased #2 HB Pencils

AmazonBasics Pre-sharpened Wood Cased #2 HB Pencils 1枚目

Always Have a Pre-Sharpened Pencil Ready



Divider Sticky Notes

Redi-Tag Divider Sticky Notes 1枚目

A Versatile Reminder System



Large Capacity Pencil Pen Case Bag

Easthill Large Capacity Pencil Pen Case Bag 1枚目

A Convenient, Heavy-Duty Pencil Case



Liquid Highlighters

Sharpie Liquid Highlighters 1枚目

Trusted Markers For Swift Highlighting



1-Subject Notebooks

Oxford 1-Subject Notebooks 1枚目

Durable, Smooth, and Versatile College-Ruled Notebooks

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School Supply BoxesSchool Supply Kit

School Supply Kit Image 1
Reference price

A Complete Back-To-School Supply Kit For Young Students

Check off everything in your school supplies list with this kit! It has almost everything your elementary student might need when it comes to writing, drawing, coloring, and arts and crafts materials. And because it's made by reliable brands such as Crayola, you can expect good-quality from your purchase.

According to a few reviewers, the kit came in foam bubbles, which make a mess. Others complained that the set was incomplete, with missing pencils or erasers. Also, this might not be recommended for preschoolers because the coloring instruments are regular-sized, and the scissors were pointy.

Meanwhile, many parents were relieved the kit saved them a trip to the store. They didn't have to purchase supplies individually anymore. It comes with the essentials a child might need to get started for the school year, they added.

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HelixOxford Metallics Rose Gold Maths Set

Oxford Metallics Rose Gold Maths Set Image 1
Reference price

The Complete Math Set

Add a little bit of fun to math with this stylish Oxford maths set by the trusted Helix brand. You get the essentials such as a protractor, set squares, compass, and ruler, stored in a rose gold metal tin case. There are other designs to choose from, too. This set has been a loyal companion among students throughout the years.

One parent wished it had a chemistry stencil included in the set. Other than that, this was a highly-rated product with almost no critical reviews.

Reviewers appreciated that the set was small and compact, and therefore easy to carry around. Some parents remembered this same product from their own school days, and would still recommend it. Furthermore, the different designs made it easier for their kids to identify their set at school.


SooezExpanding File Folder with Sticky Labels

Expanding File Folder with Sticky Labels Image 1
Reference price

A Handy and Versatile File Folder Organizer

Organization is crucial when your child's sheets of paper continue to increase. Keep tests, quizzes, activities, notes, or study materials in this sturdy and waterproof organizer to ensure their safety at all times. This organizer also comes with a front pocket zipper to keep other study tools.

A few reviewers wished the organizer could expand more than the current inch or two to accommodate more documents. Some commented that the dividers are open at the bottom, which could get small papers mixed with the others. 

Reviewers noted that the color-coded stickers were very helpful, and the front pocket was a nice added feature. There is a lot of room for schoolwork, said parents. It's flexible, yet sturdy, they added.


WescottPreschool Training Scissors

Preschool Training Scissors Image 1
Reference price

Safe Scissors For Beginners

Look no further for a trusted pair of scissors for your child. It only cuts paper thanks to the not-so-sharp blades, while the blunt tip increases safety while handling the instrument. Plus, it comes with a spring to help small hands get accustomed to the cutting motion and prepare them for regular scissors.

These scissors are for young children (ages 2 or 3), noted parents, who said their older kids were disappointed that they don't cut well. Some also said the scissors were not very durable and could fall apart easily.

On the other hand, reviewers commented that these were a good pair of training scissors. They fit well in small hands, and the spring works seamlessly to reduce the effort on their fingers.


Blue SquidArts and Craft Supplies for Kids

Arts and Craft Supplies for Kids Image 1
Reference price

The All-in-One Arts and Crafts Kit

Shopping for art supplies can be a tedious chore due to the long list of knickknacks to get. This kit gives you an all-in-one option and comes complete with all essentials like popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners. Best of all, it comes in an easy-store bag for clean-up time.

A few reviewers complained that theirs came with missing items such as buttons or glitter glue. The handle of the bag could easily tear, so they advise handling with care. However, they noted that for the price and number of items included, the product was worthwhile.

Parents loved that they could easily place the items back into the bag after use. The number of possibilities to keep their kids busy was well appreciated. The safety scissors included was also a plus because even young ones could join in on the fun.


AmazonBasicsPre-sharpened Wood Cased #2 HB Pencils

Pre-sharpened Wood Cased #2 HB Pencils Image 1
Reference price

Always Have a Pre-Sharpened Pencil Ready

We know how dispensable pencils are - whether they're borrowed and never returned, used so much they can't be sharpened anymore, or simply disappear. Always have a pencil on standby with this 150-pack from AmazonBasics. They're even pre-sharpened!

A few critical comments on the quality of the pencils include the eraser being too stiff, the lead not writing dark enough, or that they don't sharpen evenly.

Many reviewers, however, thought it was perfect for classroom use. The big bulk equipped parents with pencils ready to use for their kids while studying at school or home. Users also didn't have too many issues with the lead breaking continuously while sharpening.


Redi-TagDivider Sticky Notes

Divider Sticky Notes Image 1
Reference price

A Versatile Reminder System

Creating tabs and dividing a notebook is great and all, but with this nifty invention, a student can now leave a note, make a to-do-list and stay on schedule thanks to the writing space provided. The sticky notes have a smooth writing surface with an adhesive back that comes off cleanly.

A few reviewers suggested for the manufacturer to make the tabs more sturdy because they're made of the same material as the post-it area and would end up bent or crumpled. Meanwhile, some found the adhesive to be too sticky and requires careful pulling off.

Many reviewers liked that they could now organize a single notebook without having to purchase multiple ones for different purposes. Others used it to make notes on books and other reading materials without having to write directly on the page. It's a highly recommended product that works as advertised.


EasthillLarge Capacity Pencil Pen Case Bag

Large Capacity Pencil Pen Case Bag Image 1
Reference price

A Convenient, Heavy-Duty Pencil Case

A common issue with pencil cases is that they fill up too much and precious time is wasted looking for that specific pen you need. With this case, however, you can fit up to 50 pens or pencil, and keep them neatly organized. It opens at the top and the side for easy access.

A few reviewers thought the zippers were difficult to maneuver, while some assumed that there were two separate compartments based on the two zippers. They wished there were more separate spaces for better organization.

On a positive note, the material was well-loved by many. The case is spacious, and they liked the front area where most-used pens could be stored. Reviewers confirmed that it could fit a lot of pens and pencils.


SharpieLiquid Highlighters

Liquid Highlighters Image 1
Reference price

Trusted Markers For Swift Highlighting

Keep these trusty highlighters nearby for any important information that needs to pop out of the rest of the text. The markers come in vibrant colors, and the chiseled tips allow for a smooth and clean application. They're also designed like sign pens with a see-through barrel so you can keep a close watch on your ink supply.

A few reviewers commented that one of their highlighters came with a damaged tip or half-full ink supply. Some confirmed that they were able to get replacements for subpar highlighter pens.

There were no issues with the quality of the markers, though, and reviewers mentioned they worked great. The ink did not bleed through paper, and they could still see what they're highlighting. The many color options let them add a splash of fun to their text.


Oxford1-Subject Notebooks

1-Subject Notebooks Image 1
Reference price

Durable, Smooth, and Versatile College-Ruled Notebooks

Make note-taking efficient and convenient with this college-ruled notebook with micro-perforated pages for easy tearing. They're three-hole punched so the sheets can be quickly transferred to a binder. What's more, the smooth and thick surface means comfortable writing without the risk of ink bleeding through.

According to a few reviewers, the back cover is not convenient to write on if not on a hard, table-like surface. They wished the support was there to make it easy to write anywhere.

Still, many reviewers shared that these notebooks were worth the purchase since they get the job done. They liked the bold colors, making it easy to coordinate a particular subject with a notebook.

Get Ready For School With These Essentials

Get Ready For School With These Essentials

Looking for more essential tools your kids can take to school? Look no further! Check out our recommended products to make your child's school life as swift as can be.

Top 5 School Supplies

No. 1: School Supply Boxes | School Supply Kit

No. 2: Helix | Oxford Metallics Rose Gold Maths Set

No. 3: Sooez | Expanding File Folder with Sticky Labels

No. 4: Wescott | Preschool Training Scissors

No. 5: Blue Squid | Arts and Craft Supplies for Kids

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