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8 Best Makeup Kits for Kids in 2023 (Pediatrician-Reviewed)

There comes a time when our little one becomes interested in the products that we apply on our faces. Children mimic by nature, and if they spot us applying makeup frequently, this only piques their interest! However, not all of the cosmetics we use are safe for their skin. Plus, we want to encourage them to see makeup as something that's fun - not a necessity!

Thus, makeup kits for kids were born. These are guaranteed to be safe for hours of fun! Make it Up's Mermaid Collection Pretend Play Makeup Set, for example, is made with safe materials and looks so realistic that it could fool even adults.
If you're looking at other makeup kit options, there's a buying below to help you choose the best makeup kit for your aspiring artist. 

Last updated 06/08/2023
Dr. Lulu
Pediatrician, LGBTQ+ Life Coach, Author
Dr. Lulu

Upon completing a successful pediatric career that spanned 30 years, Dr. Lulu embraced her childhood dream of becoming an author. She now has 4 bestsellers and is an acclaimed motivational speaker, talk show host and certified life coach. She helps parents of LGBTQ+ kids understand, accept and support their children through their coming out process and beyond.

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Table of Contents

How to Choose a Makeup Kit for Kids

While it's tempting to pick the first makeup kit you spot online, take some time to read through the following considerations to ensure that only the best ingredients and materials will touch your child's skin.

① Go for a Real or Play Approach

You have two options to choose from when it comes to the type of makeup kit to get: one that has real makeup or one that is only for pretend play. Each has its pros and cons. 

Introduce Pretend Makeup Kits for Young Artists

Introduce Pretend Makeup Kits for Young Artists

Pretend play makeup kits nowadays look so realistic that your very little one wouldn't be able to tell the difference. What's more, they never run out and are very durable. Pretend makeup kits are safer for more sensitive skin and pose no risk of allergic reactions. 

They encourage imaginative and creative play, too. Go for makeup kits made with top-notch materials to ensure that they're stimulating enough for young ones. High-end quality kits come with lipsticks that twist and pop up or face powder cases with actual sponges. 

Perhaps the best perk that comes with pretend play makeup kits is the no-mess application, which countless parents love. Children as young as two years old (with adult supervision) can grab the "cosmetics" and start mimicking their role models. 

Dr. Lulu
Pediatrician, LGBTQ+ Life Coach, AuthorDr. Lulu

Whether you despise makeup or you love "glam and glit", you might find that your child (male or female) loves the stuff! Since children love to copy, they are likely to copy you, and that is also one way they learn. 

In the spirit of safety and play, it is always best to begin with pretend makeup kits, particularly with younger children. Since they are toys, there is no danger of chemicals or even messes. They look like real makeup kits with sunglasses, lipstick, nail polish, blush, brushes, and more.

Get a "My First Make-Up Set" for Older Kids

Get a "My First Make-Up Set" for Older Kids

For older kids, a pretend play makeup set might not be as engaging anymore. At this age, they expect output - seeing that something is actually happening to their faces. Fortunately for parents, there are now real makeup kits specially designed for kids to explore and enjoy. 

They basically get what they see in an adult's makeup bag but in a kid-friendly version. The materials are more durable and the ingredients are safer. The colors will often be more youthful as well, with fun shades and sheer formulas!

Dr. Lulu
Pediatrician, LGBTQ+ Life Coach, AuthorDr. Lulu

As kids get older, parents can begin to inch towards real makeup with a "trainer set". One of those is something like My First Make-Up Set, available on Amazon and anywhere makeup is sold. These are made with kid-safe materials

They are non-toxic and washable, and I even heard from a little bird that some of them might be edible. However, for some children with sensitive skin, the makeup may cause skin irritation. Parents must be careful!

② Ensure the Makeup Kit Is Safe

When getting a makeup kit for kids, safety is the number one priority. From the materials to the ingredients used, it is a parents' task to ensure that the kit is safe to use. 

Check the Makeup Ingredients

Check the Makeup Ingredients

Makeup contains certain chemicals or ingredients that may pose no harm to adult skin but could irritate a child. Young skin has a thinner barrier, or defense mechanism, to keep irritants out. Examples of such ingredients are sulfates, emollients, fragrances, or artificial dyes. 

Because you are dealing with more sensitive skin, the ingredients in a kid's makeup kit must be non-toxic. You can get products that are made with natural minerals or even hypoallergenic or vegan ingredients. If you have specific concerns, there are formulas that are gluten-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and the like. 

It is also advised to look for CPC (Certified Professional Coder) certification, among other safety standard certifications, to ensure that the product is compliant to all medical coding laws and is safe for kids to use

Dr. Lulu
Pediatrician, LGBTQ+ Life Coach, AuthorDr. Lulu

Since adult makeups can sometimes have ingredients that might cause irritation to childrens' skin, a quick check of the ingredients is a great place to start. 

Most of these kits are washable, and that is a huge attraction for parents. However, you can never be too careful. For instance, Glamour magazine in 2018 reported that some kids' make-up kits were found to contain traces of asbestos. It's a toxin that can cause health problems in children, hence the need to look at ingredients!

Do a Patch Test First

Do a Patch Test First

If you're getting a real makeup kit, a patch test is a smart way to gauge if certain ingredients will react with your child's skin. You take a swab of the product and apply it on your child's inner wrist or elbow - these areas have thinner skin and will provide more accurate results. 

Cover the area with a bandage and wait 24 hours. No breakouts, redness, or itchiness means you're good to go!

Dr. Lulu
Pediatrician, LGBTQ+ Life Coach, AuthorDr. Lulu

One of the easiest ways to detect an allergy to chemical ingredients in makeup is to first place a tiny amount of the makeup on a select area of skin, such as the wrist or the elbow. This also goes for other potential allergens like perfume

That process is called a skin patch test. If the child's skin is sensitive, it will show a reaction (pain, itching, warmth, redness, or swelling). These visual cues will let you know it's not tolerated by your child's skin, and that knowledge will help prevent any adverse reactions in the future.

Check the Packaging of the Set, Too

Check the Packaging of the Set, Too

Even the packaging must be checked when it comes to choosing a makeup kit for little ones. Go for safe, BPA-free plastic materials (as most of the items will be made with plastic) and EVA foam for the sponges. EVA foam is the safer alternative to PVC! It doesn't incorporate plasticizers, such as phthalates, and it's also BPA-free. 

Dr. Lulu
Pediatrician, LGBTQ+ Life Coach, AuthorDr. Lulu

This blog by Dr. Axe lists up to 11 other potentially harmful ingredients that might be lurking in your child's makeup kit. So, it's important that a thorough inspection of the packaging is done to look for other hidden contents of the makeup. These can include lead, cadmium, parabens, arsenic, and more.

③ Study the Reviews and Recommendations

Study the Reviews and Recommendations

Reviewers will often state if a particular makeup kit is washable. You don't want the product to stay on your child's skin for extended periods! Much like how it's recommended to sleep without makeup, kid's makeup must be thoroughly removed to avoid skin irritation.  A makeup kit that's water-based with an easy-wash formula is advised. 

While we don't want the makeup to stick or stain the skin, we do want it to last long enough to be enjoyed. Reviews also indicate if the product stays on the skin or if it disappears too fast.

Those who have the kit will also highlight the quality and formula of the makeup. While some parents might want a kit with bright, bold colors that last, other parents may prefer lighter, sheerer formulas. 

Dr. Lulu
Pediatrician, LGBTQ+ Life Coach, AuthorDr. Lulu

In today's world of rapidly changing and easily accessible information, it's important that parents and caregivers read customer reviews of any products they use, particularly those for children. 

④ Get a Makeup Kit for an Occasion

Get a Makeup Kit for an Occasion

Another to approach choosing a makeup kit is to focus on an occasion. These are used for parties, such as Halloween, where boys and girls dress up and get their face painted. The makeup kits often include brighter, bolder colors with a long-lasting formula. 

There are also make-your-own makeup kits, which double as an exciting activity for your kids. These work like science kits but are for makeup, instead! 

Dr. Lulu
Pediatrician, LGBTQ+ Life Coach, AuthorDr. Lulu

There are various reasons why children would want to wear makeup. Most of them would be for fun, like Halloween, others are for parties like costume parties, and others are for special occasions like performances, fashion shows, cheerleading, and more. 

No matter the reason for the makeup use, ensure that they are safe, applied by professionals, and abide by recommendations and manufacturer's orders. But like all things, parents must treat everything as fun where kids are concerned. If the children are no longer enjoying it, then consider stopping the use of it.

⑤ Grab a Kit With the Essentials

Grab a Kit With the Essentials

Lastly, you want to grab a kit that has all the essentials. A makeup kit should include most of the following: makeup for the eyes and cheeks (kids love playing with blush and eyeshadow), some lipsticks or lip balms (they see adults apply these all the time), a couple of brushes or sponges, a mirror, and a pouch or case to keep everything neat and protected. 

You can also go for a kit that focuses on type of makeup but includes a myriad of colors and applicators, such as an eyeshadow palette. 

Dr. Lulu
Pediatrician, LGBTQ+ Life Coach, AuthorDr. Lulu

While most makeup kits have basically the same contents, there are several items that are deemed "essential" for your child's makeup kit. These contents include mascara, eyeliner, an eyebrow pencil, lipsticks in "fun" colors, brushes and sponges for blending, blush, highlighter, an eyeshadow palette, and makeup wipes. While each child might not need every item, it is better to have them than not.

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8 Best Makeup Kits for Kids

To make the selection process easier for you, we've researched the internet's top makeup kits, including play makeup and real cosmetics options, that kids of all ages will enjoy.
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Key features

Make it Up

Mermaid Collection

Make it Up Mermaid Collection 1枚目

Pretend Play Makeup Set for Mermaid Lovers



Kids Makeup Kit

SmartEmily Kids Makeup Kit 1枚目

Professional-Looking Makeup Kit for Kids


Make it Up

My First Makeup Set

Make it Up My First Makeup Set 1枚目

Start With This Princess Makeup Set


Luna Star Naturals

Klee Kids Natural Mineral Makeup

Luna Star Naturals Klee Kids Natural Mineral Makeup 1枚目

Fairy-Inspired Natural Mineral Makeup



Kids Makeup Kit

Meland Kids Makeup Kit 1枚目

A Makeup Kit With Imaginative Play Accessories



Colorful Makeup Kit

Bloranda Colorful Makeup Kit 1枚目

Makeup Kit With High Quality Brushes and Case


Litti Pritti

11-Piece Play Makeup Set

Litti Pritti 11-Piece Play Makeup Set 1枚目

A Pretend Play Makeup Set That's Guaranteed Safe for Kids



Face Paint Kit for Kids

 Zenovika Face Paint Kit for Kids 1枚目

The Professional Face Paint Kit for Every Occasion

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Make it UpMermaid Collection

Mermaid Collection Image 1
Mermaid Collection Image 2
Reference price

Pretend Play Makeup Set for Mermaid Lovers

Boost your young artist's creativity with this imaginative play makeup set. From the eyes to the nails, this kit is all about pinks, purples and blues

Once done, pack the pieces into the shiny mermaid-patterned pouch. This kit gets super close to looking like realistic makeup while the foam "cosmetics" keeps things safe for young, sensitive skin.

Reviewers noted that the brushes are even softer than adult ones and can be used with real makeup. It does feel like real makeup, and delighted parents said that young kids couldn't tell the difference. Even though they weren't actually applying makeup, little ones were still enthralled! 

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SmartEmilyKids Makeup Kit

Professional-Looking Makeup Kit for Kids

This makeup kit is for kids who have outgrown the pink princess stage. It looks more adult and professional but is still safe to use on young skin. The glittery silver pouch looks posh and holds all 17 pieces safely while traveling or at home. 

While a few parents thought that the overall look of the bag and makeup was a bit generic and cheap, many shared that their kids loved the whole thing. 

Parents especially liked that the package came with specific descriptions of what the makeup is made of, which is useful for sensitive skin. Reviewers said that it looks and feels like real, quality makeup, and their kids spent hours experimenting. 


Make it UpMy First Makeup Set

Start With This Princess Makeup Set

There's enough makeup in this kit to satisfy every child's glam desires. From smooth, bright colors to glittery shades, this real makeup will please young artists. It's non-toxic and washable, too. Plus, it's all housed in one convenient container! 

A few reviewers were disappointed with the quality of the brushes and applicators. They noted it could be made with better materials and advise others to purchase a separate brush set to compliment the kit. 

Reviewers said that the product washes off quickly, regardless of if it's applied heavily or lightly. The washable nature of the cosmetics also makes it easy for children to begin another masterpiece. Both children and parents loved that there were many colors to choose from. 


Luna Star NaturalsKlee Kids Natural Mineral Makeup

Fairy-Inspired Natural Mineral Makeup

This makeup set is made with natural minerals and doesn't contain talc, parabens, petrochemicals, or artificial dyes - it's guaranteed to provide safe, clean fun for hours! Plus, the pink lemonade lip shimmer is organic, looks cool, and has a yummy flavor. 

A few reviewers noted that the loose powder might be too messy for young kids and recommend adult supervision, just in case. Meanwhile, parents loved that this product was safe, even for very sensitive skin. 

Reviewers liked that there was an organic body lotion included, which made kids feel grown-up while learning about skincare. As for the color quality, parents said that the shades are subtle with lots of shimmer. Plus, they naturally smell good!


MelandKids Makeup Kit

Kids Makeup Kit Image 1
Kids Makeup Kit Image 2

A Makeup Kit With Imaginative Play Accessories

If your kid is showing interest in makeup, but you're unsure about giving them real cosmetics, this 19-piece is perfect for creative play. It comes with so much more than a typical makeup set! They can pretend to make phone calls or swipe debit cards as they make purchases.

According to a few parents, the bag strap and other plastic parts need extra care as they might break easily. Nothing a little glue couldn't fix, they noted. As for the makeup kit, reviewers said that it looks like real cosmetics until you touch it!

The lipstick twists, the sponge and brushes feel real, and there's no mess. Many reviewers were delighted at the luxurious quality of the set, and kids agree. 


BlorandaColorful Makeup Kit

Colorful Makeup Kit Image 1
Colorful Makeup Kit Image 2

Makeup Kit With High Quality Brushes and Case

This makeup kit prioritized the quality of the brushes, which are professionally-made, and the case, which is sturdy enough to last a long time. Even adults could use this brush set! The contents will keep your little one entertained for hours. 

A few parents mentioned that the cleanup could be messy, and some thought the colors were a bit dull. Many reviewers, however, had no issues with the kit, saying that it is definitely high quality. 

Reviewers said that the pigmentation was realistic without being too heavy, and the items are perfectly-sized for little hands. They confirm that the brushes and case are top-notch, as well!


Litti Pritti11-Piece Play Makeup Set

A Pretend Play Makeup Set That's Guaranteed Safe for Kids

It may not be real, but the quality was not compromised for this makeup kit! From the brushes made with real animal hair to the cosmetic pouch made with PU leather, this kit feels grow-up. The set passed safety standards as well!

The nail polish brush is a bit sharp, and parents noted that it might not be suitable for very young children. Other than that, they weren't disappointed with the quality of the product. 

Reviewers commented that the makeup kit was sturdy, very realistic, and absolutely adorable. There was nothing cheap about this product! Now, their kids can join in on their daily makeup routine, minus the mess. 


ZenovikaFace Paint Kit for Kids

The Professional Face Paint Kit for Every Occasion

This makeup kit is for kids who want a little something more or for those who need reliable face paint for a party. Specially designed for young faces, this product is safe and gentle on skin. Its formulation is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and fragrance-free

A few reviewers noted that some of the colors were harder to remove than others, while others found the makeup too lackluster. However, many reviewers thought this was the best face paint palette for kids on the market. 

Parents loved that it came with stencils, which made the application so much easier. Many found themselves playing with the face paint without a special occasion! Cleanup was stress-free too. 

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Top 5 Makeup Kit for Kids

No. 1: Make it Up | Mermaid Collection

No. 2: SmartEmily | Kids Makeup Kit

No. 3: Make it Up | My First Makeup Set

No. 4: Luna Star Naturals | Klee Kids Natural Mineral Makeup

No. 5: Meland | Kids Makeup Kit

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