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  • 8 Healthiest Ketchups in 2023 (Nutritionist-Reviewed) 3
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8 Healthiest Ketchups in 2023 (Nutritionist-Reviewed)

If you think that ketchup is healthy just because it’s made from tomatoes and doesn’t have too much fat, then you might want to double-check that label on the back of your bottle of Heinz. Unfortunately, although ketchup has the potential to be really quite healthy, most commercial varieties are full of preservatives, artificial flavors, and sugar. But if you do a little digging, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a healthier ketchup.

So, we prepared a list of our 8 favorite healthy ketchups. Portlandia Foods' Organic Portland Ketchup took the top spot in our list because it contains organic ingredients and no artificial preservatives. Read on to see our other options, and be sure to scroll down to our buying guide reviewed by a nutritionist to find out how to identify a healthy ketchup. 

Last updated 06/15/2023
Kara Swanson
Kara Swanson

Kara Swanson is a certified nutritionist and the founder of Life Well Lived. She is married to her best friend and the proud mother of three. Her passion is to make nutrition simple+easy+delicious!

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Table of Contents

How to Choose a Healthy Ketchup – Buying Guide

There are a few key things to look for when picking through the junk and figuring out what makes a ketchup healthy and what you might want to get for yourself. Here are some factors to keep in mind.

① Look for Natural Ingredients and Avoid Artificial

Look for Natural Ingredients and Avoid Artificial
A great rule of thumb when looking for a healthy anything is to simply check if the ingredients list includes things that you might have in your own kitchen or would be able to buy at a grocery store. Look for ingredients like whole tomatoes, vinegar, and spices.

Bonus if the ketchup contains a blend of different types of vegetables and fruits. This adds in more healthy vitamins and minerals to your condiment, making it a better choice. Plus, it gives your ketchup a more complex flavor profile and texture! 

On the flip side, artificial and highly processed ingredients should be avoided as much as possible. Some common ingredients to avoid are high fructose corn syrup (linked to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes), natural flavoring, and even tomatoes from concentrate.

Kara Swanson
NutritionistKara Swanson

It may seem daunting to have to read labels but, if you do, you'll quickly get the hang of what to look for and will feel more in control of your health and what you put in your body. 

The more you read labels, the easier it is. And you'll soon find brands and products that you know and trust so you can easily swap those in instead of the unhealthy alternative.

② Watch Out for Sneaky Sugars

Watch Out for Sneaky Sugars
Just because it’s being sold as “healthy” or “organic” and has a clean ingredients list, it doesn’t mean that your ketchup is automatically good for you. 

Ketchup is a pretty sweet condiment, and even if it doesn’t have sugar specifically in the ingredient list, it probably still has a lot of sweeteners in other forms such as fruit juices or sugar substitutes like agave or honey. Natural sweeteners, however, aren't all that bad, so we would still recommend those over the artificial stuff.

While juices and natural sweeteners are certainly better than high fructose corn syrup, it’s best to find ketchup that doesn’t rely on added sweeteners and gets its sweetness from the tomatoes or other whole-food ingredients. That way, you'll know you're getting all-natural sweetness, rather than flavor from added sugar.

You'll also want to take a look at the label to check out the sodium content. Regular ketchup has an average of 190 milligrams of sodium, which is about one-eighth of the amount of salt intake recommended for a day. So if you can find a low sodium option, that'd be best, but, in general, make sure to eat ketchup in moderation.

Kara Swanson
NutritionistKara Swanson

Sugar is added to so many products and labels can be deceiving and honestly, confusing. Something that is "natural" can easily have a lot of sugar added. 

That is why reading labels is so important. The first thing to look at on a label is the ingredients. The very first ingredient is what they use the most of in the food. So if sugar is the first ingredient, sugar is the most used ingredient.

③ Pay Attention to Shelf Life and Container Size

Pay Attention to Shelf Life and Container Size
Because healthy ketchups don’t have any artificial preservatives, they’ll likely have a shorter shelf life than the conventional ketchups you’re used to. As a condiment, ketchup may sit in your fridge for a while, so if you don’t use it too often, make sure that the bottle you buy isn’t too big and avoid getting multi-packs.
Kara Swanson
NutritionistKara Swanson

Paying attention to the shelf life is important because it's never a good feeling when you have to throw out food. And chances are that you spent a little extra money on a good, quality ketchup so making sure you can use it before the expiration is important.

④ Check Over the Make of the Container

The container is something important to check out for, especially when considering convenience and how it's been made.

Consider How the Bottle is Designed

Consider How the Bottle is Designed

You'll want to pay attention to what kind of bottle you're purchasing. If you're short on time and want a quick fix, then go for a plastic squeeze bottle. Simply hold it upside down, squeeze the container, and you'll get a dab of ketchup on your plate. It's easy enough for anyone to use.

However, if you're looking for sustainable options, then a pour glass bottle would be best. Of course, glass is easily breakable and it can be hard to pour out the right amount, especially if the spout is big or the sauce too watery. 

But glass containers do look classy on any table. Just make sure to give the bottle a good shake before pouring it out to make sure it comes out slowly.

Kara Swanson
NutritionistKara Swanson

Glass containers are always best to avoid unwanted chemicals, so first look for a healthier ketchup in a glass container. But if that's not an option, or not as convenient, a healthier, low sugar ketchup in a plastic bottle will do.

Look for BPA-Free Packaging

Look for BPA-Free Packaging
Did you know that one of the main factors in plastic degradation is acid? Tomatoes are pretty highly acidic, so to ensure that you’re not getting any unwanted chemicals in your food (after all, you did just scour the ingredients list to avoid them), make sure the packaging is BPA-free. Of course, the safest option is glass as even BPA-free plastics break down.
Kara Swanson
NutritionistKara Swanson

BPA-Free is pretty standard these days but it's still a good practice to check and make sure that the packaging is BPA-Free. This is important not only for your health but for the environment too.

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8 Healthiest Ketchups

Here’s a list of our 8 favorites to get you started. We've evaluated them based on their ingredients and sugar levels; plus, we combed through the reviews to check over how other people thought of each bottle.
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Key features

Portlandia Foods

Organic Portland Ketchup

Portlandia Foods Organic Portland Ketchup 1枚目

Organic With a Wholesome, Old Fashioned Flavor


Primal Kitchen

Organic Unsweetened Ketchup

Primal Kitchen Organic Unsweetened Ketchup 1枚目

Long Lasting and Super Tomato-y


Sir Kensington’s

Classic Ketchup

Sir Kensington’s Classic Ketchup 1枚目

Ethical Ketchup For Serious Ketchup Lovers



Tomato Ketchup 100% Sweetened by Vegetables

Gaults Tomato Ketchup 100% Sweetened by Vegetables 1枚目

A Very Typical Ketchup, Minus Sweeteners



Honey Ketchup

Wellbee's Honey Ketchup 1枚目

Super Rich, Super Sweet, and SCD-Approved


True Made Foods

Vegetable No Added Sugar Ketchup

True Made Foods Vegetable No Added Sugar Ketchup 1枚目

Veggie-Packed and Sweetener-Free


Steve’s Paleo Goods

PaleoChef Ketchup

Steve’s Paleo Goods PaleoChef Ketchup 1枚目

A Paleo-Friendly Ketchup Full of Spices



Spicy Ketchup

AlternaSweets Spicy Ketchup 1枚目

Low-Carb and Sweetened With Stevia

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Portlandia FoodsOrganic Portland Ketchup

Organic Portland Ketchup Image 1
Reference price

Organic With a Wholesome, Old Fashioned Flavor

This simple bottle of ketchup is made with seven organic ingredients that are gluten-free, vegan, and low in sugar. There are no additives and it's low on salt, too. Rather than trying to be anything else, this ketchup is just plain ketchup, but better.

Reviewers note that this ketchup tastes like a grandparent’s homemade version from their childhood and that even those who tend not to like ketchup are pleasantly surprised by this one.
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Primal KitchenOrganic Unsweetened Ketchup

Long Lasting and Super Tomato-y

If you’re looking for ketchup that’s just ketchup–no extra veggies or unnecessary spices–but without the sugar, look no further. This ketchup is unapologetically tomato-y and also Whole 30, paleo, and keto-friendly.

This ketchup is also great for those who don’t use the condiment too often. Each bottle is shelf-stable for 18 months and will remain fresh in the refrigerator for up to 8 months after opening. 

Some reviewers mention that their bottles came in the mail broken or leaking, though you should be able to contact customer service if this occurs. But, most find that it tastes exactly like regular ketchup and that it tastes so great that they don't even miss the sugar!


Sir Kensington’sClassic Ketchup

Ethical Ketchup For Serious Ketchup Lovers

If you’re someone who loves ketchup and loves to put it on everything, this ketchup, which tastes basically like any conventional ketchup but without any artificial sweeteners or preservatives, might be the choice for you. 

On top of tasting great, it also has non-GMO, B-Corp, and humane certifications. And if you really like it, it comes in a six-pack to ensure you never run out. The taste isn't for everyone, though, as it's on the tangier, more sour side, but most reviewers do like it and say it has a complex flavor and that the consistency is adequately thick.

GaultsTomato Ketchup 100% Sweetened by Vegetables

A Very Typical Ketchup, Minus Sweeteners

Like it says, this ketchup is 100% sweetened by New Zealand veggies and contains no sweeteners of any kind. Despite this, it still tastes like a very normal ketchup, if slightly less sweet. There are no added colors, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and artificial flavors; plus, it's 99% fat-free! It's also corn and wheat free for those with allergies.

However, for discerning consumers, you should note that the label lists “vegetable extract” as well as “herbs” and “spices” without specifically saying what’s in it. But the manufacturer is very responsive to questions, so it shouldn’t be hard to ask. 

Most reviewers say there is a bit of difference between this natural ketchup and regular Heinz, but it overall tastes amazing for being made with no sugar.


Wellbee'sHoney Ketchup

Super Rich, Super Sweet, and SCD-Approved

If you think all healthy ketchups are light and acidic, this one might prove you wrong. Sweet, rich, and with a deep flavor that most conventional ketchups don’t even have, it’s also paleo and Specific Carbohydrate Diet approved.

However, some reviewers note that it has a spice profile closer to barbecue or steak sauce and might be too sweet if you’re looking to cut down on sugars. Paleo and SDC followers find the ketchup a bit on the sweeter side, but they especially love the taste and how they can trust that it's free of sugar.

True Made FoodsVegetable No Added Sugar Ketchup

Veggie-Packed and Sweetener-Free

This ketchup features absolutely no added sweeteners and relies simply on tomatoes and apples for sweetness. On top of that, it’s packed with a bunch of other vegetables that are normally not found in ketchup.

However, it is reviewers say it's noticeably less sweet than most ketchups and may be a bit too sour for some. So if you prefer your ketchup on the sweeter side, this is probably not the best option for you. But most reviewers love the squirt bottle and how it tastes like actual ketchup, with a bit more tomato flavor.

Steve’s Paleo GoodsPaleoChef Ketchup

A Paleo-Friendly Ketchup Full of Spices

For those following a paleo diet, this ketchup adheres to all of the rules–it’s gluten-free, has no refined sugars, and is free from anything artificial. Plus, it’s full of a ton of spices that most ketchups don’t have, adding to the taste factor.

However, as it’s all-natural, this ketchup is best eaten within 30 days of opening (though it can last for a year at room temperature before you open it), so it’s best for those who use ketchup more often. 

It's on the sweet side, with additional ingredients like bananas and raisins added in, and takes a bit of adjustment to get used to. But most reviewers are happy it's a paleo ketchup, has a satisfying flavor profile, and is versatile enough to use as a pizza or dipping sauce.


AlternaSweetsSpicy Ketchup

Low-Carb and Sweetened With Stevia

This ketchup with a kick is for those who are watching their sugar or carb intake. Sweetened with stevia, this ketchup has only one net carb but still retains the sweet and sour tang of a normal ketchup.

However, it does contain Stevia, so if you’re looking for a ketchup made only from whole foods, then this might not be the best option for you. Reviewers love the slightly spicy kick and highly recommend it for keto dieters. 

Spice Up Your Ketchup

Spice Up Your Ketchup
If you’re used to buying flavored ketchups, you might find that they’re a little harder to find in a healthier version. But there are some super simple hacks you can do to upgrade any healthy ketchup.

For an elevated fry dipping experience, combine 4 tablespoons of curry powder with 1 cup of ketchup. For ketchup with a kick, add 4 teaspoons of sriracha to 1 cup of ketchup. For an extra flavorful burger or hot dog, try topping your grilled meat with a combination of 4 teaspoons of hoisin or teriyaki sauce and 1 cup of ketchup.

Kara Swanson
NutritionistKara Swanson

Make your ketchup your own by simply adding different spices or sauces to create your favorite, healthier version. Get creative and don't be afraid to explore new tastes and ideas. And if you're unsure if you'll like it, try making a small batch first to test it out so you can cut back on waste, too.

Other Healthy Choices to Consider

There are plenty of ways to make healthy choices with all your store-bought food. Below are a couple of our suggestions, with detailed buying guides so you can make an informed choice the next time you go out grocery shopping for something a little more guilt-free.

Top 5 Healthiest Ketchups

No. 1: Portlandia Foods | Organic Portland Ketchup

No. 2: Primal Kitchen | Organic Unsweetened Ketchup

No. 3: Sir Kensington’s | Classic Ketchup

No. 4: Gaults | Tomato Ketchup 100% Sweetened by Vegetables

No. 5: Wellbee's | Honey Ketchup

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